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September 20, 2020: On ABC’s This Week this morning, Pelosi is taking options off the table as Trump tries to nominate a replacement for the late Justice Ginsburg.

Less than 24 hours following Justice Ginsburg’s passing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump are already laying the groundwork for a nomination.

They aim to hold a full Senate vote before the next administration takes office. This is after blocking Merrick Garland, President Obama’s last nominee, from confirmation hearings for the better part of 2016.

Outrage is thoroughly appropriate. Everything, from the most basic rights of women to control their own bodies, to the right of communities to hold corporations accountable for labor or environmental abuses, hangs in the balance.

Yet, instead of keeping all the arrows in the constitutional quiver, Nancy Pelosi holds back as our Republic careens towards a predictable disaster.

During their interview, Pelosi told George Stephanopoulos that the American people should vote and hope that “…the president will see the light.”
That’s why we must replace her.
Pelosi and other corporate Democrats don’t have our communities’ interests—or their oaths of office—in mind. It’s time for new voices to do the job they’ve proven either unwilling, or unable, to do.

As the first Democrat to ever challenge Pelosi in a general election, I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent our city’s voice in Washington. Even though we’ve raised over twice the support of any previous challenge to Pelosi, we’re still outgunned over 15:1 by her corporate money machine.
Can you join us before the end of the quarter? We face a critical reporting deadline, and every contribution makes a difference.

With 44 days left, just $22 can pay for calls to 444 people.
📞 44 days, 444 calls for $22 💌
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If you have payment information saved with ActBlue, your contribution of $22 will go through immediately. Thanks for your support!
Your voice in Washington,

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