Skud has died.

Spread the word. Another one has died.

First they came for the homeless

Tragedy strikes. We lost another occupier. Scud passed. We just got word. Please spread the word.

Sarah Menefee I am heartbroken. What a loss, one of our brightest spirits. His father notified Carol Harvey who told me.
First they came for the homeless
First they came for the homeless I am talking with Skud’s father by Facebook messages right now at 1:50 p.m. on memorial day, This a grieving father, and Skud had a sister, too. Let’s take a moment for Skud, Skud’s dad and sister. Skud and Skud’s mother touched so many people in SaSee More
Mike Zint
Mike Zint Thank you Carol
Sarah Menefee

Sarah Menefee One of the founding originals. No one like him. Ill be posting pictures & his writings in the coming days when i get back to SF & my computer

This is Scud, in action:

carol harvey–2 years ago (edited)
This is still as funny as when Skud did it. I know the Deputy. He’s a really nice guy. He let Skud go on as long as he could. He went along with it. Skud was BRILLIANT! The giggling in the background was really funny, too.

carol harvey–3 years ago
Scud, HILARIOUS! Next time, flummox them completely by coming back in shirt and shoes. I wonder if they’d let you in then? What excuse will they dream up?

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