JK digest (21 items): Nuclear weapons danger grows, the “Ceasefire” Deal that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, the Nuseirat “rescue” raid, and other items

From Janet Kobren


Plenary session of the [27th] St Petersburg International Economic Forum [SPIEF] [Length: 03:44:30]

Source: President of Russia website

Panelists: Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia Luis Alberto Arce Catacora, and President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa

Moderator: Sergei Karaganov, a political analyst, historian and Academic Supervisor of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at the Higher School of Economics

June 7, 2024

[Note from JK: Has simultaneous English translation, and the transcript is under the video. Use the slider under the video display. It works a little differently from what you are probably used to. If you get an error at some point, just renew the page. The plenary starts with an hour-long speech by Putin that focuses on Russia’s economy and finances. This is followed by Q&A. The highlights to me were Putin’s answers to:

@02:25:08 a question about Russia’s military spending and economic conversion

@02:32:55 a question about de-privatization

and starting @02:38:43 there are several questions about Ukraine and who to negotiate with without holding a nuclear gun to the the West and other military, ideology, and strategic concerns. Putin in his own words explains Russia’s nuclear doctrine and nuclear testing. This is the part that the Western media has twisted around to use for propaganda and cherry-picked to demonize Putin, who was his usual brilliant, calm, and direct self. And then from 03:13:42 going forward, there were questions about immigration among other concerns, but be sure to listen to the last question about European culture in Russia @03:31:58.]


Russia Conducts Missile Exercises On U.S. Coast

Narrator: Dima in Belarus, Military Summary channel

June 13, 2024 


Scott Ritter: Risking Nuclear War [Length: 25:36]

Host: Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

June 11, 2024


Ouch! Predicted by Russia, Israel busts US lies on Gaza in UN Security Council | Janta Ka Reporter [Length: 30:58]

Host: Janta Ka Reporter

June 10, 2024

[Note from JK: This clip shows the U.S. Ambassador’s speech, the Russian speech, and the Israeli speech from the UNSC meeting where the U.S. “ceasefire” resolution was passed and shows how the Israel representative belies what the U.S. representative just said and what the Russian representative warned.]


Neocon Entanglement – The Biden Regime Have Chained Themselves To An Angry Bear [Length: 41:45]

Host: Garland Nixon

June 11, 2024


Hamas Responds To US Ceasefire Proposal | It Includes Bringing China, Russia & Türkiye [Length: 5:50]

Host: Mahmood OD | محمود عودة

June 12, 2024


Gaza Ceasefire: US U-Turn & Netanyahu’s “Camouflage Ladder” | All The Details | Live +[Length: 1:29:03]

Host: Mahmood OD | محمود عودة

June 11, 2024


Sinwar’s SECRET MESSAGE to Nasrallah | Gaza Ceasefire To ESCALATE IN LEBANON? [Length: 4:37]

Host: Mahmood OD | محمود عودة

June 11, 2024


Direct US-Hamas Talks To Release 5 American-Israelis | Netanyahu Is More Secluded | Live + [Length: 1:22:28]

Host: Mahmood OD | محمود عودة

June 10, 2024


How the Gaza genocide will lead to Israel’s collapse, with Shir Hever [Length: 1:09:01]

Co-Hosts: Ali Abunimah and Nora Barrows-Friedman/The Electronic Intifada

June 10, 2024


US + Israel STALL Ceasefire Deal and Blame Hamas (w/ Sam Husseini) [Length: 1:09:51]

Host: Briahna Joy Gray/Bad Faith

June 13, 2024

[Note from JK: Just as I had speculated.]


Breaking news and analysis on day 250 of Gaza’s Al-Aqsa Flood | The Electronic Intifada Podcast [Length: 3:12:03]

Host: The Electronic Intifada

June 12, 2024


00:00 Introduction

01:09 Nora Barrows-Friedman delivers the latest news highlights 

24:45 Omar Karmi on the failure of what the US purports are its diplomatic efforts to achieve a ceasefire 

01:04:07 Ali Abunimah on Israel’s relentless efforts to push its discredited 7 October mass rapes narrative 

01:43:31 Jon Elmer covers the resistance throughout the Gaza Strip, from Rafah to Beit Hanoun, including a look at some of the latest videos from the ground 

02:33:09 Group discussion


Failing Washington Post attempts to get Grayzone editor jailed with error-filled smear piece

By Max Blumenthal

June 6, 2024

[Note from JK: There is a “Defend Wyatt Reed and THE GRAYZONE” spotfund campaign here.]


Did You Donate to Send Food to Gaza? Think again

By Paul Larudee/Dissident Voice

June 12, 2024

[Note from JK: Also see this.]


Witness To Genocide – A Sister’s Testimony [Length: 43:48]

Host: Lauren Booth

June 12, 2024


The Herod Directive: Zionists’ new plan for defeating Hamas

By Jane Stillwater/Jane Stillwater’s Web Log

June 6, 2024


AIPAC BABY SITTERS: Thomas Massie Reveals Israel Influence Op [Length: 15:29]

Co-Hosts: Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti/Breaking Points

June 11, 2024


Ignoring Daily Massacres In Gaza While Still Babbling About October 7

We’re seeing new massacres every goddamn fucking day, but western politicians and media can’t stop babbling about one single massacre happening hundreds of days ago.

By Caitlin Johnstone

June 11, 2024


The Ideology Of The Cold War – Origin And Evolution — Matthew Ehret ICSS 20240609 [Length: 2:03:57]

Host: ICSS Marxist

June 9, 2024


Ten Facts You Don’t know About Craig Murray – Number 1 [Length: 1:03]

Craig Murray, former ambassador and Workers Party candidate for British parliament

June 11, 2024


BREAKING: The Democrats are suing us in Nevada! #JillStein2024 [Length: 1:41]

Source: Jill Stein

June 13, 2024

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