“The student debt crisis is exploding — nothing less than a student debt jubilee will do” by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

April 27, 2017 (Occupy.com) The level of student loan debt in the United States has risen to $1.5 trillion, and defaults are at more than 40% of debtors and rising. Student loan debt has grown to overwhelm all other categories of non-housing consumer debt in this nation. Underneath this crisis are rising… Continue reading

“Nancy Pelosi just got a challenger and he’s a ‘pretty hard-core’ Bernie Sanders supporter” by Christine Mai-Duc

(Stephen R. Jaffe for Congress campaign)   April 26, 2017 (latimes.com) San Francisco attorney Stephen R. Jaffe is a lifelong Democrat and he intends to do what no Democrat has been able to do so far: make it to a runoff election against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Jaffe, 71, is… Continue reading

Berkeley Campus On Lockdown After Loose Pages From ‘Wall Street Journal’ Found On Park Bench (theonion.com)

BERKELEY, CA—Advising students to remain in their dormitories and classrooms until the situation was resolved, the University of California, Berkeley declared a campuswide lockdown Thursday after several loose pages from The Wall Street Journal were found on a park bench outside a school building. “At 11:15 this morning, several pages… Continue reading