CVS spending big money to fight Medicare for All!

CVS is spending a scary amount of money to undermine Medicare for All — and this October, we’re taking action in a big way to hold them accountable.

At CVS stores across the country, hundreds of activists and nurses are bringing our CVS style “receipts” and attaching them to the front doors of CVS locations. These printable pages share the names of thousands of activists standing with us, along with our demands, calling on CVS to stop funding anti-Medicare for All efforts. 

To make sure our voices are heard loud and clear, we set a goal to visit 500 total stores by the end of October — and right now, we’re over half way to reaching our goal! 

With less than two weeks until our October 31st deadline, we need all hands on deck to make sure we hit our goal and hold CVS accountable for their profit-driven actions. To help us get there, we made an extra-special — and extra spooky — edition of our CVS-style “receipt” with our demands and signatures. 

Check it out below, and then sign up here to commit to taking solo-action at a CVS in your community. Once you sign up, you’ll be emailed all the information you need to take action.


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