Soil Not Oil Conference

August 14, 2020 all-day America/Los Angeles Timezone

Soil Not Oil Conference

August 14, 2020 all-day


The Biosafety Alliance/Soil Not Oil Coalition has been organizing conferences since 2011. Starting with the historic Justice Begins with Seeds Conference that supported GMO Labeling campaigns by educating community members about the environmental hazards of industrial agriculture that is highly fueled by the GMO industry. In 2015, we expanded our work through the Soil Not OilInternational Conference, in which we promote practical soil-based solutions to climate change by restoring ecosystems and expanding environmental justice by offering scholarships to diverse participants..

Our conference have featured international scientists, farmers, elected officials and environmental activists including: Dr. Vandana Shiva, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Andrew Kimbrell, Wenonah Hauter, Miguel Altieri, David Zuckerman, John D. Liu, Starhawk, John Jeavons, Tim LaSalle, Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser and hundreds more.

Soil Not Oil is an educational event in which attendees learn the root causes, effects and solutions towards creating climate stability. Highly recommended to students, educators, activists, farmers, scientists, investors, policy makers, health providers, families, urban planners and everyone else concerned with life on earth.

It’s not too late to submit proposals to present at the 6th Annual Soil Not Oil conference, or to volunteer, or even register for this year’s conference—this time to be held entirely online.  Soil Not Oil is an exciting educational event in which attendees learn about the root causes and effects of climate instability, as well as the solutions that contribute to climate stability.  Highly recommended for students, educators, activists, farmers, scientists, investors, policymakers, health providers, families, urban planners, and everyone else concerned with life on earth.  Each year’s conference has been well worth attending, with presenters from all over the globe.  This year promises to be no different, except that it’s going virtual.

The Soil Not Oil Coalition advocates for sustainable and regenerative management of soils while reducing dependency on fossil fuels.  It works to promote respect for soils worldwide, and to highlight how shifting agricultural practices is the key to combating climate change.  The Coalition promotes integrated action on sustainable agriculture and clean energy to ensure a safe and healthy planet for generations to come.

Register here.

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