Police Officer Wouldn’t Have Killed Black Man If He Knew Everyone Would Make Such A Big Fuss About It

August 6, 2018 (theonion.com)

MILWAUKEE, WI—Expressing his deep and heartfelt regrets regarding how the incident has played out in the media, Milwaukee police officer Ian Feeny said Monday that he would never have killed an unarmed black man during a routine traffic stop if he had known that everyone would make such a big fuss about the incident. “When I review the unfortunate events of the night of July 11, I’m forced to admit that conducting myself differently and reacting with less violence would have avoided this whole hubbub,” said Feeny, who referred to the negative media exposure he had received in recent weeks, on top of the sheer amount of paperwork he’d been made to file, as “a heartbreaking tragedy.” “Living with the consequences of my actions, with the sheer weight of public opinion concerning my police work, has been a life-altering inconvenience. I can’t wait until this whole chapter ends with an innocent verdict in my favor.” After receiving word that he’d be placed on paid leave, an exasperated Feeny complained, “This is the reward I get for being a good guy,” and not planting guns and drugs on the victim’s body.

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Introducing Democracy Earth🌿 VOTE token economics


Dear Earth Citizen:

We are well into summer and the decline of democracy continues to make headlines around the world, with citizen voices – like those of Nicaragua 🇳🇮 and Cambodia 🇰🇭 – either suppressed under authoritarian regimes or depressed by political and capital controls marginalizing participants. According to the Freedom House Freedom in the World 2018 report, 55% of the world’s population live in countries that are not free – the 12th consecutive year of decline in global freedom.

At Democracy Earth we see this as a liquidity problem, to be solved with new forms of democratic participation and representation through liquid democracy. In July the team came together from all points of the globe to finalize the VOTE token economics with a team of advisers. We invite you to read our Token Economics enabling economic and political liquidity as a human right at token.democracy.earth.

Development Update
CoinDesk features Santi Siri in its 2Q State of Blockchain Sentiment Survey – check it out here and find out if you are a crypto-libertarian, an anarcho-capitalist, a conservative…or something else altogether!

Continued updates to our v.1.0 alpha release include improved scalability, the enablement of single-vote issues, MetaMask login, and multi-token support.  We’ve got an exciting release around the corner – stay tuned.

We are proud to be partnering with The Fourth Group on its global inquiry into citizens in the digital age, wth the mission to develop citizen-led Sustainable Development Goals for technology.  You can join the #UnitedCitizens effort and hep set the global agenda by submitting your views to this important initiative on the Democracy Earth platform – just click the button below. 

Democracy Earth Around the World 🇹🇼🇮🇱🇳🇴🇬🇧🇦🇷

  • We attended the 10th anniversary of the Oslo Freedom Forum in May. 
  • Co-founder Santi Siri spent time with the hacker community in Israel.
  • Co-founder Herb Stephens gave the keynote address at the2018 Connect AI in Taipei.
  • Design lead Alex Jupiter represented DEF in the panel discussion Blockchain, Voting and Democracy held by the London Chapter of the Government Blockchain Association
  • CTO Eduardo Medina was part of a winning hacker team of Venezuelan 🇻🇪 developers at EthBuenosAires.
  • In June, co-founder and chairwoman Pia Mancini delivered the keynote address to the Personal Democracy Forum in New York – click below to watch!

DEF Ambassadors Program 🇳🇬🇧🇷🇸🇬🇭🇰🇬🇧🇮🇳🇺🇸
This summer we welcomed ten new student ambassadors to the Democracy Earth Student Ambassador program, representing universities in the US, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Nigeria. Check our our latest student profile from Cornell University and keep up with all the latest student profiles here. 

Token Pre-Sale and ICO Update
The pre-sale will remain open until the cap is reached. Verified accredited investors can start the pre-sale SAFT execution process; find a review copy of the SAFT here. Reminder: although the pre-sale is open to CoinList-verified accredited global investors (excluding NY and China) only, the public token sale launching in late September/early October will be open to all. 

What’s Next 🇺🇸🇬🇷 

  • Chicago Blockchain Project will host 5,000 attendees at the August 24-25 Voice of Blockchain conference at Navy Pier.  Santi Siri will take the stage with popular podcaster Marty Bent (Tales From the Crypt). Get a discount code here
  • Santi Siri will deliver the keynote at the DGov 2018 distributed governance conference in Athens Greece.

Thank you for reading! Follow us on Medium to stay up to date on interesting news (like this post on the always-on voting feature). And as always, thanks for being part of the Democracy Earth community!

Democracy Earth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in San Francisco, California. Democracy.EarthOn twitter.
Donate: opencollective.com/democracyearth
BTC Support:

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Why America Confuses Fantasy for Reality: Celebrity, Hollywood, & Disneyland | Kurt Andersen

Big Think
Published on Sep 13, 2017

The start of the 20th century was the birth of a strange new reality in the United States. The advent of the moving image, of Hollywood and sudden celebrity, caused a quantum shift in how Americans thought about the experience of life. Actors were elevated to the status of superheroes and demigods, and those left in the obscurity of the masses began to desire that elusive privilege: fame. But where America really went haywire, author Kurt Andersen explains, is when the cult of celebrity and the cult of capitalism merged: it was the opening of Disneyland in 1955. A bizarre reality where advertising met animation. You could buy real wares, from fake characters, in real stores, with make-believe themes. “What happened in Disneyland… did not stay there,” says Andersen. From Mickey Mouse all the way to the White House, Anderson doesn’t find it at all surprising that Americans might have a hard time telling what’s true from what’s false. He calls it the fantasy-industrial complex, and it might just be America’s beautifully branded nightmare. Kurt Andersen’s new book is Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History.

Read more at BigThink.com: http://bigthink.com/videos/kurt-ander…

Follow Big Think here:
YouTube: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BigThinkdotcom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigthink

Transcript: All kinds of modern, amazing things were happening at the beginning of the 20th century, especially in the United States of America, and the movies and Hollywood were one of those things that we kind of, I think, we have lost track of what a quantum shift watching movies represented for the experience of life. Sure there had been actors and plays before, but first of all the glut of entertainment that suddenly existed and the almost phantasmagorical quality of watching real people moving around that weren’t in front of you but in some netherworld in film, and they were really in London or India or the Yukon or wherever, and time was suddenly changed, it went from childhood to adulthood—everything about the cinema, we have to understand what a huge change that was and how mutable it seemed to make reality. So you take that—the fact of cinema, TV, video, everything we now for five generations have taken as the way things are—it gave us, and especially Americans, obviously French people and English people as well, this idea that reality was mutable. Then on top of that and with that you have this celebrity culture where there are, by orders of magnitude, suddenly more celebrities. In the 19th century and earlier there were famous people, but just a few of them, and now there were hundreds and then eventually thousands of famous people who were now famous for pretending to be somebody else: actors. That was a strange new condition.

And so for a long time, for much of the 20th century, people looked up to movie stars because they seem to have real potency in this world where individuals seem more and more part of a mass. Here were the people, because they were famous and because we watched them and stared at them and dreamed about them, they were like superheroes or demigods. So by the end of the 20th century or before the end of the 20th century, who wouldn’t—if you’re an American steeped in this movie and television culture—want to be famous? Maybe there’s no reason for you to be famous but, my god, only famous people have real agency in the world. So we got to that point, where fame is its own end. You also—again, there’s advertising everywhere, but advertising and the advertising industry were really an American invention, starting way back in the 1800s when, for instance, the presidential candidate William Henry Harrison was the first marketed, advertised presidential candidate. He was this rich guy who they wanted to rebrand as a humble guy who had grown up in a log cabin, so log cabins became his icon, his branding symbol, and they made real big ones and little ones and liquor and facial creams in log cabin containers, and they made chants and songs, and he won by a landslide over a guy who was actually of humble origins.

So advertising as part of this fantasy-industrial complex that is so American and so defining of America has been a big part of what we’re talking about as well. Disneyland: I love Disneyland, but when it was created in the 1950s, not just as a little amusement park to promote Walt Disney’s animated films but as this other version of reality that was real—it was there, you could go there and buy things at these old-fashioned shops on Main Street USA with actors, but they were selling you stuff.

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“Transformation” by Wade Hudson

The overwhelming majority of people
In most nations
Grounded in compassion,
Loving and respecting themselves 

As they love and respect others,
Avoiding self-sacrifice and selfishness,
Treating others as they want to be treated,
Setting aside destructive instincts,
Liberating their higher angels,
Realizing their nation’s highest ideals,

Creating conditions that nurture the quality of life,
Good, moral, happy, honorable, productive, meaningful lives,
Rooted in dignity, worthy of respect, 

Transforming their nation
Into a compassionate community
Dedicated to the common good of
All humanity,
Their own people,
The environment,
And life itself —
The people of each nation
Working toward that same goal,
Cooperating with each other,
Helping each nation stand strong against
Powerful global corporate and financial forces
That maximize profit regardless of consequences —
Individuals supporting the empowerment
Of individuals and communities,
Making their nation more democratic
And caring,
Inspiring each other,
Helping each other,
Listening to each other,
Learning from each other,

Spreading contagious happiness,
Each individual on their own path
Headed in the same direction,
Appreciating differences,
Each person,
As a member of the human family,
Affirming multiple identities,
Accepting others’ identities,
Supporting self-determination
Within community,

Setting aside ideology, dogma, doctrine, the worship of words,
Focused on what works to improve lives,
Letting go of zero-sum thinking,
Embracing positive-sum thinking,
The more others flourish,
The more I flourish,
The more they flourish,
The more we flourish,
Going beyond the old form of leadership
That defines a leader as one who mobilizes others
To do what the leader wants
And embracing a new form of leadership
That defines a leader as one who helps a team solve problems
With any one person able to exercise leadership
By suggesting a step forward that makes sense,
Creating workplaces that empower workers,
Schools that empower students, teachers, and parents,
Social service agencies that empower clients,
Doctors who empower patients,
Families that empower children,
Organizations that empower their members,
Friends, wives, husbands, and parents who empower each other,
Creating democracies without racist police who use
Excessive force,
Democracies that declare Election Day a national holiday
And remove barriers to voting,
Democracies that set a limit on how much money any one person
Can contribute to a political campaign,
Democracies that make it illegal for an election official
To lobby the government until ten years after they no longer serve,
Democracies that require that any business that gets a public licence
To use public airwaves
Will devote a substantial portion of their time
To present alternate points of view
And public service announcements,
Democracies that require elected officials to meet face-to-face
At least once a month
To hear voters’ opinions and answer their questions
On any subject,
In a forum that’s carefully structured
To assure that it’s not dominated by the official
And is fair and orderly,

With democracies that include grassroots organizations
That mobilize at least 1% of their eligible voters
Once a month
To urge their national representatives
To back a specific law,
Supported by a majority of the people,
To relieve suffering or protect the environment —
Resorting to nonviolent civil disobedience and boycotts if necessary,
Pushing their representatives
Until they respect the will of the people.

In these and other ways, achieving
Changing the structure and outward appearance of our society,
Changing our character as individuals,
Changing whole persons and the whole world,
Changing our global social system from one that
Integrates our institutions,
Our culture,
Our ecology,
And ourselves as individuals
To enable people to climb one social ladder or another
So they can dominate
And look down on those below —
Into a global social system that
Integrates our institutions,
Our culture,
Our ecology,
And ourselves as individuals
To enable everyone to thrive,
Enjoy life,
Live in harmony with Nature,
And form productive, creative partnerships,
While respecting legitimate authority,
Noble traditions,
And family ties,
Until the world looks and feels like a new world,
Until people feel and act like new people,
Until Mother Earth no longer screams in agony.

Holistic, systemic, global transformation.
Personal, social, cultural, political.

One step at a time,
One day at a time,
Minute by minute,
Person by person,
Family by family,
Community by community,
Workplace by workplace,
Neighborhood by neighborhood,
City by city,
State by state,
Nation by nation.
With individuals who embrace this vision
And commit to steadily improve themselves
And the world
Meeting once a month
In a support team
Of three or more who embrace this vision
To share a meal and,
Before engaging in whatever other activity
They want to engage in,
Concerning a matter of each person’s choosing,
Reporting on how they’ve been trying
To become a better person
And improve their nation’s public policies,
And then, on occasion,
Meeting with members from other nearby support teams
Who share this commitment
To learn from and inspire each other,
Until eventually growing into an enormous
Global gathering,
In multiple locations,
Streamed live globally,
Kindred spirits aiming toward
Holistic, systemic, global transformation,
A global network of support teams
Founded on the same mission,
In solidarity,
Engaged in evolutionary revolution.

–Wade Hudson

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Socialism on the Rise as Americans Seek Out Bold, Humane Alternatives to the Brutality of Trump and Capitalism

“Socialism is no longer a dirty word in the U.S.”

Bernie Sanders supporters prepare for a march at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last year. Socialist groups are experiencing a surge in popularity, underscoring divisions within the Democratic Party. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


The thousands of democratic socialists in the United States who have been organizing and fighting for justice in political obscurity for years likely never thought their ideas would be the subject of heated debates on prominent talk-shows like “The View” or feature pieces in such establishment mainstays as PBS and NPR.

“A political revolution is coming, and establishment politicians can get on board or be swept away.”
—Tascha Van Auken, DSA

But—driven in large part by the persistent popularity of Bernie Sanders’ brand of politics and the recent landslide victory of self-described democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s congressional primary—the past several weeks have seen a torrent of news headlines, television segments, and hot takes on democratic socialism’s rapid emergence into everyday political discourse, an indication that ideas previously defined as “fringe” by corporate media outlets, pundits, and politicians are quickly going mainstream.

“Democratic Socialism Surging in the Age of Trump,” reads a representative headline from the Associated Press. “Is socialism having its moment in U.S. elections?” asked the title of a recent PBS “NewsHour” segment.

Even the New York Post, a right-wing tabloid, grudgingly admitted, “Like it or not, America is now seriously debating socialism.”

Here are a few other headlines that have appeared in major publications over the past few weeks:

“Socialism is no longer a dirty word in the U.S,” noted the Guardian‘s Arwa Mahdawi in a recent column highlighting the massive surge of interest in socialism over the past several months, which has translated into a record-breaking membership spike for the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Previously hovering below ten thousand members, DSA’s membership exploded past 20,000 in the months following Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential elections. Now, just over a month after Ocasio-Cortez trounced corporate Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley, DSA boasts more than 47,000 dues-paying members.

“One month after voters in the South Bronx put ‘democratic socialism’ in the headlines, real America has registered its outrage at the Democrats’ hard-left turn—by giving the party a larger lead in the generic congressional ballot.”
—Eric Levitz, New York Magazine

It should perhaps come as no surprise that Americans—and millennials in particular—are seeking a bold and humane alternative to capitalism, a system that has produced staggering and ever-growing levels of inequality, rampant poverty, an existential environmental crisis, and, of course, soaring wealth for the few at the very top.

As New York City DSA member Neal Meyer explained in a recent piece for Jacobin, democratic socialists want to build an alternative future where—in contrast to the current economic landscape defined by financial insecurity for most—”everyone has a right to food, healthcare, a good home, an enriching education, and a union job that pays well.”

“We want to guarantee all of this while stopping climate change and building an economy that’s ecologically sustainable,” Meyer added. “We want to build a world without war, where people in other countries are free from the fear of U.S. military intervention and economic exploitation. And we want to end mass incarceration and police brutality, gender violence, intolerance towards queer people, job and housing discrimination, deportations, and all other forms of oppression.”

If the victory of Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) status as far-and-away the most popular politician in the U.S. are any evidence, such an ambitious vision has widespread appeal. As The Nation‘s John Nichols noted in a piece pointing to socialism’s “winning streak,” democratic socialists have also won primary victories in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, providing further evidence that Americans aren’t scared of the S-word.

“A political revolution is coming, and establishment politicians can get on board or be swept away,” Tascha Van Auken, co-chair of DSA’s national election committee, told Nichols.

The fact that so much of the American public finds the ideas pushed by democratic socialists like Sanders has sent the right’s chief propaganda machine, Fox News, into “panic mode” as they struggle mightily to explain why free healthcare and education are actually bad.

Most often, the result has been free advertising for progressive policies:

Right-wing fury and fear-mongering seems to have done little to stem the rising socialist tide.

As New York Magazine‘s Eric Levitz noted over the weekend, “one month after voters in the South Bronx put ‘democratic socialism’ in the headlines, real America has registered its outrage at the Democrats’ hard-left turn—by giving the party a larger lead in the generic congressional ballot.”

From a column last week, The Ringer‘s Justin Charity adds that “socialists have proved more excited, coordinated, and immediately productive than any other Democratic coalition of the past decade.”

“In the short term—which is to say, the midterms—the great excitement about left-wing politics will likely prove indispensable to the Democratic Party’s efforts to recapture the House, if not also the Senate, and to mount a more resilient bulwark against Trumpism in Congress,” Charity concludes. “In the long term, socialism may recalibrate the Democratic Party and the U.S. political equilibrium altogether. ”

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Billionaire Tom Steyer Rips Democrats for Lacking Guts to Push for Trump’s Impeachment

“We are well past the threshold to kick him out of office,” the wealthy environmentalist said of Trump during the 2018 Netroots Nation convention in New Orleans

“A lot of people in the Democratic establishment will privately tell me that they agree, but when I ask them if they are willing to step up and take action—to take a stand publicly—I get a lot of long-winded nonanswers,” billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer said during Netroots Nation’s annual gathering on Thursday. (Photo: Tom Steyer/Twitter)


In a keynote address at the annual Netroots Nation gathering in New Orleans on Thursday, billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer tore into establishment Democrats for refusing to do “anything real” to stop President Donald Trump and accused Democratic leaders of lacking the courage and “common sense” to support impeachment.

“They’re not willing to face the devastating and obvious facts about this president. Like the fact that Donald Trump is wildly corrupt, and we are well past the threshold to kick him out of office.”
—Tom Steyer

When Steyer asked the audience packed inside the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center whether “the leaders you elected are actually listening to you and doing what you want them to do,” the response wasnear-complete silence. (One person said, “Barbara Lee,” to which Steyer responded, “Love Barbara Lee.”)

Recent polling data has shown that over 70 percent of Democrats believe Congress should move to impeach Trump, and the idea has garnered support from a small group of House Democrats as well as up-and-coming progressives like New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Over the past several months, Steyer has been working to build on this Nixon-levelsupport for impeaching Trump and bypass members of the Democratic leadership who believe impeachment is, as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) recently put it, too “divisive.”

“A lot of people in the Democratic establishment will privately tell me that they agree, but when I ask them if they are willing to step up and take action—to take a stand publicly—I get a lot of long-winded nonanswers,” said Steyer, whose petition calling for Trump’s impeachment now has over 5.5 million signatures. “Their message is that it’s bad politics. It’s off message. It will galvanize Republicans. So my question for the Democratic establishment is: How corrupt is too corrupt for you?”

“They’re not willing to face the devastating and obvious facts about this president,” Steyer added, referring to the Democratic leadership. “Like the fact that Donald Trump is wildly corrupt, and we are well past the threshold to kick him out of office.”

As Common Dreams reported on Tuesday, Steyer has announced plans to dump $110 million into the upcoming midterm elections with the goal of toppling vulnerable Republicans. According to Steyer, the massive election investment will go toward a major voter registration push, not into the coffers of the the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Watch Steyer’s full speech in New Orleans on Thursday:

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Richmond mayor asks companies to pay for city homeless camp

Homeless men, including Roberto Garcia, left, Donald Carr, right, and Samuel Vazquez, eat snacks left by outreach workers during the Homeless Count, which takes place every two years, in Richmond, Calif. on Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011. Richmond mayor Tom Butt is calling on the city’s biggest companies to pay for a city-managed homeless encampment. (Dean Coppola/Staff) 


RICHMOND — Richmond mayor Tom Butt is calling on the city’s biggest companies to foot the bill for a city-sanctioned homeless encampment akin to those in Oakland and Berkeley.

Over the weekend, Butt sent out the request to the companies with the largest amount of employees in Richmond, including Chevron Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Apron and Costco Wholesale. He asked each of the 10 companies to donate at least $154,000 to establish and operate a managed homeless camp that will serve at least 100 people.

By Monday, he hadn’t gotten any bites, Butt said.

Plans for a city-managed homeless encampment are in the very beginning stages, he said. The idea hasn’t gone before the City Council, and Butt is working to secure the funding first before working out all of the logistics and find a location.

“I’m not saying (the companies) should be paying for it; I’m just saying this is a purely philanthropic thing they can do. It’s not a tax; I’m not trying to compel them to do it, I’m just saying there’s a major problem in the community, and here’s a chance to be part o the solution,” Butt said.

His suggestion for the encampment is to have it be in a place that is “visually isolated from main streets,” but close to transportation and other services, he said in a blog post. A two-acre site could handle at least 100 people, he said.

The site would include water, toilets, hand-washing stations and trash disposal, he said, as well as a “day-room” for dining and one or more cargo containers for storage.

He suggested tents or recreational vehicles be used to house people on the site. Any other structure, he said, would be subject to California Building codes and housing laws.

Establishing the site and contracting a nonprofit to manage it 24/7 could cost as much as $600,000 for the first year, he said, comparing it to the Calli Youth Shelter on Brookside Drive operated by Contra Costa County.

The city does not have that kind of money, Butt said.

“It’s all about money. If I got pledges tomorrow, I think we could have this up and operating. None of it is permanent construction, so it can go pretty quick,” he said.

Note from Mike Zint:

Every resident that stuck with the program gets credit for this. This is how we win.

Richmond mayor Tom Butt is calling on the city’s biggest companies to foot the bill for a city-sanctioned homeless encampment akin to those in Oakland and Berkeley.

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Note from Mike Zint, First They Came for the Homeless







First they came for the homeless

Some mornings I wake to good news. From Here/There. Another person moves on.

P. showed up at camp one night, her car filled with her belongings so crammed there was hardly enough space left for her to drive, much less sleep. She was tired and upset, having been ousted from a relative’s house, after another ugly scene. Again .

She was allowed a small tent refuge. She stayed on. She’d been attempting to get and stay clean and sober, after a time of less diligence and indulgances, and wanted to piece her life back together.

It wasn’t too long before more hardship came along, when her car ‘disappeared’ one night, with most of her belongings still inside. By the time she got notice that it wasn’t stolen, but had been towed, and she was able to get to it, her belongings were gone. Then the car was, too.

She continued working, at least part time, at security and event staffing gigs, often returning on her bicycle rather forlornly to her tent at night. But even some brief, friendly encounters from others there and supportive, encouraging words helped. So she stayed the course.

Day by day, she did her shifts, replaced her ID, got new glasses, etc.

Today, a couple of months later, she left camp, with departing hugs to those who had become closer with her. She’s off to visit another relative in another state. When she returns, she’s looking forward to a room she’ll be renting as she continues to progress.

–Mike Zint

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MON, 7/30/2018 – BY JEFFREY SACHS (Occupy.com)


The United States was born in a revolt against the tyranny of King George III. The Constitution was designed to prevent tyranny through a system of checks and balances, but in President Trump’s America, those safeguards are failing.

Donald Trump holds the grandiose belief that only he should rule America. Unchecked by cowed or complicit Republicans in Congress, Trump invokes executive authority to alter policies and practices long established by law and treaty.

Days after his summit meeting with Vladimir Putin, no one knows what the two autocrats agreed to, or even talked about — not the President’s top aides, nor the Pentagon, nor security establishment or Congress, never mind the rest of us. And in the midst of the ensuing uproar, Trump has invited Putin to Washington, without telling his top intelligence official and no doubt most other key aides and officials.

The list of one-man actions grows rapidly. Trump is single-handedly imposing hundreds of billions of dollars of tariffs — that is, taxes — on imported goods from key US allies and China, without any explicit or implicit Congressional backing.

Trump abrogated the Iran nuclear deal despite its unanimous support by the UN Security Council. Trump is in the process of imposing new and severe sanctions against Iran, including the cutoff of all of Iran’s oil exports, against the international agreement with Iran and with no vote of Congress, presumably to try to topple the Iranian regime.

Not surprisingly, and perhaps as intended, Trump’s drumbeat of belligerency triggered an ominous warning from Iran, and now an escalation from Trump, casting the increasingly ominous confrontation with Iran as yet another one-man Trump show.

Trump used executive authority without Congressional mandate to impose a travel ban on several Muslim-majority states; to announce the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement despite treaty-bound US obligations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change; and to change the status quo regarding Jerusalem against the will of the UN Security Council and UN General Assembly. Trump extended the stay of US troops in Syria without oversight or approval by Congress.

Political scientists are documenting America’s descent toward one-man rule. A recent ranking of democracies around the world by the Swedish academic think-tank the V-Dem Institute put the US at the 31st position in 2017, a precipitous fall from 7th place in 2015. According to the report, “There is clear evidence of autocratization [the movement towards one-person rule] on several indicators.

“The lower quality of liberal democracy stems primarily from weakening constraints on the executive.”

Similarly, the Democracy Index of The Economist Intelligence Unit now ranks the US only as a “flawed democracy.”

Trump supporters argue that Trump is merely using his legal authority to the fullest. Yet the situation is worse than that. Simply by invoking the phrase “national security,” Trump can push the Congress and Supreme Court to give him almost any degree of latitude. Trump’s tariffs (under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962), the travel ban and his abrogation of the Iran nuclear deal were all made under the incantation of national security.

The Supreme Court, by a 5-4 majority, upheld the travel ban because the majority refused to second-guess the President on a claim of national security. Congress is almost completely supine on matters that the President declares to be about war and peace.

The Constitution is not supposed to work this way. Under Article I, Section 8, the power to wage war rests with Congress. So does the power to levy taxes and tariffs. Yet in each case, an aggressive President may invoke national security to circumvent the Congress. Congress’s chronic failure to oversee presidential war-making, prolonged troop placements and overseas bases, with this president and earlier ones, is similarly notorious.

And Congress’s failure to challenge Trump on his claims that Canada’s steel and aluminum exports or China’s consumer product exports constitute a “national security threat” is unforgivable.

Two long-term trends are at play, both exploited by Trump in his grab for power.

The first is the relentless growth of the national-security state since World War II, with America’s hundreds of military bases and nonstop war-making around the world, including covert wars and influence campaigns run by the CIA. For more than half a century, Congress and the Supreme Court have tended to give presidents an almost free hand in starting wars, which are checked only later by the gradual mobilization of public opposition.

The second is the rise of corporate power in driving federal policy. As presidents implement the corporate agenda, Congress stands back. The Supreme Court, starting in the 1970s and continuing under Chief Justice John Roberts, has also championed the corporate lobby, giving the President a wide berth in promoting the corporate agenda. The Congress, in thrall to corporate lobbies, is complicit in letting the President unilaterally dismantle environmental and consumer-protection regulations.

Not all is lost. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and lower courts may still stand up to the President, even though the Supreme Court has become a predictable 5-4 backer of almost limitless presidential authority. Trump’s assertion of power would also be counteracted if the Democrats win at least one of the chambers of Congress in November.

Yet these are fragile reeds. The US may well be one major war away from the collapse of American democracy, most likely a war with Iran for the regime change that Trump seeks. The Nazi henchman Hermann Göring explained in Nuremberg prison how easy it is to mobilize the public to war: “Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

Trump has started with a trade war, but we shouldn’t be surprised if the trade war morphs into a hot one. We are far down the path to tyranny.

Originally published by CNN

Donald Trump, authoritarianism, tyranny, checks and balances, one-man rule, Vladimir Putin, autocracy, trade war, Supreme Court picks,
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UPDATES ~ 3- ACTION ALERTS ~ ANNOUNCEMENTS, Thursday,, 8/2 – Monday, 8/6 (from Adrienne Fong)

If you wish to NOT receive ‘Announcements’ notify: afong@jps.net 

Please consider posting your events on Indybayhttps://www.indybay.org/calendar/

Check Indybay for events not listed here that might be of interest to you.

ACCESSIBILITY: Please include Accessibility Information on events! This is a JUSTICE  ISSUE! 


A. Congress begins passing bills to give Israel more money – Part one: $550 million – August 2, 2018


   See Action Alert #1 

B.. Migrant toddler died after release from ICE detention, lawyers group says – August 1, 2018


C. Retired Immigration Judges Are Protesting How A Deportation Case Was Handled – July31, 2018


D. States Must Treat Refugees & Migrants as Rights Holders & Prevent Trafficking & Exploitation – July 30, 2018


E. This Video Is a Reminder that Our Immigration System Is Even More Unjust to Black Immigrants – July 30, 2018



1. TELL CONGRESS:  Vote NO on $38 billion to Israel!  (See article update ‘A’)

SIGN: https://iak.salsalabs.org/vote-no-38-billion/index.html?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=700e6cec-6b06-4f39-8c1f-bbec941000b5

The bill to give Israel  $38 billion of our tax money over the next ten years!

This is the largest military aid package in U.S. history and amounts to approximately $23,000 for every Jewish Israeli family of four.

Bill was  approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but this fact was not reported by news organization.  ( see ‘Update #1)

The bill makes into law an agreement by the Obama administration that is to take effect in 2019. It is being considered concurrently in both the Senate and the House. 

2. Demand Koch Industries stop attacking the Environmental Protection Agency 

SIGN: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/sign-this-petition-demand-koch-industries-stop-attacking-the-environmental-protection-agency?source=direct_link&referrer=group-climate-hawks-vote

3. Send message in solidarity with Colombian human rights defenders  

SIGN: http://act.ciel.org/site/Survey?SURVEY_ID=1861&ACTION_REQUIRED=URI_ACTION_USER_REQUESTS&autologin=true&AddInterest=1084&autologin=true

  For decades, communities have been caught in the middle of the Colombian armed conflict and drug wars, enduring forced relocation, disappearances, and massacres. Today, despite a peace treaty, communities are still facing violent conflict because of the construction of the Hidroituango dam.


Thursday, August 1 – Monday, August 6

Thursday, August 2

1. Thursday, 3:00pm, Food Not Bombs –San Francisco

For information or to volunteer: Contact sffnbvolunteers@riseup.net.

Cookhouse:  Station 40, 3030B 16th Street (between Mission and Julian).

Food Pickups: Help Needed!

Cooking:  3030B 16th Street–3:00 pm to 6:00 pm–Ring doorbell for entry–Help Needed!

Sharing: 16th and Mission BART Plaza — 6:00 pm–Help Needed!

Cleaning Up:  3030B 16th Street–after Cooking–6:00 pm – 8:00 pm–Help Needed! 

2. Thursday, 5:30pm, Sisters Warrior Freedom Coalition – Working together to End the Incarceration of Women and Girls in CA (NEW) 

320 13th Street

Dinner will be provided and children are always welcomed.

Open to all.

Jessica St. Louis was released from the Santa Rita jail after 1am on Saturday night, and was found dead at East Dublin BART hours later. There absolutely should be no circumstances under which women are released into the dead of night, when public transit is closed and no programs are open to transition women into support services.

We will be meeting with community-based organizations to discuss how to bring justice to Jessica St. Louis. We must end late-night releases from correctional facilities.

Info: YOUNGWOMENFREE.ORG  /  Krea: 415-261-1107

3. Thursday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Community Meeting: #StopKavanaugh (NEW) 

Ed Roberts Campus
Osher Foundation Education Center
3075 Adeline St. (nr. Ashby BART)

Free; Reservations: Tickets by Eventbrite

Light food – Please RSVP so there will be enough food.

This community meeting will inform Bay Area activists of the incredibly high stakes in the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Our speakers will share concrete actions we can take to mobilize the power of Californians in this urgent battle.


Leslie Proll, civil rights attorney and senior advisor to the NAACP on federal judicial nominations
Amy Everitt, State Director of NARAL Pro-Choice California
Eva Paterson, President of Equal Justice Society and Co-Chair, California Civil Rights Coalition
Noreen Farrell, Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates
Dan Roth, American Constitution Society Bay Area Lawyer Chapter (Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair; Past Board Chair), and former Alliance For Justice Judicial Selection Fellow
Linh Nguyen, Indivisible East Bay

Co-sponsors (in formation): California Civil Rights Coalition, Equal Justice Society, The Center for Independent Living, Inc., People For the American Way, Indivisible East Bay

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/237206890444227/

4. Thursday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Direct Action vs. Climate Change! 

The Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics
518 Valencia St.

In September 2018, there’s a battle brewing between Jerry Brown’s gang of green capitalists and the people on the frontlines of the climate crisis in the Bay Area.

It’s a complicated political landscape evolving around the summit, and many people are preparing to take action against financial institutions funding the climate crisis, carbon trading policies that greenwash the crisis for corporate profit and Brown’s own two-faced behaviour on oil and gas extraction in California. Others are embracing Brown’s “real climate leadership” and the climate neo-liberalism that he embodies.

Diablo Rising Tide has created “Making Green A Threat Again,” a new zine to lay out our own anti-capitalist climate critique of Brown’s policies and the climate neo-liberal agenda. Plus it includes sections on the resistance battling the political, fossil fuel and financial sectors profiting from the climate crisis.

**Join us for a party and presentation of “Making Green A Threat Again.” Diablo Rising Tide’s new zine with a climate justice and anti-capitalist critique emerging in response to Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit.

**Followed by a panel discussing mass action organizing & the upcoming climate summit with Pennie Opal Plant of Idle No More SF Bay, Christy Tennery-Spalding of Diablo Rising Tide and arts organizer David Solnit.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/276839612892848/

5. Thursday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Info Session/Demo prep to resist 8/5 white supremacist rally 

Omni Commons
4749 Shattuck Ave. (use side door)

Accessibility info:
Omni’s front door is at street level, with no steps or ramps required to enter.

Once again, the fascists are coming to Berkeley to spew their rhetoric of violence and death in our community. In response, SURJ , along with a coalition of local organizations, is calling on people to protect that public space from their hate. We cannot give fascists space to normalize their racist speech. Join with us at the demonstration on August 5th to say: STOP THE HATE!

We will address:

– What is planned for August 5th?
– Who are the fascist groups who are coming to Berkeley?
– What is the real threat?
-Why we are here?
– What can we expect?
– Demo Agreements
– What to bring?


Sponsor: SURJ – Oakland / Bay Area

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/299284157311610/ 

Friday, August 3 

6. Friday, 9:00am, Detention Hearing For: Juan Carlos Atanacio-Medina

630 Sansome St, 4th Floor

Support needed for Juan Carlos Atanacio-Medina’s detention hearing – Pack the court!!

Juan is currently being held at the West County Detention Center in Richmond.

7. Friday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Mothers on the March Against Police Murders

Hall of Justice
850 Bryant St.

Please join us to demand that DA George Gascon charge police officers with murder! Stand with ALL the families that have been impacted by police murders.

They have been out there every Friday. This will be the 96th week!!

8. Friday, 4:00pm – 8:00pm, Free Citizenship Clinic 

Masjid Al Salam
1005 7th St.

Council on American-Islamic Relations – SFBA, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus, and Pars Equality Center are co-sponsoring a Citizenship Workshop hosted by Masjid Al Salam.


• 18 years of age
• A legal permanent resident for 5 years, or 3 years if married to a U.S. citizen


• Presentation on Citizenship process and eligibility
• Legal consultation to determine eligibility
• Legal assistance with Naturalization and Fee Waiver applications


• Green Card and Social Security card
• Passport(s)
• Job history & home addresses for last 5 years
• List of trips abroad in the last 5 years
• Family information for all children and spouses (current and former)
• Arrest records, if arrested and/or cited
• To apply for Fee Waiver or Reduced Fee: Latest tax return and/or proof of public benefits (such as food stamps, cash aid, SSI, etc.)

To get more information or schedule an appointment, please contact us at 408.986.9874 or complete the form at:http://bit.ly/CAIRWorkshop

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/408773632943601/ 

9. Friday5:00pm – 7:00pm, Community Memorial for Nia Wilson and Support for Latifah Wilson 

MacArthur BART

Rally will feature all women speakers

Currently there is no FB page for action. Please spread the word.

10. Friday, 5:00pm – 7:30pm, Blood on Santa Rita’s Hands – Vigil / Rally 

Santa Rita Jail
5325 Broder Blvd. (meet at bus stop in front of jail)

Gather at Santa Rita jail this Friday to call for Justice for Dujuan and Jessica St Louis.

Dujuan was 23 years old when he was murdered at Santa Rita jail on June 23, 2018. His family is asking for community to come out in support of Dujuan and please bring signs.

Jessica St. Louis was released from the Santa Rita jail after 1am on Saturday night, and was found dead at East Dublin BART hours later. There absolutely should be no circumstances under which women are released into the dead of night, when public transit is closed and no programs are open to transition women into support services. Jessica would be alive today, were it not for this violent practice that puts girls and women into harm’s way. Throughout the entire state of California women are released in such a dangerous way. In Jessica’s memory, we vow to put an end to this inhumane practice

Sponsor: APTP

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2082156678702631/ 

11. Friday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Speak Out! Housing is a Right! 

24th & Mission Streets

Affordable Housing for All!
Overturn Costa-Hawkins!

Are you fed up with soaring rents, evictions and people being thrown out on the street? Join us for a people’s speak out for housing justice!

It is outrageous that thousands of people in the Bay Area have no homes while thousands of housing units sit vacant. As working people struggle to find safe and affordable housing, the city continues to put the profits of the big developers and investors above our needs. Housing should be a right not a commodity! Prop 10, on the Nov. ballot, can overturn the pro-landlord Costa-Hawkins Act and strengthen protections for renters. Join us in the ongoing struggle for housing for all! 

Sponsor: PSL

Info: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2018/07/25/18816577.php 

12. Friday, 7:30pm – 9:00pm, Camilo Mejía Speaks About Nicaragua 

War Memorial Veterans Building
401 Van Ness, 2nd Floor

Keynote Speaker: Camilo Mejía
Videos and messages from Nicaragua

For over two decades, Nicaragua was the safest country in Latin America. Its President Daniel Ortega had the highest approval rating of any chief of state in the entire hemisphere. Social indices were on the rise, with literacy, small businesses promotion, free public education, poverty reduction, and economic growth among the highest in the Americas. Then on April 18 things suddenly changed dramatically. To explain the latest developments in Nicaragua, we have invited Camilo Mejía. He was recognized by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience and was awarded by Refuse and Resist with its Courageous Resister Award.

Organized by Task force on the Americas and Veterans for Peace
For more information call (415) 578-7930 or write to: taskforceontheamericas@gmail.com

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/366308177238152/

Saturday, August 4 

13. Saturday, 10:00am – 5:00pm, Art Build: Brown’s Last Chance

Bridge Storage & Art Space
23 Maine Ave.

Join us to build a HUGE 10 foot-by-50 foot banner demanding Governor Brown walk his climate talk and take on oil and gas production in California. This banner will be a major presence at the September 8th Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice march in San Francisco.

Sponsors: Rootskeeper + 3 Other groups

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2056016541321147/ 

14. Saturday, 11:00am – 12Noon,  Muslims in Solidarity with Immigrants at the Southern Border (also see # 15) 

West County Detention Facility
5555 Giant Highway

Every month, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity holds a ceremony of prayers in front of the West County Detention Center. This August 4th, Muslims are invited to lead the prayer. Our intention is to support and pray for immigrants separated from their families and detained in harsh conditions. We will be joined by people from all faiths and walks of life as we show solidarity with families who were forced to leave the harsh conditions in their home countries only to face harsher conditions in this country.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/697187410612350/ 

15. Saturday, 11:00am, MUA exige:Las familias Inmigrantes pertenecen Juntas y Libres! (also see # 14) 

West County Detention Facility
5555 Giant Highway

11:00am- Interfaith prayer service led by leaders of the Muslim faith with Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

12 Noon -The action will begin following the closing of the prayer service.

Release and do not transfer individuals in West County Detention Center. Reunite them with their families in California. 

Join Mujeres Unidas y Activas at West County Detention Facility to demand that ICE release the people it is currently holding in detention there and to protest unjust immigration policies that separates families, put our children in cages, arbitrarily ban people from entry based on their nationality, and deny asylum to those fleeing from violence. We reject the racism and the cruelty of this administration, not only against people from Latin America but also those from Muslim-majority countries.

For questions or would like to volunteer: please reach out to Jennifer@mujeresuniudas.net  , subject line: Questions/Volunteer for 8/4 and in the body please let us know about your capacity.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2131128880499437/ 

16. Saturday, 2:00pm – 4:30pm, Korea and the Bomb: Whose Nuclear Button Is Bigger? 

Starry Plough Pub
3101 Shattuck Ave. @ Prince (2 blocks from Ashby BART)

Speaker: Paul Liem of the Korea Policy Institute

The Democrats (and Republicans) tell us that the Koreans and their Bomb are the problem, but is that really true? Maybe the problem is the United States and OUR BOMBS. On this 78th anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, our speakers, will explore the search for peace in Korea and its international implications.

FREE! (Please buy food and drink at the Pub.)

Info: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2018/08/01/18816689.php

17. Saturday, 3:30pm – 5:30pm, Break down borders into rubble!! an Art Procession by MAPP. 

Meet at:

Garfield Park
Harrison St. (between 25th & 26th Sts.)

1:30pm – 3:30pm: Calling families for art making

3:20pm – Lineup and music begins for procession

  (march down on Balmy Alley starting at 4pm, turning left on 24th Street until we reach 24th and Mission BART Station by 4:45pm.)

Procession ends 24th & Mission St. BART

Join artists Melissa San MiguelGisela InsuasteSteve PiaseckiKeegan Roberson, and Jason Wyman in making posters, butterflies, and noisemakers to bring to the Art Procession. All art is family friendly and open to all ages. All materials provided by the artists.

The artistic community of the Mission District of San Francisco, are uniting our voices to stand by the families that have been victims of the inhumane family separation policy and the separation by the borders all around the world. We are standing united and will march with art and performance as our flag, in a radical celebration of unity, respect, and power.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/277836612967463/ 

18. Saturday, 8:00pm – 9:00pm, Candlelight Democracy Vigil 

Powell Street Cable Car Turnaround

Candlelight Democracy vigil to confront corruption, demand democracy, keep families together and free, vehemently oppose treason, and defend the Constitution.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/632854940431521/ 

19. Saturday, August 4 & Sunday August 5, Peace Camp – in conjunction with August 6 action ~ RSVP Required (See item # 25) 

Punta Vaca group campground
Del Valle Regional Park
Del Valle Road of Mines Road

RSVP – Scott: 925-443-7148 or 415-990-2017; scott@trivalleycares.org

Saturday Aug. 4 and/or Sunday, Aug. 5. Confirm check-in times with Scott when RSVP.

  August 6 – will caravan to Lab for event

This is in conjunction with August 6 action at Livermore Nuclear Lab

Cost: Tri-Valley CAREs is covering costs; bring food + musical instruments & art-making welcome

Sunday, August 5

20. Sunday, 7:00am – 11:00am, Feed the Hood 6: Bag Lunch & Hygiene Kit Distribution

Cristo Rey de la Salle High School (Saint Elizabeth campus)
1530 34th Ave.
Oakland 94601

Wheelchair accessible

RSVP: bit.ly/feedthehood6

PARKING: Parking available in the neighborhood

7 AM: Volunteers arrive. Volunteer breakfast.
7 AM – 9 AM: Prepare bagged lunches and hygiene kits
9 AM – 9:30 AM: Program and instruction
9:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Load caravans
9:30 AM – 11:00 AM: Caravans head out to distribute bagged lunches and hygiene kits across Oakland.

**Event is family friendly (kids of all ages welcome to attend with their parent(s) or guardian).
**Coffee/tea and continental breakfast will be served for volunteers.

Sponsors: East Oakland Collective and Fam 1st Family Foundation

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/486632145085861/ 

21. Sunday, 11:00am – 3:00pm, People’s Potluck

Lake Merritt
Lakeshore Ave. & Hanover

GABRIELA Oakland and Anakbayan East Bay present People’s Potluck!

On August 5, we invite family and friends to join us in People’s Potluck where we’ll share in food, games and community. Together we’ll learn about the current human rights situation in the Philippines and the ways of resistance.

*GABRIELA Oakland is a grassroots Filipino women’s organizations seeking to wage a struggle for the liberation of all oppressed Filipino women and the rest or our people.

Anakbayan is a youth and student organization working to educate, organize and mobilize our community to address important issues that affect Filipinos in the US and the Philippines

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/303635303708717/ 

22. Sunday, 11:00am – 4:00pm, No to anti-communist fascists! Join Revolution Books at MLK Park

Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park
2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Once again, pro-Trump white supremacist fascists say they going to stage a “No to Marxism” rally in Berkeley. These people, acting as stormtroopers for the fascist Trump/Pence regime, are going after Berkeley because of its radical legacy and progressive thinking. They have specifically singled out Revolution Books, attacking it over 10+ times, most recently threatening to burn it down, because they hate and fear the revolution and New Communism that Rev Books is all about. When these fascists go after Marxism, they are taking a page straight out of Hitler’s playbook.

Everyone who refuses to accept a fascist America… who will not stand by in silence while the Trump/Pence regime puts babies in cages, eliminates abortion rights for women, issues gangster threats of major war, unleashes brutal white supremacist thugs… who wants to throw this Nazi anti-communism right back in their face with a proud YES to Marxism… should stand up against this fascist attack

We support and endorse the “Sweep Out the Fascists Festival of Resilience” (folks will be marching from Ohlone Park to MLK.) Come support, defend, and volunteer at our booth, be there to greet the march, participate in live readings from the Communist Manifesto by Marx and BAsics by Bob Avakian,

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1826938710718779/?active_tab=about 

23. Sunday, 11:00am – 4:00pm, Sweep Out the Fascists: A Festival of Resilience 

Meet at:

Ohlone Playground and Greenway

March to MLK Park

Accessibility questions: surjbasebuilding@gmail.com

Once again, a group of white supremacists, Trump supporters, and fascists has announced a rally in downtown Berkeley for August 5, 2018. This event is part of a week-long nationwide “commemoration” of the hateful acts that took place nearly a year ago in Charlottesville, in which DeAndre Harris was beaten and Heather Heyer murdered.

We are calling on all members of our community to assemble together to stop white supremacist and state violence from growing.

We will gather to maintain a Bay Area free of fascism and white supremacy, sweeping out those that seek to deport, cage, harm, or extinguish members of our communities. Attacks on immigrants, Black and Indigenous people and other people of color, Muslims, the un-housed, queer and trans folks, disabled people, and/or women are becoming more prevalent as fascism reasserts itself in governments, state agencies, and increasingly organized groups across the globe.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/667654553588783/?active_tab=about 

24. Sunday, 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Stop the Hate – Rally in Berkeley 

Meet at:

Ohlone Playground & Greenway

Workers Voice Contingent

SAFEBay is organizing a contingent within the larger rally and March against the far-right in Berkeley:

Click here for info on original call for a counter-demonstration:

The far right is attempting to reassert itself on the streets of U.S. cities after it was exposed in Charlottesville and outnumbered in Boston and the Bay Area last summer. We will not be silenced or intimidated. The massive demonstrations of last August in Boston and the Bay Area proved that when we come together, we can protect our communities and politically defeat the bigots.

We know that the gatherings of the far right pose a grave threat, especially when they are commemorating their own terrorism. The Berkeley far right mobilization is being organized in conjunction with a far right “Freedom March” in Portland, Oregon.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1193345020823371/

Monday, August 6

25. Monday, 8:00am – 11:00am, March for Nuclear Abolition & Global Survival

Livermore Lab
Corner of Vasco Road & Patterson Pass Road

8:00am – Rally

9:30am – March & Action

Commemorate the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the place where new nuclear weapons are being created today!


Daniel Ellsberg – fame whistleblower, author, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner

Rev. Nobuaki Hanaoka – atomic bomb survivor

Professor Christine Hong – UC Santa Cruz expert on Korea

Movement Leaders:

Carol Hisause, Dr. Bob Gould, Pennie Opal Plant, Fred Norman, Jackie Cabasso, Marylia Kelley 

Vanpool option:

Reserve NOW for your seat in a free vanpool from Dublin-Pleasanton BART Station to Rally CALL: 925-443-7148

Co-sponsored by Tri Valley Cares and many groups

Info: https://www.facebook.com/AugustAction/

26. Monday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, International Day of Action for Peace in Colombia 

Colombian Consulate
595 Market St. (nr. Montgomery BART)

Stop the US-sponsored state and death squad terror against Colombian social movements! August 7th, Ivan Dique, will take office as president of Colombia. His campaign was backed by death squads and the extreme right. Since his election on June 17th, death squads have been murdering more than one social movement leader per day. Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities have been especially targeted.

Step up and lend your voice to those who are being silenced. The US government funds and directs the Colombian military, and the Trump administration is pushing Colombia to abandon the Peace Accords 


Sponsors: Workers World Party-Bay Area, Task Force on the Americas, March Patriotica – Capitulo California

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2141937376091568/

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