Op-Ed by Bob of Occupy: Charlottesville, Virginia–Fire and Fury over a Symbol

Now apparently it’s up to three dead in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I fault the opposition for making this a confrontation, though fault can be placed on all sides. Let people express themselves. This is the nation of Free Speech, right? Whether they’re White Supremacists or Black Lives Matter or the idiot in the WH, let them sound off, but then have an open debate.

Why are the leaders of these groups not proposing a place and time to argue substantively among themselves? Why doesn’t the media set up something instead of salivating over a deadly confrontation for their cameras?

The removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee is what? The removal of history, the removal of a symbol of something? I think what happened in Charlottesville yesterday is the culmination of political correctness and the power of the Black Movement asserting itself unwisely in a manner that was asserted against them in the past. So what have they learned from their own experience? When one gains power force your will on your enemies?

I know you couldn’t get people to have a silent demonstration against the White Supremacists, but three people at least would be alive today.

We have become a nation of bullies, not just our country against the world, but our citizens against one another. Our culture of dominance in our sports, in our politics, in our electronic games, in our movies screams the endless shallow squeal of We’re Number One. And the Tangerine headed president personifies this.

So much needs to be placed on the table and discussed, but isn’t. We prefer the spectacle of our own savagery.

The Civil War happened. Slavery happened. World Wars One and Two happened. There are monuments all over this nation to symbolize those realities.

The Turks refuse to confront their genocide of the Armenians. The Japanese had a problem acknowledging what they did to the Chinese in Nanking. The Chinese have a problem accepting the truth about Mao. He was responsible for the deaths of 75 million Chinese, most of them during peace time. And the Israelis won’t confront their own genocidal occupation of the Palestinian People. And what about our nation? The genocide of the indigenous People, Slavery, suppression of Labor rights, the denial of the vote to Black Americans and Women.

But there are monuments to all of the above, aren’t there? They serve a purpose, hopefully, to raise consciousness. For one Robert E. Lee is a symbol of a misplaced superiority of one race over another. For another it’s the symbol of a bloody civil war that happened and can’t be denied.

In San Francisco in Union Square there is a monument to the US war against the Philippines. Some will take that as some kind of symbol of victory for the US. Others will see the stark hypocrisy of that war against the backdrop of this nation’s stated principles of democracy and freedom.

And of course the US is a walking, talking bullhorn of hypocrisy and self-delusion.

Why do we act aggressively and violently towards Symbols or symbolic events? Wouldn’t our energies be better served if we directed them towards some Self-Reflection? Maybe we would cease to be like adolescents and more like at least the ideal of adulthood_conscious awareness of our own failings and humility in the face of our self-illusions, putting aside ego self-aggrandizement.

In 1999 the Martin Luther King family brought a suit against the CIA, the FBI, the US Army, the Memphis Police Department, the Dixie Mafia, and one Lloyd Jowers. After a month’s trial and after only about an hour of deliberation, a jury of twelve Americans citizens_not a Congressional cover-up investigation, found all of the above defendants Guilty of Collusion in the Assassination of MLK.

How many Americans know about this? One percent, two percent? What?

Our mainstream media didn’t inform the People of this? Why the silence? But there they are when the blood starts flowing again and more die unnecessarily.

I have to wonder how many in the Black Lives Matter movement know this fact about the decision brought in the MLK’s familiy’s suit against basically our own government.. How many of those who represented White People yesterday in Virginia, who see their identities somehow threatened  by the removal of a statue, know their government colluded in the death of the Civil Rights Movement’s leader, Martin Luther King.

Both groups are blinded by their own ideologies of self-empowerment concerning a Symbol of something, a physical representation they identify with or against.

That got reported. The death of three so far got reported. The reactions of a president on his Twitter account got coverage.

But the 1999 decision in the Martin Luther King Family vs. Lloyd Jowers, the CIA, the FBI, the US Army, the Memphis Police Department, and the Dixie Mafia case goes unnoticed and forgotten in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Blood is shed for symbolic statuary, but concrete, legal decisions implicating the collusion of the US Government in the assassination of a man whose life’s work changed the course of this nation continues to dangle in the limbo of forgotten history.

Wake up, America.

–Bob of Occupy

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