“It Gets Even Better – What They Aren’t Telling You About Single Payer Legislation” by JP Massar

May 30, 2017 (dailykos.com) Universal healthcare legislation such as HR 676 and California’s SB 562 offers so many great results. No premiums, co-payments or fees; essentially all medical conditions covered, and an underlying principle that every resident is entitled to health care. But it’s even better than that! One result… Continue reading


Published on Mar 15, 2012 In coordination with Occupy Wall Street West, the Occupy San Francisco Housing Coalition participated in the January 20, 2012 shutdown of the SF Financial District with a series of actions, this one outside Fortress, Inc, a One Percent hedge fund Corporation where housing activists presented… Continue reading

“Two Cheers for Anarchism: Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy, Dignity, and Meaningful Work and Play”

by James C. Scott, Princeton University Press, Oct 14, 2012 – Political Science – 200 pages James Scott taught us what’s wrong with seeing like a state. Now, in his most accessible and personal book to date, the acclaimed social scientist makes the case for seeing like an anarchist. Inspired by the… Continue reading

Homeless Action Center Executive Director Patricia E. Wall Begins Well-Deserved Sabbatical

Homeless Action Center May 26, 2017 Last September, HAC’s Executive Director was selected to receive a 2016 Cal Wellness Sabbatical Award. This award makes it possible for Pattie to take a three-month sabbatical for relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation. It also provides HAC’s strong management team with the resources needed to… Continue reading

Democracy needs politeness

On Political Discussion:  Politeness Rules From Aeon Magazine: Democracy needs politeness (May 16, 2017) Autocrats shouted, cursed, and bullied, while American revolutionaries used politeness as a tool of radical politics“Long before current fears about incivility in public life – before anxieties about Twitter-shaming and cable-news name-calling – politeness was very… Continue reading