Rothschild Tells Trump to “Shut The F* Up” About Reforming Their Federal Reserve Bank

Rothschild Tells Trump to "Shut The F* Up" About Reforming Their Federal Reserve Bank

David Rothschild, ultra-liberal scion of the wealthiest jewish banking dynasty in the world, has gone on a profane Twitter rant against President Donald Trump who dared to criticize their Federal Reserve Bank, one of the main sources of the Rothschild’s ill-gotten wealth:

Rothschild is correct that Trump’s criticisms of the Fed can shake the confidence of the market because the market is a con game where there is an unspoken rule that no one questions the validity of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is not a Federal U.S. government bank at all, but rather a private consortium of banks owned and/or dominated by the jewish banking dynasty, the Rothschilds.  The Fed basically “loans” the U.S. government its own money and charges them interest on this loan, making it impossible to ever pay off this debt to the jewish bankers — the ultimate Ponzi Scheme.

So Trump’s criticisms of the Fed are also misleading, because the problem with the Fed isn’t that they don’t have a “feel” for the true nature of the U.S. economy, but rather that it even has a rational justification for its very existence.  According to the U.S. Constitution, only the U.S. Congress has the right to vote on issuing money, not the Fed, a private bank.  The Fed is constitutionally illegal, and is the only reason we pay income tax — to pay the interest on the debt to these jewish bankers to issue our own money.  That’s why Rothschild is really worried about Trump’s comments.

Note from Mike Zint:

I censored this. Don’t blame a religion for the actions of a few.

The Fed is constitutionally illegal, and is the only reason we pay income tax — to pay the interest on the debt to these bankers to issue our own money. That’s why Rothschild is really worried about Trump’s comments.

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28 Responses to Rothschild Tells Trump to “Shut The F* Up” About Reforming Their Federal Reserve Bank

  1. Susan Schwartz rotuna says:

    I hope Rothschild and all involved eat there words. I hope they fall for all the evil they have caused. I hope they go to hell for all eternity!!!

  2. Why Trump lost the White House. A book I hope to publish if there is a printing corporation not owned by the central bankers or their minions who control the mass media.

  3. Lorenzo says:

    Time for “we the people”
    to throw the money changers changers from the temple for good.

  4. Anthony Hepton says:

    It has been so easy for this government to print 3 trillion dollars at a time and just add it to the Federal debt which is now over 23 Trillion. The Rothschilds have always know that debt was their source of wealth and their continued control of the banks that comprise the Federal Reserve will assure their continued prosperity. Who signs off on these trillions?

  5. Demi says:

    It started like this:
    1791: The Rothschilds get, “control of the nation’s money,” through Alexander Hamilton (their agent in George Washington’s cabinet) when they set up a central bank in the USA called the First Bank of the United States.
    Subsequent efforts to undo the damage are the assasinations of Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy. It cannot be undone.

  6. Demi says:

    1791: The Rothschilds get, “control of a nation’s money,” through Alexander Hamilton (their agent in George Washington’s cabinet) when they set up a central bank in the USA called the First Bank of the United States.
    ***Attempts by subsequent presidents to eliminate the Rothschild Central Banks were met as follows:
    President Andrew Jackson – attempted assasination
    President Tyler- threated assasination
    President Lincoln- assasinated
    Presient Garfield assasinated
    President McKinley assasinated
    Presient Kennedy assasinated

  7. anthony c sessa says:

    This is scary for my grand children i have 8 I always worry about there future we fight wars for all these people to make money on both sides like world war 2 where they made money on both sides selling oil it is a disgrace

  8. Brit says:

    Lol Lucifer is free will he wouldn’t obey god that’s why he was cast out you think eve was the first you wrong Adam an lilith lilith didnt obey Adam she also gotten cast out

  9. Jesus Molina says:

    Who in the hell got us into this arrangement anyway? This is the most stupid agreement I have ever heard of where all Americans are basically owned as slaves by the Rothchilds and the Central Bank!!!!! How stupid have our politicians been for the last, what? One hundred years? No wonder they are owned by those who want to keep enslaved, debt infested, poor and eventually homeless!!!

  10. J. Thompson says:

    Don’t put on your blinders yet people! Trump and the Federal Reserve are at it again. Ever hear of Digital Currency? The Fed’s introducing their Digital Wallet scam to control everyone’s money. Supposed to be a big meeting on June 10th. NO MORE CASH! all digital currency. Its gonna be law, the bill is in the senate now. Big brother is gonna watch everything you spend your money on.

  11. laughingWizard says:

    Hahahahaha. Trump just took control of the Federal Reserve and made it a part of the Treasury. I guess the Rothschilds can shut the F up, now. Suckas

  12. Danny says:

    The Rothschild’s have done more to destroy this country than even the British tried to do during the Revolutionary War. The next revolution will be against the Federal Reserve and the Rothschild’s.

  13. Kathy Shivel says:

    Check out “American Intelligence media” and “Patriots4Truth”. MANY fact-based (given) informative videos (u. Toob) and articles. Historical documentation. Esp. “Fake history, fake news”…

  14. Deb says:

    David , you poor little rich boy. A million “fuck yous” out of your mouth won’t change an awakening world. Your reign is over. Have you considered a little more compassion in your next reincarnation?

  15. Sls says:

    All that may be said If you believe in God when there was war in Heaven and God removed Lucifer there was thousands of thousands of fallen angels that went with him Lucifer is Prince of the Earth that’s why it’s so evil that’s why God sent his only begotten son to save the people he gave us free will to choice between God and Lucifer. We are living in the end of times and it’s getting worse and worse, we are seeing things now more Wars ,the Oceans polluted the Earth is being destroyed, more people killing each other more poverty illnesses why should a hungry baby cry when there’s enough food to feed the world. God will return and all of these evil corrupt people with their greedy money and their lust for it will be destroyed.Even Trump while he’s eating with his 24 karat gold silverware as people lay hungry I don’t believe the government is helping us I believe that it’s the good people in America that’s helping each other to try to make things better. Good will always win over evil. positive over negative. All of the good people with good hearts and good Souls just keep praying and don’t give up We will be saved

  16. Harold says:

    The only statement Trump said that was true was the first sentence.”The only problem our economy has is the Fed a.k.a(Federal Reserve Bank Of New York)
    What do you think would happen if the population of America knew that the money they work so hard everyday of their life for, could be made worthless instantly by a dozen familys!! Those are secrets that are will be kept as long as possible immeasurable amounts of blood and money have been sinfully wasted misleading Us the public of the United States… The Rothschilds responded because of this twlling President Trump to Shut the fuck up! which say that the is superior to him also he goes on the say that he is done workimg for him and not getting re-elected. For opening his mouth and that he is so stupid that he cant even sufficiently do his only job as president which is being keeping your mouth shut and be a puppet for an entity which suppresses world changing technology enslaves humanity of every nationality i would go as far as to say what these people as a whole represent as a whole is the Anti-Christ or the devil
    Donald trump this person that represents the entity that i described said…”you are so stupid you cannot even manage shutting the fuck up and doing nothing ” Donald Trump now that the Rothschilds used you up, forcing you to do there bidding mislead and misinform the people of the U.S. truth would dissipate any lingering faith all these innocent naive people that believed in you have and as i and the Rothschilds see your lies become more transparent day by day and you no longer have the backing of the of the Rothschilds period There will be no re-election is my prediction

    *fed facts for those who think im just blowing smoke*

    these top eight shareholders of the are the Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin; Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris; Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy; Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; Lehman Brothers of New York; Kuhn, Loeb Bank of New York; Chase Manhatten; and Goldman, Sachs of New York . they effectively own 64% of the fed controlling the end results of the votes on the board.. Also these familys have a strong hold on the FOMC which all seven members are appointed by the President himself not the people. and approved by the senete these 7 members are paid puppets as trump was and with this power they can make so much profit from booms and crashes they create in the stock market. Some of the bigger crashes like the great depression or the days following 911 they amassed the kind of money thats on par with the entire value of bill gates in a true friction of the time and to think that the Rothschilds are worth upwards of 500 trillion dollars and they are in bed with 12 different familys with similar wealth.. And 22 out of our 23 trillion dollars is owed to the private banks owned that own our federal bank…and the U.S. pays this debt like we are making a min payment on a credit card. Never paying the actual principal balance just the intrest and in our case we aren’t even paying the min payment accruing more interest… Which will be over looked as long as we follow the agenda of these familys the main thing the u.s is needed to do is to start wars with counties who havent sold out to the bildeburg group’s privatized banking system like the U.S.did in 1910 and force them to let the privatized banks buy them out and most recently iraq and Afghanistan just did this thanks to our presence there there are less that 4 counties that have there own banks still and are not influenced but the private banks i believe N korea is one… The Its Sad the U.S has become a puppet to a malevolent entity that is consumed by greed and entangled so deeply in the dark that light and love for humanity and the betterment for it.. As a whole is not a goal in which it wish to achieve so sadly for the 98% of humanity in which we are. That 2% wishes to see us oppressed and will stop at nothing to do see this through our evolution threatens there sinful lives and these sins are for what they live i wish better leaders were at the head of the beautiful life forms were are as homo sapiens sapiens: hopefully some will read this and decide to find the truth for your self…You cannot be controlled if you know the truth educate yourself and evolve

  17. Rebekah says:

    I was redirected here from a group of what many of you would consider “racists”. Don’t be so quick to assume that Trump is not about to take the FED down. The excuse that he used of them being out of touch is nearly for optics. He plans to take the FED down.

  18. Chris says:

    Satan/lucifer himself has his very own romp of Rothschilds mansion and as always their consultant, best friend and deal maker.
    Your running on borrowed time and you know it. Not even spending all your money hiding underground is going to save you.

  19. Thoth al Khem says:

    Hey Zionist Prick Rothschild. YOU shut the FUCK up, you POS! !

  20. Thoth al Khem says:

    ZIONISM is NOT a religion you fuck.

  21. Tomasz Wołoszyn says:

    David Rothschild is a continuation of all sick ideology that degrade human kind.

  22. Ruth for Truth says:

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

    So glad the ‘money changers’ are being exposed.

  23. John Williams says:

    It amazes me that Most people don’t even know who the Rothchilds are and what control of our money they have

  24. Mr. Mel says:

    Relieve the US of the non government owned central bank (the US Federal banking system).

  25. Jrobby says:

    Clearest article I have seen about The Fed, Government Debt and Income Tax.

    That along with the “scarcity model” The elite employ for energy and necessities has brought the world to collapse.

    These people need to be euthanized in order to move forward.

  26. elaine margaret stewart says:

    Fuck off you Rothschild blood suckers!

  27. elaine Stewart says:

    Yes most unfortunate for the .1% of the world’s population, their scam is being unveiled. They have had a darn good run!By all accounts it has gone on for over 2.000 years! Not bad!But its over!My advice to The Rothschilds and their good friends and peers, go off hunting and fishing, having swell parties. But stop abusing humanity for ever yet obscene profits. Go into political neutral fast, if you would prefer to survive!

  28. Lloyd says:

    Damn glad to see someone print the truth. I honestly dont blame the rothschild family for being smarter than every one else the problem i see is they are losing the secrecy that allowed them to do there dirt. Kazarian rule the king you see and the one with power. I wonder who causes the fluctuations every time trump mentions the fed? I think maybe the rothschilds need to focus on the democrats planning on public banks and getting rid of fed to support there green new socialist plan. The 70% income tax on the wealthy probably not popular with them either. The socialist monster they had george soros unleash has developed its own ideas i think.
    The reality is this world is ruled by wealth and they are done sharing they will consolidate power and leave the rest of us with nothing. There is a reason the saying is money is the root of all evil, later it was added the love of money to keep people from understanding. Amstel rothschild i dont know how to spell his name basically said give me control of a countries finance and i will within five years control the country no matter who rules it. Not exact but look it up its not far off. We have been duped we musy wake up!!!

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