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By Adrienne Fong

See list of Calendar of Events on Palestine from AROC 

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Many other events are listed on Indybay that might be of interest to you (many actions re Palestine in the South, North & East Bays are also listed)

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A. Israeli Soldiers Are Accused of Disguising Themselves in Aid Trucks  – June 8, 2024  

    Warning – distressing theme

B. Palestinian solidarity protests: Thousands gather outside the white house for Gaza – June 8, 2024

C. Former Israeli Captive In Gaza Says Biggest Fear Was Israeli Airstrikes – June 8, 2024

D. War on Gaza: US courts must hold Biden accountable – June 7, 2024

War on Gaza: US courts must hold Biden accountable | Middle East Eye 

   See Event # 1

E. Trump-appointed judge recuses himself from case accusing Biden of aiding genocide – June 6, 2024

Trump-appointed judge recuses himself in Biden genocide case (

F. U.S. Buying ‘Safe and Delicious’ Fukushima Fish Banned by Other Countries – June 6, 2024

U.S. Buying ‘Safe and Delicious’ Fukushima Fish Banned by Other Countries • Children’s Health Defense ( 

G. While US and allies pull the strings, Haitians suffer – June 6, 2024

While US and allies pull the strings, Haitians suffer – Freedom Socialist Party (

H. Protesters shut down and occupied the #Israeli consulate in San Francisco for hours – June 3, 2024

I. The Comma That Erases Genocide – June 3, 2024

The Comma That Erases Genocide (


1. Urge Members of Congress to OPPOSE Netanyahu’s speech

  SIGN: Urge Members of Congress to OPPOSE Netanyahu’s speech | Demand Progress 

2. Will Congress Members Arrest Netanyahu in the U.S. Capitol?

  SIGN: Will Congress Members Arrest Netanyahu in the U.S. Capitol? – RootsAction

3. Ban Israel From The Olympics

  SIGN: Avaaz – Ban Israel from the Olympics 

   This was done with Russia in 2022 and apartheid South Africa. Their athletes could still compete but as neutrals.

4. Hold your U.S. Representative accountable for voting for Wall Street and crypto-friendly legislation!

  SIGN: Hold your U.S. Representative accountable for voting for Wall Street and crypto-friendly legislation! | Demand Progress

5. Demand SF Put Affordability and Equaity First!

  SIGNL Act Now! Demand SF Put Affordability and Equity First! – Action Network

PETITIONS OF UPCOMMING EXECUTIONS IN JUNE (click on the name to sign the petitions)

June 11, 2024 at 6:00 pm CT:
David Hosier in Missouri

June 26, 2024 at 6:00 pm CT:
Ramiro Gonzales in Texas

June 27, 2024 at 10:00 am CT:
Richard Rojem in Oklahoma 


Monday, June 10 – Thursday, June 13

Monday, June 10

1. Monday, 10:00am – 12Noon, STOP THE GENOCIDE! Federal Court of Appeal (Rally & Art Build)

San Francisco Federal Building
90 7th Street

Nr. Civic Center BART  

This Monday, we invite our community and allies to join us in San Francisco to support Palestinian plaintiffs, including AROC members, in their historic case charging the U.S. government with complicity in genocide.

As we mobilize and organize to end US aid to apartheid Israel, Palestinians in the US are taking the Biden Administration to court to help ensure that happens.

During Monday’s proceedings, the legal team representing our Palestinian community members will appeal an earlier decision by the court and struggle to advance their case charging President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Austin with failing in their legal responsibility to prevent Israel’s genocide of Palestinians.  This case will also seeks an emergency court order to halt U.S. support for Israel’s assault, including by enjoining the transfer of weapons and unconditional support to the Israeli government.

Our community and organizations with gather outside the federal court for an art-build and rally at 10am.  Directly after the hearing, we’ll get an update for the legal time and plaintiffs.  For community members who would like to join in the court room, please email


11:30–12pm delegations to local targets ACCESS INFO: KN/N95 masks required and provided, and please don’t come if you feel sick.

 Some seating available.

 ASL interpretation. Wheelchair accessible restrooms available at Civic Center Plaza, on the sidewalk by the Assembly Cafe & Beer Garden. San Francisco City Hall is also nearby and will be open, with accessible entrances on all four sides of the building and accessible bathrooms on each floor.  


2. Monday, 11:00am- 2:00pm, Noon (brown-bag) multi-denominational Prayer Vigil for Leonard Peltier

Old Federal Building
450 Golden Gate Ave

In San Francisco AIM-West is hosting a Noon (brown-bag) multi-denominational Prayer Vigil starting 11 am-2 pm at the US Federal Department of Justice, 450 Golden Gate St. to pray for just(ice) & a positive outcome.

Here is a call from Mumia to support Brother Leonard 

“We cannot, none of us, overestimate the importance of Leonard Peltier, to the issues of elder abuse and polticial victimization and the continuing violation of human rights of indigenous people and the utilization of law as a political instrument. We cannot overestimate his importance not just to the Native American Community but the Human community. We extend our energies to assist this brother any way we can. “


A decision should be rendered within 30 days by the US Parole Board.

More info: Free Leonard Peltier Now

More info: and 707-442-7465

Info: Noon (brown-bag) multi-denominational Prayer Vigil for Leonard Peltier : Indybay 

Tuesday, June 11


Online webinar registration:

Join us for a virtual info session about upcoming military exercises in San Diego and the occupied Hawaiian Islands.

Join SFCHRP to learn more about Cancel RIMPAC & get involved. These military exercises are not only used to improve the ability of imperialist governments of the US, Israel, the Philippines, and wage more violent and despicable wars against our peoples, but they also further the destruction of land and indigenous communities in Hawai’i.

Host: San Francisco Committee For Human Rights In The Philippines


Wednesday, June 12

4. Wednesday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Action To Protest Fascist Argentina Pres Melei’s Attack On Workers Party PO & Polo Obrero 

SF Federal Building
90 7th Street

Stop The Repression, Privatization & Union Busting By Fascist Melie & US Support IMF. Support For Melei

The growing world wide fascist movement is part and parcel of what is happeing in Argentina today. The fascist Melei government is instituting a massive assault on the working class with privatization of education and public services and also attacking democratic rights of workers and the people of Argentina.

They have also stopped all delivery of food to poor people who face starvation because of massive inflation. Polo Obrero which has organized the distribution of the food is also under attack and the corrupt Milei government on Monday June 3 raided the offices of the Workers Party PO claiming that they have engaged in corruption in the distribution of food which is being done by Polo Obrero.

This is a blatant political attack without any legal basis but it is aimed at shutting down the PO from opposing the fascist policies of the Milei government.
It has also taken place in part because the PO along with the Left Front organized the first public protest against the Milei regime and this front is fighting for a continuing general strike against the fascist Milei government.

The US government and IMF have fully backed Milei and the US military with the support of Milei is setting up a new base. The CIA has also visited Argentina and Milei to begin preparation for a possible military dictatorship. In 1974 the US, CIA in collusion with AFL-CIO helped organize a military coup that killed thousands of workers and people. The fight to hold those responsible for the murders and terror is opposed by Milei and his fascist government who includes family members who were involved in the coup. The US, CIA and AFL-CIO leadership have never been held accountable for the tortures, imprisonment and murders of the US supported military government.

The rise of fascism in the US is connected directly with the developments in Argentina and that is why Milei is coming to Silicon Valley, Florida and the US in his efforts to build a global fascism movement. This is also backed openly by Trump and his supporters.

On June 12 there will be massive actions in Argentina and the action called in San Francisco is part of a global struggle not only against the Milei but against the growing fascist movement in the US and around the world.

Host: United Front Committee For A Labor Party

Info: Action To Protest Fascist Argentina Pres Melei’s Attack On Workers Party PO & Polo Obrero : Indybay

5. Wednesday, 5:00pm, Google: Divest from Genocide!  Rally & Action

Google San Francisco
1 Market St.

Divestment from tech to the university!

Join Google workers rallying in San Francisco to continue heeding the call from Palestinian trade unions to stop arming Israel and powering the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

In April, Google workers staged coast-to-coast sit-ins, one at Google NYC and one in Sunnyvale at Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s office to protest Project Nimbus — Google and Amazon’s $1.2B contract with the Zionist state and IOF. 9 Google workers were arrested and 50 were fired. Google workers refuse to be silenced by the company’s mass retaliation, and they will be rallying at Google’s 1 Market St. office in SF to support our retaliated coworkers and demand that Google stop powering the AI-facilitated genocide in Gaza.

Google’s indiscriminate retaliation of its 50 workers is not unique — countless workers – nurses, doctors, teachers, professors, student workers, warehouse workers, and beyond – have faced repression when standing up for Palestine, and we stand in solidarity with them.

Tech workers call for divestment and an end to Project Nimbus, mirroring students’ calls for divestment. As tech workers, our organizing is inspired by the student intifada and labor organizing for Palestine. This rally is to strengthen our joint fight — and to continue the call for divestment from Israel: from universities to the tech industry. We won’t stop organizing until Palestine is free, from the river to the sea.

Our fights are connected: student-talent pipeline is extremely important to big tech, and together we’ll show them that students, like tech workers, will not allow their labor to be used by these corporations to aid the genocidal state of Israel for its oppression and decimation of Palestinians. And tech workers stand with students demanding their universities divest — in the Bay Area and beyond!

We’ll be joined by Bay Area Labor for Palestine; Student encampment leaders from University of California – San Francisco, San Francisco State University, and Stanford; Union Nurses for Palestine; and more!

Info: Google: Divest from Genocide! Rally and action | Facebook  or Google: Divest from Genocide! Rally and Action : Indybay 6. Wednesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, San Francisco Living Wage Coalition Meeting  You are invited to a Zoom meeting.  Register in advance for this meeting: on the link or copy and paste it into your browser)  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containinginformation about joining the meeting and the agenda.  The Living Wage Coalition is building a grassroots movement of low-wage workers and their allies to win economic justice.  Anyone who works fulltime should be able to survive on what they earn and support themselves and their children.  We are engaged in a transformative rethinking ofthe economy that makes the goals of public policy living wage jobs for all. Come to be a part of discussing next steps in pursuing an economicjustice agenda.

7. Wednesday, 6:30pm – 8:00pm, Reading Circle — General Strike: A Key to Unlocking Worker Power Today     

New Valencia Hall
747 Polk St.

Also on Zoom:

Working people are standing up to the bosses and union bureaucrats in record numbers. In this discussion series, we’ll learn what a general strike is and why the leadership of people of color, women, LGBTQI+ folks and young workers is needed for a successful strike. We’ll study past general strikes and discuss how to apply the lessons to build a powerful labor movement today.

$3-6 donation requested per session

Info: Reading Circle — General Strike: A Key to Unlocking Worker Power Today : Indybay

Thursday, June 13

8. Thursday, 2:00pm – 3:00pm (PT); 5:00pm – 6:00pm (ET), Militarization: Destroying the Environment in Okinawa and the World 

Online registration: Militarization: Destroying the Environment in Okinawa and the World – World BEYOND War

War and militarization are the Earth’s greatest enemies, and this remains especially true in Okinawa, Japan. The Battle of Okinawa during WWII decimated 200,000 human lives and destroyed much of the environment in the prefecture. The militarization of Okinawa, carried out by the U.S. occupation of Okinawa from 1945 to 1972, has created a dreadful situation: Okinawa, while accounting for only 0.6 percent of Japan’s land mass, bears approximately 70 percent of the land area used for U.S. military bases in Japan. As a consequence, the people of Okinawa have been forced to live with and fight against water and land contamination, unbearable noise from aircraft, the danger of aircraft crashes, and other forms of environmental destruction by the U.S. military.

In this open press conference, Abby Martin, an American journalist and filmmaker known for her anti-war and anti-militarization documentaries, will introduce her film “The U.S. Military: Planet Earth’s Greatest Enemy” and provide an overview of how the U.S. military is destroying the Earth.

 Hideki Yoshikawa, an Okinawan scholar and activist, will explain how the Japanese and U.S. governments are destroying the environment of Henoko-Oura Bay in Okinawa, one of the areas richest in biodiversity in Japan, through the construction of an air base there, and how the people of Okinawa and the environment have fought back.

This is an open press conference organized by Okinawa Interest Group, Peace Philosophy Centre, Okinawa Environmental Justice Project, and World BEYOND War for journalists, media personnel, and anyone interested in learning more about how the U.S. military presence in Okinawa affects the environment.

Click “Register” to sign up and get the Zoom link for this webinar!

NOTE: Be sure to click “yes, opt in…” in order to receive follow up emails about this event (including reminders, zoom links, follow up emails with recordings and notes, etc).

Info: Militarization: Destroying the Environment in Okinawa and the World : Indybay

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