Action Today and for Friday, Sat. & Sunday ~ Actions / Petitions & Petitions of upcoming executions

TODAY! Wednesday, September 29 – 3:30pm STOP Pandemic Evictins

Meet at Embarcadero Plaza, San Francisco

Friday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Shut Down the San Francisco Police Officers Association

In person

SF Police Officers Association (outside)
800 Bryant St.

RESIST with “Mothers On The March”, “Black and Brown for Justice and Equality”, Family’s whose love ones have been killed by cops from SFPD, and the Community.

  – Demand the San Francisco Police Officers Association be Shut Down!

  – The SF Police Officers Association Be Declared a Non Grata Organization

  – Call for the abolishment of the ‘Officers Bill of Rights’

  – Jail Killer Cops – demand killer cops be charged with murder.

  – Abolish the Police

The POA has supported and defended officers who have executed people in our communities.

Weekly presence.

See listings for Bay Area Women’s MarchCalendar : Indybay

Saturday, October 2nd, 10:30am, San Francisco Women’s March with Handmaid’s contingent

Meet up is at 10:30am

West side of Main Library

100 Larkin St., SF

There are a many bay area gatherings around the ‘women’s march. In SF it is on Sat., Oct. 2nd

This site is from Refuse Fascism that will have a ‘handmaid’s contingent’ info: Stop the Fascist Assault on Abortion Rights! : Indybay

They are going out with the message to Stop the Fascist Assault on Abortion Rights, “No more relying on the Democratic Party, which has conceded to and conciliated with Christian fascists as access to abortion got chipped away. Costumes will be provide on loan

Saturday, October 2, 3:00pm – 4:30pm, The People’s Assembly


474 Valencia St. (between 15th & 16th Streets)

Nr. 16th St. BART; MUNI lines #’s 22, 49, 14

All are welcomed.

The People’s Assembly collectively answers three fundamental questions:

● What are the problems we face?
● What are the solutions?
● What are we going to do about it?

Reforms are not enough. We need long-term vision and strategies for liberation.

We need to envision alternatives and create new structures to initiate the world that we want and deserve.

We need to move from single issues to convergence across frontlines.

We need to develop collective strategic plans that create immediate results and lead to long-term systemic political, economic, and social change.

Our community is the source of our power.

On Sunday, Oct. 3, 12Noon – 2:00pm, National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice

San Francisco Federal Building
90 7th Street, between Market & Mission Streets

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a challenge to Roe v. Wade (the 1972 case that legalized abortion) this fall. Join the movement to defend the right of
women and all people to control their own bodies.

What we call for:

• Protect & expand Roe v. Wade; safe, legal abortion on demand without apology
• Repeal the Hyde Amendment
• Overturn state barriers to reproductive choices
• Stop forced sterilization
• No to caged kids, forced assimilation, & child welfare abuses
• End medical & environmental racism; for universal healthcare
• Defend queer & trans families
• Guarantee medically sound sex education & affordable childcare
• Uphold social progress with expanded voting rights & strong unions

Initiated by Bay Area Freedom Socialist Party

Endorsed by Raging Grannies, Workers World Party, Party for Reclamation and Survival

Info: (3) National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice | Facebook   or National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice: SF Federal Building : Indybay


1. Demand that the Biden Administration HALT all deportations to Haiti


2. We demand accountability for U.S. drone warfare!

  SIGN: We demand accountability for U.S. drone warfare! | Win Without War

3. Wireless Safety Standards Should Protect People and Wildlife

  SIGN: Wireless Safety Standards Should Protect People and Wildlife – Action Network

4. Stop the #ToxicAlliance: Keep Bayer Out of the United Nations

  SIGN: Stop the #ToxicAlliance: Keep Bayer Out of the United Nations (

PETITIONS of PENDING EXECUTIONS (Click on the name to open petition)

October 5, 2021: Ernest Johnson in Missouri

October 12, 2021: Stephen Barbee in Texas

October 21, 2021: Willie Smith in Alabama

October 28, 2021: John Grant in Oklahoma

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