How many law enforcement agencies does it take to screw in a light bulb?

By Michael Petrelis

How many law enforcement agencies have some jurisdiction to arrest or detain an individual, or who are equipped with guns and ammunition in San Francisco? I want to map out the number of police departments here.

This is the list I’ve compiled of such agencies and there are thirteen agencies on it. Let me know if I’ve missed any law enforcement department that ought to be listed:

1 – FBI

2 – ICE

3 – US Interior Department, National Parks Service

4 – US State Department Diplomatic Security Office

5 – US Marshals

6 – US Mint

7 – California Highway Patrol

8 – BART Police Department

9 – UCSF Police Department

10 – SF Police Department

11 – SF Sheriff’s Department

12 – SF Parks and Recreation Police

13 – SF City College Police

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