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noun: People who unquestioningly accept what’s said by a political leader, marketer, etc.
A blend of sheep + people. Earliest documented use: 1945.
“The general public — the mass of sheeple — want to cling to two core beliefs.”
Pinchas Landau; Who’s in Charge?; Jerusalem Post (Israel); Nov 14, 2014.
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Town Hall Meeting & March (another person, Jose, was killed by the SFPD) from Adrienne Fong

Coming Together, Right NOW!

Town Hall Meeting

(Mario Woods Coalition) 

TODAY, April 7, 2016


Horace Mann School
3351 – 23rd Street

Afterwards there will be a march!



Not 24 hours after the Police Commission meeting on use of force yesterday – SFPD killed another homeless, non-threatening victim!




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Hey, it’s Ryan. I’ve started an organization called the Permaculture Action Network.

It’s Ryan. I’ve launched an organization with an amazing team of organizers, educators, and artists, the Permaculture Action Network, stemming from the Permaculture Action Tour we organized in the Fall of 2014 with music producer The Polish Ambassador, singer Ayla Nereo, and hip hop MC Mr. Lif.

We’ve organized 45+ Permaculture Action Days across the country after shows and concerts where hundreds of people from the audience came out to plant urban farms and community gardens, install rainwater catchment systems, build earthen structures, and create the physical spaces and systems that empower us to live in greater harmony with the earth and one another.

We’re running a crowdfunding campaign right now, and I’d love for you check it out, both to learn about what I’m up to, as well as to donate if you can and spread the word to folks who may. All the info and a bunch of great rewards we want to give you in reciprocity for your contribution are here – http://facebook.us13.list-manage.com/track/click?u=cfcd1d90023f06875574ef50f&id=8d9485f72a&e=5d307dc325

We’re raising funds to hold a number of Permaculture Action Days with the wildly famous folk band Rising Appalachia in New Orleans, Denver, and the Bay Area, as well as to build our organization, teach courses and workshops, and organize community actions that build a better, just, & regenerative world.

Check out our website – www.PermacultureAction.org, like us on Facebook – http://facebook.us13.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=cfcd1d90023f06875574ef50f&id=944dbe9333&e=5d307dc325 and please do stay in touch!! Looking forward to collaborating with you soon!

Thank you!

Ryan Rising

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A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg


noun: A banker who engages in dishonest or illegal behavior.
A blend of banker + gangster. From the derogatory suffix -ster which also gave us poetaster, mathematicaster, andphilosophaster. Earliest documented use: 1893.
“So far for example, no bankster has been indicted/convicted for having a major hand in running the global economy to the ground.”
Demise of the Prevalent Political Economy; Capital (Addis Abada, Ethiopia); Mar 11, 2013.
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Berkeley Post Office occupation update

First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless 

April 7, 2016

An update from BPOD, The Berkeley Post Office Occupation.

The group of drug addicts and dealers remain. This situation is in week 4. Remember, Lt. Rateaver of BPD was on site as BPD officers instructed them where to move to. And, when we complained, the result was to instruct them to put their gear in the community garden. The people’s garden is now 30% destroyed. The worst part of this story is that the front door to the high school is 100 feet away.

What we do is community service. We feed a lot of people. Not just homeless either. UC students come by. Elderly on a fixed income come by. People struggling to survive rely on us. Why this blatant attempt to disrupt and discredit us?

For our secret food supplier, hundreds thank you. And this secret must be kept because this person would lose their job for feeding people. This food would be in a dumpster if they didn’t bring it here.

–Mike Zint

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“Protesters reassert intention to continue occupying Berkeley Main Post Office” by Kimberly Nielsen (dailycal.org)


On Saturday, a group of protesters issued a call to action against a threat to evict a homeless encampment outside the Berkeley Main Post Office, according to an email sent by Mike Wilson, a long-standing encampment supporter and organizer.

Despite the threat, which came from the United States Postal Inspection Service after a 17-month occupation of the area by protesters, the service did not raid the encampment, Wilson noted.

Protesters first assembled in November 2014 to oppose the post office’s pending sale to property management company Hudson McDonald. While the business deal collapsed in December 2014 and the post office remained a public entity, the group continued to protest the privatization of public entities across the nation, Wilson said in the email.

Wilson noted that the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is not interested in evicting the protesters themselves but in dissolving a group of nonprotesting homeless campers that also inhabit the premises.

Mike Zint, a protester who lives outside the post office, noted that the protesters help foster a sense of unity among the occupants by providing the homeless with food and other services.

“This isn’t just about saving the post office,” Zint said. “It’s about saving the larger community.”

According to Wilson’s email, the number of homeless campers outside of the post office grew substantially when Berkeley police officers began directing them to the public space over the past few months. The Berkeley Police Department was not available to comment at press time.

Augustine Ruiz Jr., a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service Bay-Valley district, said in an email that the homeless encampment was a “blight” on the post office property and that the postal district received complaints from Berkeley citizens and customers about the encampment being “unsightly and unsafe.”

Some protesters, too, had problems with the presence of the homeless encampment.

“(Homeless campers) pose a threat to the protestors who are staying there and to the image that the protest site is supposed to have for the community,” Wilson said, adding that he believed that drug use in the encampment has raised community concerns.

Representatives of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service reportedly threatened to evict the protesters “upwards of thirty times” in the first months of occupation for violating trespassing regulations, according to Wilson. Since March 2015, however, the representatives have assured the protesters that they are safe from eviction.

The group continues to assert the right of all encampment members to legally occupy the premises by resisting eviction and staying in the camp, Wilson said.

“The best strategy that we have from defending the site from affirmative eviction is to contact as many people who are sympathetic as possible and ask them to show up,” Wilson said.  “We’ve learned from other protests that if there are a sufficient number of defenders, then law enforcement backs off.”

Contact Kimberly Nielsen at knielsen@dailycal.org.

Note from Mike Zint:

Today, we made the front page. The word is out. BPD put drug addicts by the high school. Hopefully, the community can do what the cops refuse to, and that is protect the students.

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Action Council Events — April 6 to April 16

Wednesday April 6
7:15 am        Centro Del Pueblo,  477 Valencia St.
                    Buses are going to Sacramento to a hearing at the State
                    Senate for S.B. 1015
                    These hard working people deserve decent conditions and
                    good wages for the important work they do.
                    sponsor: CA Domestic Workers Coalition
                    More info:  Check Facebook event 239304493087315
10:00 am      Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza Oakland
                    EARTH EXPO 
                    Hosted by the City of Oakland Public Works Dept.
                    featuring environmental health, waste reduction, energy,
                    urban design.  100 exhibitors with lots of good information
                    for how to live more sustainable.  An all day event.
5:30 pm        San Francisco City Hall   Police Commission meeting.
                    room 400
                    People must come out in great numbers to pressure our
                    city officials to attend to matters of police misconduct
                    (that’s putting it mildly!).  Discussion will be on the latest
                    police racist emails, as well as the long list of police
                    excessive use of force.  Our police force must protect
                    and serve ALL the people in San Francisco with respect
                    for their civil rights.
7:00 pm        The Green Arcade   1680 Market St. S.F.
                    speakers- Fan Gang and Mi Tu (Alex T. Tom interpreter)
                    China’s enormous factory workers are wide awake and
                    fighting back.
Thursday April 7
12 – 1 pm      Old Federal Building 450 Golden Gate Ave.
                    corner of Larkin St. and Golden Gate
                    sponsored by:American Friends Service Committee,
                    Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Episcopal Peace Fellowship,
                    San Francisco Friends Meeting
6:00 pm        Horace Mann Middle School,  3351 23rd St.at Valencia
                    in the  Auditorium
                    Leafleting in advance at 5:00 at 24th St. and Mission to
                    get the community to participate.
                    A town hall meeting to plan future action to see that our
                    demands are met!
                    Refreshments will be served.
6:30 -7:30     2558 Mission St. S.F.
                    A developer has requested a zoning change for this
                    property from commercial to educational services.
                    This proposed private school with tuition of over $20,000.00
                    a year will not serve the needs of the neighborhood.
                    The people of the neighborhood would prefer a business
                    serving the needs of the people and would be open to
                    serve the needs of all the people.
                    info: eddiestiel@Yahoo.com
Friday April 8
6:30 pm         518 Valencia St. S.F.
                     speaker   Sherene Seikaly author of Men of Capital:
                     Scarcity and Economy in Mandate Palestine
                     PALISTINE BEFORE 1948
                     Learning of the Palestinian participation in the Muslim
                     world and social life show us a  wider understanding
                     beyond the Zionist/Palestinian conflict.
                     sponsored by  Arab Resource and Organizing Center.
Saturday April 9 
1:00 pm         First African Methodist Episcopal Church
                     530 37th St. Oakland
                     This coalition includes the Anti Police Terror Project,
                     the Oakland Education Association, the Coalition for
                     Police Accountability, the Oakland Green Party, the
                     Oakland Tenants Union, the Community Democracy
                     Project, Oakland Living Wage Assembly, and the
                     Oakland Alliance.
                     We will have updates on endorsements and plan to
                     form canvassing teams for the ballot measures we
                     endorse.  We need to get the people politically active!
Monday, April 11
3:00 pm           Japanese Consulate
                       275 Battery and Sacramento
                       POWER PLA NT
6:00 – 9:00 pm  2017 Mission St. (near 16th St. Bart)
                       Global Exchange
                       Occupy Forum, Information, discussion and community
                       THE EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION
                       The author, Ahmed, will discuss his book and lead the
6:30 – 7:30    Norse Theater doorway
               275 Hayes St–just west of Van Ness Ave.
              (for old San Franciscans this is the Commerce H.S. Auditorium)
              Medicare For All requests your help to hand out post cards
              addressed to President Obama requesting that he support
              Medicare For All. All you have to do is ask people to sign
              the post card.
              This should be an easy task with the  people going to hear Amy
              Goodman  speak.  We will take these post cards and put them in
              the data base of the elected official to be used to let them know
              that many of their constituents want Single Payer, Medicare
              for all.  The card you get people to sign will be mailed to
              the President.
              If you plan to do one political gathering this week, this one will
              be easy.
Tuesday April 12
all day              buses leave Civic Center at 8:00 and pick up people at 
                       Ashby Bart at 8:30
                       Pass the hat to pay for the bus
                       RALLY FOR HEALTH CARE FOR THE 
                       Arriving at the capital at 11:00
                      1:00 to 3:00 pm bus ride back
                       call Don Bechler to reserve space.  415-695-7891
                       Sponsor: Health Care for all, Single Payer
Wednesday April 13
6:00 – 9:00       678 Mission St. S.F.  California Historical Society
              6:00 to 7:00 pm  There will be tables to show collected
                      articles, provide handouts and speak to guests.
                      tables set up by the African American Museum and
                      Library, the S.F. Bayview Newspaper, and the Black
                      Panthers Archive.
              7:00 to 9:00  Speakers;
                      Billy Jennings–Black Panther Archives
                      Judy Juanter S.F.S.U , student strike of 1968
                      Reema Calloway- Black Priorities Project organizer
                     Moderator: James Lause Taylor, USF Professor of Afican
                     American Studies
Thursday April 14
   6:00 am       McDonald’s  609 Market St. S.F.
                     Day of Action
                     WAKE UP S.F.: STRIKE FOR 15 AND OUR HOMES!
                     facebook event 205623626478435
 12 to 1 pm    Corner of Larkin and Golden Gate Ave
                     S.F. Faith Community–Buddhist Peace Fellowship
                     Episcopal Peace Fellowship, San Francisco Friends
  600 pm        609 Market St. S.F.  
                     FLOOD THE STREETS!
                     We will not be kicked out without a fight! Stop mass
                     displacement, poverty wages, systemic racism and
                     police violence.  We are the life blood of the City.
                     sponsors:  Fight for 15, Causa Justa, ACCE, SEIU 1021
                     local 87, Jobs with Justice, Progressive Workers
                     Alliance, Save Midtown

Friday April 15

                      TERROR TO THE I.R.S.
Saturday April 16
         9:00 am   Central Harbor Park Pittsberg
                        REFINERY HEALING WALK
                        We will meet and all agree to nonviolent principles.
                        We will be led by Native Americans in prayers for the
                        waters.  We will walk for clean air, water, soil and safe
                        jobs.  At each “circling up” we will hear local leaders
                        in the climate justice movement.
                        The total walk is 13 miles but there will be Bart pickups
                        at the Bart Station and at stopping points on the way
                        to return you to the Bart station.
                        to sign up for the Bart pickups go the the web site
Please let me know of any future events that you know
and I will put them on the calendar.
Send stuff to    pat1936@gmail.com


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Come fight Dark Money by passing AB 700 California DISCLOSE Act

Come fight Dark Money
~ by passing ~
AB 700 California DISCLOSE Act

David Schmidt, North Bay Regional Coordinator of the
California Clean Money Campaign

Cordially Invites You
~ to ~

San Francisco and Marin Action Group Meeting
~ on ~
Saturday April 9th
11 am – 12:30 pm

San Francisco Main Library, Civic Center
100 Larkin Street (at Grove St)
Third floor: Martin Paley Room (next to Page desk)
San Francisco, CA 94102

Learn how and why we’re working hard on the final push to pass AB 700 in the Senate after its landslide bi-partisan victory in the Assembly.

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