The Social Smart Contract.

Democracy Earth Foundation


In a world that has succeeded in the globalization of financial assets while keeping political rights enclosed to
territories, we need to build new models of democratic governance that enable humanity to collaborate and address
pressing global issues. Democracy Earth Foundation is building free, open source software for incorruptible
blockchain-based voting within institutions of all sizes, from the most local involving two people to the most global
involving all of us. Uneven distribution of opportunity around the globe due to the perpetual confrontation between
national governments has led to accelerated climate change, rising inequality, terrorism and forced migrations.
Democracy Earth Foundation considers that the technology stack that includes Bitcoin as programmable money
without Central Banks, and Ethereum enabling smart contracts without the need of Judiciary Courts, requires a new
layer that signals incorruptible votes beyond the territorial boundaries of Nation-States. This transnational network
will act in accordance with the personal sovereignty of its members and protect their human rights with encryption.
In our Initial Rights Offering we offer a token called vote that will grant participation rights to every human with
decision making as its main function. Our proposal introduces cryptographically induced equality: as long as any
person is able to validate his or her self-sovereign identity, will get a corresponding share of votes equal to the share
of every active participant in the network. We define a Proof of Identity process that avoids central authority by
introducing the idea of attention mining that incentivizes participants to strengthen the trust of votes by performing
simple tests aimed at detecting replicants. Finally votes get dripped to valid participants under a Universal Basic
Income mechanism aimed at finding a proper equilibrium in the historical tension between money and politics. We
seek nothing less than true democratic governance for the Internet age, one of the foundational building blocks of an
achievable global peace and prosperity arising from an arc of technological innovations that will change what it
means to be human on Earth.

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