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Listing of other Bay Area Protests & Rallies


A. Roger Stone to Donald Trump: bring in martial law if you lose election  – September 13, 2020

B. OPINION: What a protest looks like without police  – September 13, 2020

C. Israeli Colonists Fence Palestinian Lands In Northern Plains Of West Bank

D. ‘Everyone up there got cancer’: Arizona residents fight for compensation for nuclear tests – September 13, 2020

E. More than 50 killled as gold mines collapse in Congo – September 12, 2020

F. Firefighters from Guanajuato, Mexico Arrive in Oregon to Aid with Wildfires  – September 11, 2020

  Firefighters from Arizona’s – San Carlos Apache Firefighters are also in OR.

  Lifting up all Responders and the Communities affected.

G. Officers who killed Mario Woods used ‘unnecessary force’ — but will face no discipline – September 10, 2020

H. Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 aug 2020

  On the eve of the historic LARGE DEMONSTRATION on August 29, 2020 in Berlin.


1. Demand  House Armes Services Committee investigate the U.S. military’s actions in Afghanistan.


2. To European Leaders


   President Bolsonaro is desperate to close a multi-million dollar trade deal with Europe, but with the forest ablaze, EU leaders are considering last-minute changes to ensure the Amazon is protected.

With the blessing of far-right President Bolsonaro, gangs of illegal farmers are burning down the Amazon rainforest, murdering indigenous people who stand in their way.

necessary — add your name 

Germany, France, The Netherlands, and Belgium have already voiced concerns about Brazil’s Amazon destruction. Let’s show they have massive public support to block the deal


Occupy Antioch Police Department – 24/7 Occupation – Support needed 5:00am, Tuesday, September 15

Antioch Police Dept. (outside)
300 L Street

(nr. BART’s last stop in Antioch)

UPDATE: Monday, September 14th from Michael James: “Antioch Code Enforcement just came by to issue us a 24 hour notice of Clean-Up of the Occupy Antioch Police Department. We will need folks out with us tomorrow at 5am to hold down the space when they come and try to kick us out.”

Video update:

Support needed at 5:00am Tuesday, September 15th.

Support is welcomed anytime for the 24/l7 Occupation,


On Friday, September 4th, 2020 at 5 p.m. five young activists from the City of Antioch—Shagoofa Khan, Maria Brown, Michelle Parmenter, McKenna Peterson, and Lacey Brown—and Michael James, a former resident of the Mission District of San Francisco, now an East Bay resident, began a hunger strike.

On September 9th the Hunger Strikers officially ended the Hunger Strike but continue to OCCUPY the front of the Antioch Police Department 24/7.


1. The immediate termination of Officer Michael Mellone from Antioch Police Department for his known record of illegally using lethal force in the killing of Luis Góngora Pat in San Francisco, and new surfacing allegations of abuse of force in Antioch;

2. The immediate resignation of Steve Aiello as President of Antioch Police Officers’ Association for promoting violence against peaceful protesters;

3. The integration of community representatives as equal participants (unaffiliated with the City of Antioch & its government) to the “Bridging the Gap” forum during which a third-party facilitator will be assisting a discussion on racial injustice and police community relationships. We demand also that the next forum meeting happen within the following 30 days and be publicly announced through the appropriate outlets to maximize attendance.

This year it became known that Ofc. Mellone left the San Francisco Police Department on August 18th—a day before SFPD’s Internal Affairs was set to hand down a historic suspension for violating almost every SFPD rule in the book when he fired two different lethal weapons that resulted in the killing of Luis Góngora Pat—and began working days later with the Antioch Police Department. According to San Francisco D.A. Boudin “…the timing makes very clear that the resignation was aimed at and was effective at avoiding accountability.”

Since the activist started their demonstration they have received multiple threats, have had eggs thrown at them and have also received death threats.

Please come and support!  




Monday, September 14 – Thursday, September

Monday, September 14

1. Monday, 4:00pm-6:00pm (PT); 7:00-9:00pm (ET), Voting is Power Unleashed! A Moral Monday Mass Assembly


This massive online event will feature the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Forward Justice, the 43 PPC State Coordinating Committees, our co-chairs, directly impacted people, artists and special guests. 

Join us  for an evening that will bring together thousands of poor and low-income people and their allies as we share tools and teach-in on voter engagement, registration and protection

Host: Poor Peoples Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival


Tuesday, September 15

2. Tuesday, 11:45am – 1:15pm, Swarm on BlackRock in Palo Alto

PLEASE sign up for the BlackRock Palo Alto action here.

Meetup for instructions:


Palo Alto City Hall Plaza
250 Hamilton
Palo Alto


Walk 2 blocks to BlackRock

Bring and wear: Your own water and dress for heat. Wear a colorful bandana if you have one. And we need a few more drums and drummers; there will be no chanting or singing (COVID).
For more information, contact Gary White (XR San Mateo) or Stew Plock (SV-CAN!).

3. Tuesday, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, Collective Support and Tenant Clinic (Also in Spanish)

Register Here:

Join us if you need any support and to learn about what is happening regarding our #CancelRent campaign

EVERY other TUESDAY from 5:30pm – 7:30pm (Beginning 8/18/20)

What to expect:
* Share updates on local, regional, state and national policies
* We will answer questions and concerns
* It will be space for sharing stories and popular education
* Collectively strategize to #CancelRent

Host: Tenants Together


4. Tuesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm (PT), 57 Years after the 16th Street Church Bombing

Online Facebook live

September 15, 1963, the predominantly African American 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama was bombed by local members of the Ku Klux Klan. This bombing resulted in the injury of 14 people and the blast killed four little girls:

Addie Mae Collins (14)

Carole Robertson (14)

Cynthia Wesley (14)

Denise McNair (11)

This terrorist attack garnered widespread national outrage.

It has been 57 years since the bombing & we should remember September 15th along with the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey, the recent killing in L.A. of Dijon Kizzee and many more.

Pastor Thembekila Smart
Pastor John Cager
Dr. Melina Abdullah
Dr. Najuma Smith Pollard
Chimbuko Tebo

Host: SCLC of Southern California


Wednesday, September 16

5. Wednesday, 10:00am – 1:00pm (PT); 1:00pm – 4:00pm (ET), Memorializing the Sabra and Shatila Massacre: Bearing Witness, Resilience, and Accountability


Register in advance here:

Join the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) and the Arab and Muslim Ethicities and Diasporas (AMED) Studies in an open classroom to commemorate the 38th anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila Massacre, with oral histories of resilience, activism, bearing witness and accountability for war crimes.

Co-Moderated by Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi (AMED Studies), Sabreen Imtair (SFSU GUPS) and Omneya Ragab (Cairo to the Camps)


Dr. Jaber Suleiman
Dr. Rosemary Sayigh

Shatila Witnesses
Nohad Hammad
Hoda El-Asfar

International Witnesses and Tribunal Participants

Dr Swee Ang
Lilliane Ghanem
Dr. Zulaiha Ismail
Ellen Siegel

Hosts: AMED Studies at SFSU, Workers World Party + 2 Others


6. Wednesday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm (PT); 7:00pm – 9:00pm (ET), Concentration camps in US? 2 novels on Japanese Americans in WW2

Facebook live

Kimiko Guthrie & Kiku Hughes will discuss their novels reflecting on the experience of Japanese and Japanese Americans in U.S. concentration camps during WWII.

*It DID Happen Here. It IS Happening Here. & Never Again Is NOW.*

This event is part of “Revolution Books: 60 Defiant Days, The Trump/Pence Must Go”

Hosts: Revolution Books New York & Revolution Books Berkeley


7. Wednesday, 5:00pm – 7:00pm, Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force Meeting

Ways to access Zoom:

1. If using a computer or smartphone and you don’t have an account or the zoom app:
    – Click on this link:

    – Then press open zoom meeting
    – If asked, then enter the meeting i.d: 813 2461 0813

2. If using a computer or smartphone and you want to download the app or make an account:
    – Download the Zoom app (in Apple store or Google play store) on your phone or computer
    – You can either select join a meeting and enter the meeting

    i.d: 813 2461 0813 or make a free account
    – If you made/have an account, click join and enter

    the meeting i.d: 813 2461 0813

3. Call in using your phone and dial: +1 (408) 638-0968. If

asked, enter the meeting i.d: 813 2461 0813.

***No password is required to join the meeting by any option. 

Host: Bayview Hunters Point and Southeast San Francisco Environmental Justice Task Force

8. Wednesday, 7:00pm,  Commemorate the Fallen – Drive Out the Trump/Pence Regime!

Grand Lake Theatre
3200 Grand Ave.

Indict Trump for Inciting and Defending Scores of Murders by Fascist Mobs

We will project images of protest heroes on the back of Grand Lake Theatre and hear testimony of their sacrifice.

In the name of humanity, we REFUSE to accept a fascist America.

Hosts: Refuse Fascism Bay Area and United Native


Thursday, September 17

9. Thursday, 9:30am – 11:00am, Discussion on the drivers & implications of widespread land privatization around the world

Online – resgister

Join on Facebook live or on Zoom at

Driving Disposition Webinar

Accessible both on Zoom and Facebook Live, the webinar will expose the drivers and impact of the efforts to privatize land around the world, explore their interconnected nature, and overview the change of course required for the people and the planet.


Frédéric Mousseau, Lead Author of the Driving Dispossession report & Policy Director, The Oakland Institute

Michael Fakhri, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Right to Food & Director of the Food Resiliency Project in the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center University of Oregon.

Anuka Vimukthi, Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR) & Member of the International Coordination Committee of La Via Campesina, Sri Lanka

Jason Gelbort, Upland Advisors, Myanmar

Pamela Avusi, FORCERT, Papua New Guinea

Host: The Oakland Institute


10. Thursday, 2:00pm – 6:00pm, SF Labor on the Macy’s Strike!

170 O’Farrell St.

Engineers at Macy’s are on strike across CA. Join SF Labor as we converge on the flagship store in Union Square and show Macy’s that SF is still a UNION TOWN.

Engineers are fighting for healthcare and living wages and Macy’s are being typical corporate villains. While their CEO raked in 9 million in bonuses, they are squeezing their workers for concessions.

Host: SF Labor Council


11. Thursday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Coalition Meetings: Slash SFPD Stash – Guns & Cash!

Online meeting.

To register:

Join with community members and activists in the Slash SFPD’s Stash coalition, which is calling on the San Francisco city government to make major cuts to the police budget.

By decreasing the cops’ allotment by half or more, the racist practices of the police can be reined in. Funds should be re-directed to provide jobs, training programs, housing, education and healthcare, including mental health and nutrition programs to the city’s most underserved communities.

All are welcome. Come share your ideas for making police defunding a reality.

Host: Freedom Socialist Party – Bay Area,  Slash SFPD Stash – Guns & Cash, & New Valencia Hall


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