“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Attributed to Margaret Mead.

Outreach Group’s Mission

The Outreach and Education working group’s mission is to get individuals and organizations involved in the occupy movement. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Spreading the word about Occupy SF events and actions.
  • Encouraging involvement in Occupy SF General Assembly, Working Groups, and Action Council.
  • Facilitating and providing materials for community discussions, forums, and classes.
  • Encouraging the formation of affinity groups and other occupy groups.
  • Reaching out to understand and support community needs and concerns.
  • Offering creative solutions to combat economic, environmental, and social injustice.

Meets Wednesdays 7pm at One Rincon Center (121 Spear St) near the indoor waterfall.

OccupySF Outreach Meeting Minutes


April 12, 2017

Review of Occupy Groups List completed.

April 9, 2017 Facebook Share Bottom Graphic Problem Solution:

The Jill Stein/Occupy-Oakland-GA-Logo problem was fixed by deleting the original image, which was linked to the U.K. Guardian site, and substituting the identical image from the occupysf.net media library.

Setting the Default Image for Shared Post Without an Image:

SEO Default Image Setting:
occupysf.net > dashboard > SEO > Social > facebook tab > Default Settings
This image is used if the post/page being shared does not contain any images.
URL: (enter url from occupysf.net media library)

March 1, 2017

Share buttons not working as before. No choice of facebook page. Looks like the entire page is shared instead of just a single post.
Unable to find where to set a default image for sharing.
Seek help on a online forum.

February 22, 2017

Review Occupy Groups flyer and major update.

OSF DOS GA on flyer.

Include AC.

Updated Occupy Forum page.

Find Clicky tutoral:


Download backups from Hosting24.

February 15, 2017

Finances: $13.29


Mike prepared more DE flyers

Pat’s list of events – Unknown impact. Adrienne Fong?

Unwanted graphics

February 8, 2017

clicky statistics
website tabs review
Ruthie’s list

January 11, 2017

Unable to fix links on Net Party tab and cannot enter partido-de-la-red-presentacion: slide show.

January 4, 2017

Posted late announcement that came in site comment.
Corrected event time and location in another announcement.
Mike (juggler) and Christain showed at tonight’s meeting. They have been in Portland, OR and active with Occupy Portland. Will probably be in SF for a while. Reminded them we’re still at the FED T&Th around 1 pm. They might show up there too.



December 28, 2016

Balance: $11.29
Good Clicky Data with occasional spikes.

Things we need to do:
Graphics in Share Buttons. How to eliminate? Ask on a forum or SEO support.
Fix Net Party tab slide show.
DOS tab: Add Articles, Videos, and DE.
FTCFTH tab: Add links and updates.
Donation Button update. Increase amount ($27?) Search for “How to ask for donations”.
DOS/DE site visits.

Things we’d Like to Do:
Explore creating OSF YouTube Channel
Working Groups tab: Update group news ie place, time, status. Link to individual tab for more info.
Bank Transfer Day tab: Update #bankexit, Link to facebook page.
Burniecrats Tab?
Learn more about Clicky and our account data. Find the links to Clicky tutorials.
Youtube Channels. Transfer Occupy Forum videos to there own channel?

November 30, 2016

“The images on this page contain alt attributes.”

Attempted to share the post “Jill Stein raises over $4.5m to request US election recounts in battleground states By admin | November 25, 2016 “ to John Fraser’s FB page.

The article appeared but not the image. Instead the Occupy Oakland logo was shown.

Following the links below yielded a clue that the posting metadata was incorrect.

Occupy Oakland image in Facebook posting:

Click the Facebook Share button of the Jill Stein posting above.

Right click the posting in the Facebook Share window and select page info.

Click the Media button at the top.

Scroll through the Addresses and look for “image” in the type column.

Click on that address and the image will be displayed.



Social media platforms may not display image. Enabled Open Graph tags procedure.

Dashboard > SEO> Social: Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Settings > Enable open graph meta settings, Front page settings > enter default image and title. Same for Twitter.


Facebook Sharing Not Working Or: how to update Facebook sharing data.

If you’ve updated your social settings or metadata for an article?

Force update Facebook’s cache > Facebook debug tool. Does not work on my fb page.

Facebook Crawler


If you’ve updated your social settings or metadata for an article and aren’t getting the right details in Facebook yet, you might need to force update Facebook’s cache of that page. To do that, go to the Facebook debug tool, enter the URL you wish to update and click scrape again. After that you should be ok.

1  Go to the Facebook debug tool.
2  Enter the URL you wish to update.
3  Click ‘Debug’

> Try using URL of shared fb post. <

>page info help button<



Link Sharing FAQ


November 23, 2016

Tried without success to enter settings for SEO.
Do anything special for anti-Trump issue?
Net Party sign construction delayed by rain.
Checked Credo site. Mostly petitions.

November 16, 2016

Meeting, no notes.

November 9, 2016


If you install Yoast SEO plugin, Than this plugin will automatically setup default image for facebook share. Not only facebook, all other share image will set for each post.

SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO

November 2, 2016

Facebook pages:
occupy sf
occupy sf women’s alliance
occupy sf gratitude committee
What was this about?

October 26, 2016

Meeting, no notes.

October 19, 2016

Meeting, no notes.

October 12, 2016

Thoughts on Occupy events calendar:

Currently each organizer sends out mass emails to all their individual followers. Occupy, being a follower, receives individual emails from all organizers, groups all the individual emails into the Occupy Calendar and then mass emails them to all our followers. Outreach then posts the calendar on the Occupy site.

October 5, 2016

Meeting, no notes.

September 28,2016

Outreach Acct: $54
Looked at new OSF and DE signs. OSF sign letters printed and ready to build.
Start on intro to Democracy Earth for DOS/Net Party tri-fold:

Democracy Eaarth

Democracy Earth
“Power in your hands. A planetary commons of peers. For everyone, anywhere.”

What differentiates valid elections from surveys is strong identity validation. We are working with pioneering decentralized protocols for identification, so no single corporation (like Facebook) or government (think Estonia) owns your credentials. Only you are in control.

The blockchain — which is, briefly put, an incorruptible and public ledger made up of data that is stored decentrally, entirely distributed and interconnected.

September 21, 2016

Talked to Clark S. about share buttons at picnic.
Add PayPal donation info in website accts list.
Outreach Acct: $44.
Admin email (revise occupysf accts notes) Deleted spam.
Try making DE site.
Do we want to add DE to DOS flyer?
Add democracy.earth to DOS sign.
August 31, 2016

Share what you are bringing Face Book share List.
Looking forward to seeing you September 17 at noon in Sue Bierman Park for the BIG OccupySF reunion picnic and open mic (megaphone). Bring food and beverage to share. Bring instruments. Bring megaphone. Bring signs and banners!

Ask Action Council for banner.

August 24, 2016

Our Revolution watch party with Progressive Democracts of San Francisco

August 17, 2016

Email about Picnic
Debra Luan
Robert Colby
Richard Keider

$29 in Outreach acct.

August 3, 2016

Make DOS site for shawdow gov’t.
Set up OSF Outreach picnic for OSF anniversary
Email picnic details to Pat for announcements.
Post on OSF FB page and friend all occupyers
Mike gone next Wed and Thurs.

July 27, 2016

$27 in Outreach acct.
New OSF sign still being studied.
Check Kelly’s FB pages for occupy anniversary update. Get on email list?
Reviewed Outreach emails for anniversary.

July 20, 2016

Check Occupy Oakland site for Occupy Anniversary

July 13, 2016


July 6, 2016

Ran “facebook debuger”. I didn’t understand the results so posted to FB button forum again.

Mike emailed Santiago asking if the state could set up online voting that is secure.

Email to Oakland asking for info on 5th anniversary was answered. Kelly Johnson, darrion@earthlink.net, Answered yes there is planning and could he attend our meeting? Will refer Kelly to the List of Occupy Groups on occupysf.net.

June 29, 2016

Explored responce from Share Button forum.

Responded to share button forum and asked for more help.

Email to Occupy Oakland asking for info on Occupy Anniversary.

June 22, 2016

Facebook shared images
Facebook Best Practices

Consider stating specific purpose in donation appeal.

Post to Occupysf.net request for ideas and comments on OccupySF 5th Anniversary.

Check Democracy Spring FB and Twitter pages.

Post mins on website.

June 15, 2016

Updated Events Calendar.
Reached Buddypress
Reached Add-to-any
Installed Add-to-any Facebook button at top of each post, in large size icon, and with title “Share This Item”.
Added FB button to individual events.
Added Twitter button.
Correct and update Representation Articles list.

June 8, 2016

WordPress Plugin: buddypress for granting individual pages on a site?

June 1, 2016

Americans Little Influence and representation Articles?

AddToAny Share Buttons – Share buttons for your pages including AddToAny’s universal sharing button, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp and many more.

AddToAny Share Buttons


May 11, 2016

To Do List:
Make a posting for the OSF website
Get 5th anniversary DOS Proposal and OSF FB page.
Entry on Debra’s FB page about DOS proposal.
cPanel login: http://www.occupysf.net:2082/logout/?locale=en
Contact info: home page, About Us.
Updates: WP, plugins, theme, approved comments.

Support Forums

Website backup: https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Backups

Information for OccupySF GA Proposal:

Occupy 5th Anniversary Celebration

I’m very excited to start Planning meetings for Occupy’s 5 year anniversary. We’re planning an art and music celebration and we are looking forward to collaborating with the bay area activist community. Read on and see what we have started and be part of planning the extravaganza.
Lets get together informally to talk on this site. Please register and then comment in the ‘Arguments’ box. Suggest what you would like to see happen and rate other arguments.  -Debra Elaine Lujan

Debra, there is a online GA available to use in the 5th anniversary planing. Register, post propositions, comment, and vote. I know not everyone has internet but it does allow discussions and voting between physical meetings. Fosters communication. If you have any questions just leave a comment.

Occupy San Francisco 5th Anniversary, September 2016!
Proposal for all San Francisco Occupiers:
Lets get together informally to talk and catch up with each other.
Please register and then comment in in the ‘Arguments’ box. Suggest what you would like to see happen.
I’m very excited to start Planning meetings for Occupy’s 5 year anniversary. We’re planning an art and music celebration and we are looking forward to collaberating with the bay area activist community. come on out an see what we have started and be part of planning the extravaganza

MAY8, Tomorrow 4 PM · 759 59th St Oakland, CA 94609
Planning Meeting for Beyond#Occupy

MAY8, Tomorrow 4 PM · 759 59th St Oakland, CA 94609
Planning Meeting for Beyond#Occupy


Mar 23, 2016

Propose sending announcements about OccupySF website to Patrica Gray for inclusion in Action Council Announcements.

Mar 9, 2016

Placeavote.com TAB

Nick’s OSF slide show on YouTube. 23 mins of wonderful pics.

Apparently, I’m the owner of this Google group and the members list is long and many names look familiar:

Hot links lists posted.

1% Articles:

Mar 2, 2016

Duplication of flyers (see below) cost $65.43. Minus the $29.11 which we had in our account results in $36.32 which I am donating to Outreach WorkingGroup.
250 copies — Occupy Groups on hot pink paper — I will cut in half
200 copies — NetPartyDemocracyOS (B&W, double sided)
100 copies — Homeless Bill of Rights (B&W, double sided)
100 copies — Federal reserve Bank (B&W, double sided)
Hot Links – problem pasting links on to website. Article links don’t work but Audio links do.
Mike created City of San Francisco DemocracyOS site and updated the associated facebook page.

Feb 24, 2016

Mike Zonta will have more Group Lists and Net Party fliers printed.
Check Hot Links list for duplication and miscategorized items.
John Fraser has plastic sheeting and vinyl contact paper for new signs. Still need to do layout.
Message on OSF website for DOS GA site.
Promote DOS site with mass emails?
Send Mike copy of Patricia Gray Tab: Proposal to form a Party for the Common Good.

Proposed Agenda Items:

Issues for OSF DOS GA Site:

Municipal Banks

SAN FRANCISCO (11/23)- On the eve of Thanksgiving, members of Occupy San Francisco made a major announcement at Justin…

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Sfnewsfeed.us στις Τετάρτη, 23 Νοεμβρίου 2011


Homeless Bill of Rights

California Right to Rest Act

An SF Net Party (What if OSF morphed into a Net Party?)

Online funding site to publicize an SF DOS site.
Computer address for Clicky:
my laptop: my desktop: Samsung Phone (7.10.8773.3)


(510) 495-5952
The No Nukes Action Committee
Japanese consulate in San Francisco on the 11th of every month at 3:00 PM.
The consulate is located at 275 Battery St. near California.

Patricia Gray Tab: Proposal to form a Party for the Common Good.

Feb 17, 2016

Proposed Agenda Items:

Issues for OSF DOS GA Site:
Municipal Banks
Homeless Bill of Rights
An SF Net Party (What if OSF morphed into a Net Party?)
Online funding site to publize an SF DOS site.

Computer address for Clicky:
my laptop: my desktop:


(510) 495-5952
The No Nukes Action Committee
Japanese consulate in San Francisco on the 11th of every month at 3:00 PM.
The consulate is located at 275 Battery St. near California.

Patricia Gray Tab or Net Party Tab?: Proposal to form a Party for the Common Good

Feb 10, 2016

Donations balance: $27.11.
Plastic film for 101 signs $13.91 (John F.)
Pink Groups flyer printing (Mike Z.)
check website clicky stats. 393 visits on Feb. 3.
Work on Hot Links.

Jan 13, 2016

cPanel marketing tools – check it out.
Test new sign sample on the street.
Website email accounts?

Jan. 6, 2016

Add Audio and websites category to Hot Links page, yes.
Website admin email account, how to
CD of Outreach records for Mike.*
Change facebook OSFDOS name to Occupy San Francisco General Assembly or OSF Online GA.

Dec. 30, 2015

OccupySF mission statement
Contact info
About tab w/info
Request link entry for Food Not Bombs website.
DOS links, articles, videos, etc on DOS tab
Add sub pages to Hot Links Tab -yes
Add pages by media type (Books, Articles, Movies, Videos)
Change “Working Groups” tab to “Groups”?
Create online GA on an OccupySF DOS page. Yes, add GA description to DOS page
Outreach Wednesday night meeting on Skype?
LiveStream outreach meetings with laptop cam. Email Robb about live streaming.

Dec. 23, 2015

Add to Hot Links (TED Talks)
Trip to Blink’s Stenciles, stick-on letters, YouTube videos
$25.11 in donations
Contact IP addresses to send msg?
Postie (post by email)
DOS setup info
John’s Literature (occucards, flyers, tri-folds) Inventory:
Item Amt (inches)
DA 3/4
AL 1
SD 5/8
GS 58
HC 1 1/8
MIC 1/8
MS 1/4
SS 1/4
TPP 1/4
BPO 3/8
OGPS 3/8
NP/DOS 1/2
DONY 1/8

Mike’s Literature Inventory:

Item Amt (quantity)
Net party trifolds   100
Health Care   1000
Drone     200
Student Debt     500
Goldman 1000
Corporate Personhood   800
ALEC   150
Surveillance   150
Climate Change   100
Austerity     75

Dec. 16, 2015

Transfered $2.11 from old .org acct. to Mike Zonta’s personal Paypal acct.
Mike will add it to the donation jar.
Closed this acct.
Paypal acct for .net is still active. We can use the above method to withdraw donations or buy someting with paypal such as occucards.

Dec. 9, 2015

$22 in Outreach acct.
email to Avalos on municipal banking for SF status
Paypal old and new accts are active.
Visitor info on available on clicky site

Dec. 2, 2015

Akismet has a problem
Springs for sign*
$20 in Outreach acct.
Domain registration and occupy.net hosting paid up till 12/2016 by John Fraser*
List of Hot Links
Email to Ruthie about climate conf. speaker at Forum*

Nov. 25, 2015

DOS sites info for creation
$20 in donation acct.
Mike cleaned out the comments on .net*
Do .net backups once a month*

Nov 18, 2015

spray sealant
email to mike quaker flyer*
.net backup
Put a donate button back into site*
new DOS site
read up on clicky

November 11, 2015

Change DemocracyOS tab to Net Party?
Check for yellow shading in recent posts on home page.
Contact more groups to use bulletin board (AJ Gun, Million Man March, etc).
Explore democracyos.org for new democracy page function.
Add more promotion to sf and osf facepages for DOS pages.
Look at occupysf.net files in hosting24. Is there any correlation to DOS Github files?

November 4, 2015
DOS Sign
Darken Calendar on .net
Pirate Mike Tab with flyer etc.
Tab for all handouts
*Inform Frank B. about Pirate Mike.
*Ask Frank B. about sign construction
Check with Santiago and Buenos Aires group on status of DOS

October 21, 2015
DOS tri-fold revision to include Net Party
DOS Sign
Occupysf.org to automatically go to Occupysf.net until *.org restored.

Replace first part of DOS flyer from “–from DemocracyOs.org” with Net Party info from Wikipedia.
Put links to facebook pages instead of cosfdos and osfdos info.
Sent Mike priliniary DOS flyer edit.
Place additional Net Party/DOS link on flyer (Sent Mike John’s Net Party Notes).

Sent email to Robb, Christian, Mike asking to set *.org to point to *.net

October 14, 2015
Agenda only, no meeting

“start a chapter” http://democracyos.com/democracies

1. Siri: Is there a site to help us keep up with progress of DemocracyOS development, what is being done now, and the overall plan? A weekly or monthly blog perhaps? This would help us promote DOS in OccupySF and San Francisco Bay Area in general.
2. Siri: Our DOS sites are down. How to build DOS sites like demo page which are still up?
3. Siri: How to promote a democracy? How to inform and encourage participation? Facebook?
4. Robb: Possible two identical sites, .org and .net. What would be the best way to keep them syncronized?

Proposed Email:
Mike and I are thinking it would be good to have two identical OccupySF sites, .org and .net. If one site is down people would have the other site to go to. What would be the easiest way to keep them synchronized? Is there a folder of files on the host that could be copied from one to the other whenever a change is made or on a periodic basis? What do you think?
Sign at 101 for DOS?
View occupysf.net website files on host24
Greate Democracies (Greate Democracies.txt)
DemocracyOS/app – Google Groups Link in DemocracyOS Bookmarks discussion on installation
Letter to this link about democracies and the ability to create them disappearing. How are the “featured democracies” on democracyos.org still running. How can we recreate our democracies if we don’t understand how to do an installation? Is there a blog that will keep everyone up to date on what is happening?

October 7, 2015
Dos flyer
add “go to www.occupysf.org or www.occupysf.net
email to Mike how to get DOS notices.
Delete first 2 paragraphs.
Add Net Party info.
Add “under construction” after osfdos.com and csfdos.com.
Demo at dos.org works but should registar to vote and comment.
Add DOS to sign at 101.
$10.00 in Outreach acct.
May 20, 2015
DOS sites
Karla Gottschalk for Mayor
OSF.org site

May 20, 2015

DOS Sites-
Fill in DOS sites
Proposition for OSF.DOS: “Should occupy endorse Karla Gottschalk for mayor?”
Let users put up city council and other propositions.
Add paragraph on each dos site describing what users should do.
Occupy should add Campos’ proposition for moratorium on market rate housing from B of Sups
site to CofSF.DOS site.
How do we relay voting results to representatives and media?
Is broadchain in DOS sites?
Occupy should add what is of interst to it on OSF.DOS site.

Karla Gottschalk for Mayor-
Possibly advise her that wording in platform statement reads a little ruff.

OSF.org site-
Add Karla Gottschalk tab with platform. Notify Karla by email.

April 29, 2015

101 Sign finished
Questions to Santiago
April 22, 2015
Questions for Santiago

Questions for Santiago-
Do we need to mediate the comments on DOS sites and if so are there any guidelines?
Should we allow people to post proposals or should we just post legislation?
How do we relay voting results to representatives and media?
How do we insure commentators and voter are city residents cityofsanfrancisco and occupysf DOS?
Definition for entries during postings?
How to access vote tallys?

April 15, 2015
Outreach notes

Look up DOS site notes and email to Mike Zonta.
DOS/Net: identify flier content.

Big spike this week and on events calendar but unable to determine much info.
No new comments

$28.54 + $2.11 in PayPal

All remaining stock of fliers at 101.
Maybe print just DOS, FRB, and Group list.
Group list updated on website.
John Fraser assembling new 101 sign.

DOS/Net flier should use text from website and local status. Check that layout matches fold lines.
Ask Santiago: Do we need to moderate and are there any guidelines, allow people to post proposals, How to relay voting results to representatives and media.
IDs and PWs for DOS sites email acct’s?

Meeting notes history being typed, organized, and posted by John Fraser

April 1, 2015

DOS website
101 sign

DOS website under individuals name only.
Email Santiago about DOS hub naming limits.
Create email account for DOS with The City’s name.
How do we get people to use the site?
Should it be for the whole city or just a district?
What about competing sits?

76 on Sunday 29th.
30 at tonight’s meeting

DOS/Net Party flier-
use material from posts

DOS sites-

email: occupysforg@gmail.com
pw: e7dctfgvy

March 25, 2015

DOS/Net Party – Ask Santiago if Mark Farrell DOS is the new easy DOS site.

Visitors – Jazz-Lee and John
Wanted to get involved with OccupySF. Both from the City. Showed them the website and OccupySF Groups list. Talked about money in politics.

Postpone agenda to next meeting.

March 8, 2015
Current city council issues
popular issues
promote DOS on everyones Facebook pages
focus on content

March 4, 2015

Website backup
DOS – email reply
Youtube – Ahmed: The Square. Put in Forum Videos list
99% Coalition – Spaghetti dinner. Thomas Powell and Tom Ammiano spoke

February 25, 2015

AC report back
Paris, France

Finances = $21.41, PayPal =
Paris: Mid May to Mid August. Mike taking a vacation and going to Paris! Possible Skype meeting?
A/C meeting – Conference of US Mayors in SF. Occupy Day Sept 17? Email to AC to jump start? discussion.
Occupysf.net – no info in ms WebMatrix yet.
DOS – Santiago answered email about Mountain View.

SF Occupy Groups OMNI (website and physical building) N. Oakland. Rolling Jubilee (buy up debt).

February 18, 2015

AC report back
update local website
finances = $19.37 PayPal = $2.11
Website donation heading: “Help Occupy Help You “ instead of “Please Donate”.

February 11, 2015

website backup? Robb hosting account
Report backs
finances $19.41
Clicky 32 visits today
OccupySF PayPall $2.11
Ahmad comments and youtube posting.

1- local website can be uploaded?
2- bring local formating up to online config.
send Robb email “we are sending $48 for 6 mos. Hosting”
share ID and PW for emergencies
Mike will send $48 to Robb and I will contribute $24 to Mike.
Draft email about 6 mos hosting payments and sharing id and pw w/Robb and Christain.
“Robb and Christain, what do you each thik about sharign id and pw?”

February 4, 2015

finances = $19.41
flyers printing = $39.24
Report backs on A/C meeting and Forum

Sent email to Christain Westbrook asking if he could get through to Robb.

January 28, 2015

Website hosting
Report back from A/C meeting
Clicky – search for descriptions of stats
Op-Eds pages?

Website Hosting-
Sent email to Robb regarding Mike and I paying fee directly.
Email hosting support and ask to pay bill.

Packed up early this Tuesday. Robert stopped by and disrupted the tabling.

$48.xx Mike is planing a literature print job.

Email to Mike: DOS_Notes.doc, DOS argument for A/C meeting.

Meet CIA James and Pirate Mike on the way home after tonight’s meeting. He suggests using Google Chat (hangouts). His contact info 415-238-9017, occupy1liberty@gmail.com, occupirate@gmail.com.

January 21, 2015

Pirate Mike

101 = $16.21 + 32.17 (from bank acct.) = $48.38

Mike Zonta will email Santiago Siri to ask what his schedule for visiting SF Bay Area.
John Fraser presented his summary of “How to Start a Net Party”

Literature print order:
75 copies of Move Your Money (double-sided) in black & white
75 copies of Public Banking (double-sided) in black & white
75 copies of Declaration of the Occupation (double-sided) in black & white
75 copies of Education under Attack (double-sided) in black & white
75 copies of Occupy Movement tri-fold (double-sided) in black and white
100 copies of Occupy Groups in San Francisco on hot pink paper.  We will cut in half.
Mike has 11 boxes of Occucards
Raymond (Boston) stopped by and promised to help table at 101 in the future

Donation button re-installed and is working
Will try first donation for hosting fee to Robb next month
Mike Zonta sent Robb hosting fee for February 2015
Take Susan off “op-ed” tab. Can’t contact and no response to email.
Update Akisnut, Timely, Clicky. Check compatibility (JF).

January 14, 2015

Outreach recruits
Action Council meeting
Occupy Forum
Frontline News

Finances: 101 = $12.21, OSF PayPal = $2.1

Website: Mike will put $9 into PayPal to be sent to Robb for website hosting. Need better understanding of Clicky website stats.

Recruits: Brian Cotton (lives in Presidio of SF) may become a regular part timer at 101 and “Boston” (resides at Royal Hotel, SF) may become occasional participant.

Dos: Study of how Outreach and OSF may use DOS underway. Possible application in SF Participatory Democracy project in the Richmond district. Occupy groups may find useful for their input on legislation and issues to elected representatives.

Action Council Meeting: JohnSF attended to asses groups interest in outreach at 101 and OSF website for future funding request. Group was interested in outreach at 101 and would like report backs as well as info on website.

Occupy Forum: President of SFCC Board presented the status and history of schools accreditation. Decision by accreditation board and judges decision in City suit due this month. Possible alternative to video camera recording may be live Skype or Google Hangout of Forums. This would allow live questions from viewers.

Literature: Pirate Mike stated at AC meeting that occucard designer has ceased new designs.
Outreach will try to confirm and look into possibility of new topics. Check with AC for source of FRB flyers.

Frontline has report on Russian premier Putin and organized crime.

January 7, 2015

Donation & literature images
Action Council

Donation request linked to items such as literature, website hosting, etc. Small images with each to attract attention similar to ordering merchandise online.

Finances: 101 = $7.21 OSF PayPal = $2.11
Close OSF account at Northeastern Community Federal Credit Union and add funds to 101 donations.
Unlink John Fraser’s credit card from OSF PayPal account.

Send Robb $8.00 for hosting fee about 3rd week of each month.
Mike Zonta and John Fraser will alternate making payments to Robb.
Send payment to Robb by deposit to OSF PayPal account and transfer to individual.
Payment for February, decided by coin toss, will be from Mike.
Robb suggested asking for contribution toward monthly website hosting fee at Action Council and Forum meetings.
John suggested we consider reorganizing Outreach Group as an on going action in Action Council.

December 24, 2014

website- Post links to FB & TW
goals for 2015
Google Hangout, Skype sound? YouTube sound w/external speakers?
How to Net Party
Press- No Show (Dec. 10, 2014: Invited Examiner’s Rudy Shaw, Beyond Chron)

101: $6.21
Paypal: $2.11
Donation message

How to stay in loops w/ occupiers?
Continue T, Th 101 schedule through January
Nest Tues last of 2014
Biggest potential is internet.

Ask Chuck about OSF website security for users computers (https?).

Google Hangout-
Video? Links?

Read through Net Party paper by Jan. 7. Insights, understandings, questions.

also news, blogs, reading, videos

December 17, 2014

Clicky Statistics
Blogger’s Tabs
Net Party doc from Santiogo Siris
Susan Miller blog
Ruthie’s BD Party share pics ok
Santiogo Siris to US Bay Area Jan 2015 to set up Net Party

DOS tab
w/forum promo by Mike Zonta

Christmas donation program for OccupySF.org

Susan Miller Blog
Write invitation email

Net Party
Could not find by searching internet.
Santiago promised to send copy to Mike Zonta

December 10, 2014


101- $3.21
Paypal- $2.11

DemocracyOS promo to Ruthie.
Mike Zonta wrote thank you email to Anna for volunteering to bring projector.
Response from Anna – “Let me know what’s happening”.
Did a sound check using John Fraser’s notebook computer at Forum. Used video message for test and sound was excellent.

Wednesday 12/10/2014
Mike Zonta changing 101 tabling schedule to Tues & Thur 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Checked statistics
comparisons to Action Council and OBAU sites for color and clarity.
DemocracyOS TAB with promo as header, links, and ongoing updates to be added.
Jane invite to do a blog on OccupySF website, financial, political or Occupy actions/protests or related.

December 3, 2014

DemocracyOS at Forum
Debra Elaine Lujan (Occumoma)

Mike talked with Debra on Valencia St. today.

Promotional email for Ruthie. Consist of promotional statement with links to DOS/TED youtube video, Huffington Post and Wired articles.
Can Skype conference include remote observers?
Can conference be recorded?
Mike Zonta will log into Skype to call Pia of DOS in Argentina.
If Skype connection unavailable, DOS/TED video will be shown.
John Fraser will supply laptop with Skype, projector cable, and speakers.
Anna will supply projector.
Will focus on people’s increased participation in democratic process with DOS.
Time of presentation is tight so Q&A after and by raised hands rather than stack.


November 19, 2014

Action Council Media Group
Reimburse Robb for Hosting fee

Can DemocracyOS video conference be recorded?
Monday Nov. 24th Forum, practice Skype call to Mike Zonta to test wifi at Global Exchange .
Email Anna for make and model of projector for VGA cable compatibility (gender).

Finances: $3.57

Rain shortened handouts

Action Council Media Group:
George Z., Adrienne, Youlanda
John F. joined group to learn more website stuff

SF99% meetings on 1st Tuesday and 2nd Friday of the month.
Background color/shade/pattern/image, no way to effect background – John F.
Search for Blog insert “add to” to automatically add to OSF facebook and twitter.
Check WordPress plugins.

November 12, 2014

SF99% Coalition
101 Market St. Table

Fixed Events Calendar start date. Unchecked fixed start date. Defaults to current month.
!st line indents in Posts should be removed.
Suggestions: Website online live Forums using Skype? OccupySF groups representative give group news and answer questions – Strategy Sessions?

Repaid Mike Zonta for $10 to OccupySF PayPal acct.
$8 to Robb for website hosting.

Received conflicting email from Ethan of Occupy Forum saying Dec1 may not be available for DemocracyOS video presentation. However, Ruthie implied that date was open. So conformation needed.
Anne Donjacour brings video projector to Forums.
Friday Nov. 14, 4 pm meeting with Pia of DemocracyOS at Muddy Waters coffee shop.

SF99% Coalition:
Possible future DemocracyOS video conference?

Thurs donation $1.50.
Slow day.
Last Thurs. Lady from UK recommended Russell Brand and Trews (utube). Posted video on website. Trews could be added to Hot Links page.

How to add other contacts to a video call? Conference call?

November 5, 2014


John’s donation from credit card to test PayPal’s commission = $8.53. After commission PayPal account showed $7.98.
Take $6.45 form bank back to John.
Hosting fee to Robb; use direct personal credit card or bank account to PayPal to avoid commission. Add money to OccupySF bank account to yield $25 + $ 8.00 for Robb each month.
Finances = $7.8x.
Donations on website Clicky show 31 hits but no donations.

Meet Dia Nov. 13, 14, or 15. Info from Dia for Forum. Maybe meet Friday or Saturday. Where?
Notebook VGA cable fits projector at Forum?
Wifi internet available at Global Exchange?
Get projector lady’s name from Andy or Ruthie.

Bug in Events Calendar prevents show current month as default. Events calendar tab may also be cause.
Timely Calendar link to OccupySF calendar on Google.
Link Timely calendar to other Occupy group calendars such as: Action Council, Occupy Forum, Occupy Oakland.

October 29, 2014

Upgrade Democracy Video:
Dec. 1 Forum Skype video conference with Pia Mancini of How to Upgrade Democracy in Argentina and beyond. Will need computer with Skype, a projector, and internet at Global Exchange. Will contact Chuck Newell at Action Council for tech support.

Outreach $2.53 > $7.8x
OccupySF bank acct. $25 + $6.45
Check John’s credit card statement for amount donated to Paypal and transferred to bank.
Statement shows:
My credit card statement shows:
09-17-2014 PAYPAL OCCUPYSFORG $8.53
We calculated that there is $25 + $6.45 in the bank account. So if I take the $6.45 back out then $8.53 – $6.45 = $2.08 owed to John.

Problem editing existing events and adding new events in Timely. New edits and new events are not retained. Donate text is repeated 10 times in sidebar. Preparing to delete and reinstall Timely. First record all existing Timely settings.

Removing Twitter and Facebook buttons from each post fixed repeating donate text problem.
Re-installing Timely fix event problems.

Oct. 15, 2014

101: $1.22 PayPal: $1.11

Web hosting:
$10.00 owed to Mike for hosting.

Keep funding hosting fee out of donations (101 or Paypal)

We will use Paypal, bank, and personal statements to tract funds.

Received new batch from printer.

Need to brainstorm for website to appear in searches.

Recommended to Occupy Forum Pia Mancini: “How to Upgrade Democracy for the Internet Era” (see Ted.com for video).

Donations request text in white background with button on left. Include as part of OSF BB post.

Good day for Mike at 101 Wednesday Oct. 15. Handed out larger than usual number of flyers.

Oct. 8, 2014

Print more flyers. 75 of each tri-fold, 200 pink Group List.

Outreach 101 $37.83.
Website host fee from donations.

Use across content widget for donation request text and button.
OccupySF Bulletin Board sign change to just logo and “Bulletin Board”.
Make text more prominent to sell concept of a bulletin board.
2014 Anniversary tab updated with pics.
Facebook links to be added.

October 1, 2014

Finances: $22.07

September 24, 2014

Finances: $30.07 – $8.00 for website hosting = $22.07
Let Robb ask when he needs hosting fee.
Tags for website?
Andy: Low cost and independent long distance phone service, Credo Long Distance.

September 10, 2014

Finances: $19.07
Separate donation request from OccupySF motto in Header.
Ask Frank if he can stop by on 9/20.
Add Facebook links.
Try Donation button.
Event calender maps?
Sept. 20 Anniversary announcement map.

August 27, 2014

PayPal donations:
Credit card?
Linkage of accounts for donations?
Clicky working? Yes.
Do updates? No.
Finances: $11.95
Google search for “Move Your Money.
Facebook pages – make links.

August 20, 2014

Check with other Occupy websites to see what donate functions they use.
Finances: $10.95
Do PayPal initially. Can change latter. Ask Robb.

July 30, 2014

anniversary flyers

Northeast Community Federal Credit Union for website account $25 min.
Robb will let us know if he needs help paying host.
Check PayPal support on “How to Donate”.

Print 100 Occupy Movement tri-folds = $6.
Anniversary 100 1/4 sheets = $6.

Bookmark PayPal acct. on notebook computer.

July 23, 2014

Finances: $27

Mike called Boxer and Feinstine objecting to Resolution 498

Website contact info and donate

Responses – how to control or edit or allow?

PayPal – 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

EverRibbon – 4% + $0.30 per transaction


July 16, 2014


A lot of literature handed out today.

Finances: $19.55
50 of each trifold except OccupySF
100 pink groups list

Banner images
-Bank Transfer Day
-Ballerina and Bull
-OSF Outreach 5
-OSF panel of 6 images
-OSF panel of 8 images
Including Occupy news items in posts is ok.
Contact Tab
-add Mike’s email address for a contact
-change to just “Please go to facebook and twitter + Mike’s address.
-check if occupysfcommunications@gmail.com is responding

Clicky checked

July 23, 2014
Finances: $27
Mike called Boxer and Feinstine objecting to Resolution 498
Website contact info and donate
Responces – how to control or edit or allow?
PayPal – 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
EverRibbon – 4% + $0.30 per transaction

July 2, 2014

All events calendar entries have maps?

Occupy Photo Pool Pictures:
Patricia “Honk” sign
Little girl w/white dress helping w/ yellow banner
John F. w/”Buy Representation” sign
God w/solidarity sign (hi contrast)
Jane Kennedy included

Ruthie and Andy email
Can John F. type lists & print in Forum webpage?

March 19, 2014


Google Hangout
Other sites

Finances: $23.63

Getting low on pink groups list
Need new sign

White background helps readability
New banner is great but needs OccupySF motto
Tab colors are nice but menus are still very faint
Comments still have to be highlighted to be read
Selected tab disappears

Other Sites:
We liked Occupy Oakland (web@occupyoakland.org) and Occupy LA’s (Kopi Mi?) websites. Occupy Oakland has a really nice calendar.

Google Hangout:
Mike and John think they have the video hangout figured out but need opportunity to try it.

John will go and make inventory of OccupySF materials.

March 5, 2014


Greetings and introductions with Guests
Introduction to OccupySF website
Discussion of need to improve the site



Kristina knows website design and is familiar with WordPress. She volunteered to help improve the site to make it more readable and improve contrast of text.
(sprytespryte@gmail.com) id: katrina pw: WEBSITE%1

Tom is a graphic designer and offered his expertise. His business name is Infinity Pie Graphics. (terrapin101@att.net)

James is working on a video forum to be held on a regular basis.
(occupy1liberty@gmail.com) Suggested book: Ten Reasons to Abolish the IMF and World Bank, by Kevin Danaher. Id: ciajames pw: WEBSITE%2

Mike is working on a “to-do” list of website improvements.

John will email:
Outreach vision for the website to attendees
Website design chart that defines the current site structure
Robb Benson to inform him of our new efforts

Suggested pictures of OccupySF (you need to be signed in to facebook):

Jan. 8, 2014

Occupy flyers

Declaration of the Occupation of NYC
We should make flyer of this with header on page 1 only and delete footer.

Send Mike copy of “Vision for Occupy”.

New Occupy flyer should end with “What You Can Do” from “Why You Should Help Occupy Help You”.

Received new order of 1000.


Definition of website“hits” needed.

Rincon_Free wifi signal.
Could connect but only with “limited access”.
Call Rincon and get info for full internet access for Outreach meetings.

Robert Kolby was at 101 with Mike on Wednesday.

December 18, 2013

Three people came to help Outreach on Tuesday
Mick, Demetry, Juna

Use Declaration of NY.

Comments function-look into it but not a priority.
Spacing of texts in Posts-get single spacing by using text view.
Google calendar has a delay before new entries appear in left side bar.
Facebook and Twitter icons on Home page appear to be just links to OccupySF pages.
Email Robb about TAB disappearance, wait a couple weeks.
Email Mike on how to make calendar entries.

Put 101, End the FED event in calendar.

Book list from Ruthie that relate to Forum speakers.

Groups to visit for posting lessons:
Environmental justice
CCSF (send email to info address asking for contact person)

Rev. Sandra Decker request for ID and PW to post:
What group does she represent?
Action Council already has two people for posting.
Posting is for groups not individuals. Person chosen and post content must be by group consensus

Outreach meetings:
Canceled for Dec 25 and Jan 1. (both are Wednesdays).
Next meeting Jan 8.

Finances: $85

When is next Strategy meeting?
Ruthie suggested sometime after Jan 1

December 11, 2013

· Website
· Finances
· 101
· Flyers
· Strategy Forums

· Action Council announcements posted using copy and paste from Word.
· Repeat website posts to facebook and twitter and to friends and followers.
· Flaky tabs. Clicking on tab goes to non menu page. Holding on tab long enough drops down menu.
· Tab disappears.


Trifolds for “Occupy” and “Move Your Money”
· Use Wall St. flyer material
· Use current flyer for MYM.

Strategy Forums:
Why no strategy sessions in current schedule?
Ruthie will call a Forum meeting.

Friday, Mike has appointment.

December 4, 2013

Talked to Sarah, Mike Zint, and Jeremy at Starbucks.

Mike said there will be an action at 101 December 22 and 23. Event is in Action Council announcements.

Kelly Johnson and James Carthill have panoramic pictures on facebook.
Sarah and Mike Zint facebook page.

Ruthie said strategy forum spot is not open.

What appear to be WiFi antennas going up on Market St. near 101.

Finances: $85
Nov. 27, 2013


contact groups
outreach mission statement

Re: God’s remarks about website.
Outreach is working to improve website but current priority is group usage.

General Policy and basis for posting-
Requests for posts to be kept at top of list – not fair to other posters.
Repeated posting to keep something at top of list – general policy of posting things once only.
Policy based on bulletin board model, all posts visible at all times.
Outreach agreed to re-position announcements to top in special cases – undefined.
Posts are for events and actions.
Calendar for regular/periodic Working Group committee meetings.

Flaky TAB behavior. Will call Robb for help.

Email Robb about faint, hard to read text.

New website banner up. Check with Robb.


Outreach will be at 101 on Friday as usual.

Review materials on hand for “Occupy” and “Move Your Money” flyer content.

Called Ryan to ask if he is ok with posting (1-201-388-2367). Said he’s out of town and will contact us on return.

Emailed Ruthie to ask if Environmental Justice Group can post. No answer yet.

Email Mike website address for “The 99%”.

November 20, 2013

Go to Action Council
Add Quotes page
Poetry link
Occupy Vision Group on calendar 2pm Saturdays
Added to groups flyer

Banner photo camp: Sarah and Mike Zint facebook page photos
December 7pm Starbucks at Drum with Jane

Austerity card received
Tri folds
Regular chalk 3pm at 101 on 101 page

Case or bag to carry literature to 101?

Andy suggestions: 1) regular protests 2) Forum of Groups
Call God! (510) 888-1169
November 13, 2013

Facebook photos Tab
Outreach minutes – someone to help type
Website storage limits
Website banner – camp photo – Zint and Sarah facebook pages
Finances $126 –52 for Austerity = $75
Trifolds – Move Your Money and Occupy. One on each side?
I will attend Forum and Action Council
Rick, Anthony, Aaron stopped by 101
Copies of Registration for website
Call Ryan

November 6, 2013

Saw Mike Zint, Raoul, and Anthony
God is lost, no one has seen him for a while.
Get info for website to Mike Zonta and I any way possible, 101ers don’t have a keyboard. Maybe by facebook.

Working groups


Action Council announcements – put on website but were late.

Working Groups:
Info on registration by Email and going to Group meetings.

Contact Frank about Occucards

Egypt update link to Mike Zonta

OWS Mission Statment

October 30 2013

What is Occupy All About?
Move Your Money
Why we are here – Mike likes this
List of Credit Unions and Local Banks

Pirate Mike
Send Mike Zint registration info. Any other ways for him to post?

$45.78 for 600 Groups flyers and 200 Public Banks and 200 Public Education

Continue posting if received – If no response resend Registration email. Ask if questions of comments.

Posting Issues:
How to keep announcements in chronological order?
First by date (of event not of posting)
Duplicate postings Occupy Forum vs. Action Council
Long postings such as Action Council push other post to far down
Amount of editing required for posts

Next Week Agenda:
Mike Goldman
Oct 23, 2013

Why Occupy – OWS mission statement, Chris Hedges
Move Your Money _ tri- fold List of Credit Unions and Local Banks
Advantages and hits Big Banks

Send business content to both John F. and Mike Zonta

Mike Zonta, John Fraser, Robb Benson. All others Author

Can upload media include videos to website?
October 16, 2013

Do survey of flyers that will need printing

Mike still at 101 Tues – Friday
Occupy forum: “By the People”

Looked at lettering color
Found web page color controls
Side bar color still unknown source
Side bar details path?
Add Working Group meetings

Working Groups:
Admin – email Robb about new admins
Do both posting and Working Group page edits.

October 9, 2013

$9 in donations
$103 Surveillance State Occucards
$51 remaining

Mike cutting back to Tuesdays thru Fridays. November 5, Tuesday not at 101

New facbook page
Chalk on Tuesday evenings.

October 2, 2013

OccupySF: poems for the movement
OccupySF Kitchens
30 names for facebook
18 books for literature page
5 general links
9 flyers (pdf) + some scans
Finances: $94
1000 occucards = $54 “Surveillance State”
Petroleum Coke from US refineries being sold to China for coal fired power plants.
Research the “Leave a Comment” button on website.

July 3, 2013

Code pink at Forum
Miki gave $20 plus Outreach $32
Total $54 for Occucard “Republicrates”
Email to Mike Zint on Tax Loop Holes.
Alternative Free Press
Mike OBAU list
Audio and publishing?
Pat’s flier sent out

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