Milk Club ADEM recommendations

Register to vote in the ADEM elections here.
Here is our list of endorsed candidates:

AD-17 ADEM (Self-Identified Female):
Christin Evans 
Cherelle Jackson
Janelle Jolley 
Nomvula O’Meara
Jackie Prager
Susan Solomon
Joy Zhan

AD-17 ADEM (Other Than Self-Identified Female):
Christopher Christensen
Corey Hallman
Jeffrey Kwong
Julian LaRosa
Vanessa Pimentel
Njon Sanders
William Shields

AD-19 ADEM (Self-Identified Female):
Sophia Andary
Brigitte Davila
Alondra Esquivel
Alida Fisher
Kalimah Salahuddin
Jasper Wilde
Kaylah Paige Williams

AD-19 ADEM (Other Than Self-Identified Female):
Brandon Harami
Gabriel Medina
Joshua Ochoa
Gilbert Williams
Alan Wong
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