Save “Hibernia Beach”!

On Monday, Members of the Milk Club Board and the Castro community came together to put up a memorial for Ken Jones at the corner of 18th Street and Castro, otherwise known as “Hibernia Beach.” Just days before, Bank of America had erected signs prohibiting the posting of any materials to the rod iron fence, which became an impromptu memorial site for friends and neighbors throughout the AIDS crisis and is still used to memorialize our community’s dearly departed.

By affixing a narrative of Hibernia Beach to the bank’s exterior (see above), we also sought to remind Bank of America of the spaces significance to the LGBTQ community. In the words of Tom Ammiano, we pulled some “nelly ninja shit.”

We stand ready if Bank of America ever needs another reminder.

Reporting on this needless controversy (including the history of this epicenter of the gay universe) can be found in Hoodline and 48 Hills.


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