Op-Ed: Does the 14th Amendment supersede the 12th?

By Mike Zonta, co-editor, OccupySF.net

December 2, 2022

I’m not a lawyer.  But, if we have equal protection under the U.S. Constitution, isn’t it reasonable to object to the Electoral College as unconstitutional on the basis that my vote in California is worth about 1/4 of the value of somebody who’s voting in Wyoming? 

You can check my math:  

Wyoming population 578,803 (2021) has 3 electoral votes = 192,934 per electoral vote

California population 39,240,000 (2021) has 55 electoral votes = 713,455 per electoral vote

So it takes almost 4 California voters to equal 1 Wyoming voter.

The Equal Protection Clause was part of the 14th Amendment passed in 1866, which I would think supersedes the 12th Amendment which established the Electoral College in 1804.

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