No on Recall Effort Gets a BOOST From Single Payer Supporters

September 13, 2021  (

An important part of our Healthy California Now’s work this year has been to fight the recall. Our affiliates are leading the way to stop the right-wing recall of Governor Newsom, while also growing support to counter the for-profit entities (some which are also fighting the recall) against single payer.

Courage California has produced a series of digital ads and outreach efforts urging progressive voters to turn out. See their campaign.

National Union of Healthcare Workers has initiated a digital outreach campaign to remind supporters that winning California Medicare for All starts with No on the Recall. Check out the ads.

California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) held a well-attended statewide education forum educating seniors about the importance of voting ‘No on the Recall’ with so many issues facing seniors at stake, including Medicare for All in California. Seniors sprang into action and have sent 20,000 handwritten postcards to GOTV for seniors to VOTE NO on the recall.

If you haven’t voted “no” on the recall yet, make your plan to vote here.

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