American Pathogen (narrated by Jeffrey Wright)

Portal A 190,000+ Americans have died of COVID-19. It didn’t have to be this way. How did the US become the epicenter of this outbreak? How did our administration fail so spectacularly to contain the virus? These are the questions we’ve been asking ourselves for the past six months, as Coronavirus cases have climbed to 6 million and the death toll from the virus has risen to more than 60 times that of 9/11. American Pathogen is a 30-minute documentary film, narrated by Jeffrey Wright, that tells the full story of the administration’s historic mishandling of the Coronavirus outbreak in the US – from the dismantling of our preparedness system starting in 2016 to the “missing months” of inaction in early 2020. This election, we need to remember: it didn’t have to be this way. *** CREDITS Executive Producer: Nate Houghteling Directed by Sarah Sherman and Nate Houghteling Written by Sarah Sherman and Seamus McKiernan Narrated by Jeffrey Wright Edited by Pierce Wilson, Alana Curtis, Nick Stone Schearer, Melanie Benscosme, Michael Palmieri, and Donal Mosher Animation by DJ Summit and Pierce Wilson Design by Tess Hannel and Drew Campbell Assistant Editors: Emily McMartin, Seamus McKiernan, and Emma Roller Fact Checking: Madeline Hughes Produced with Portal A

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