Article on Proud Boys in SF & UPDATED info for counter demos (from Adrienne Fong)

ARTICLE – RE ‘Proud Boys’ in San Francisco

Saturday ‘Free Speech’ Rally and Big Tech Protest by Trump Supporters and Proud Boys

Gets Permit for UN Plaza

“… San Francisco Rec & Parks has confirmed that the event has been issued a permit with a 200-person maximum capacity for 1 p.m. in United Nations Plaza — and this seems likely to lead to a protest of some kind outside Twitter headquarters…”

UPDATED info for counter – demos.

1. Saturday, 11:30am, Socialist and Labor Contingent to Protest Proud Boys (UPDATED)

Meet at:

SF Main Library
100 Larkin (nr. Grove

The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women are organizing a contingent to counter-protest the neo-fascists as a united front. 

The Proud Boys have called a rally to take place in SF this Saturday, 10/17. They are supposedly protesting Twitter, who shut down their accounts, but this is certainly a reaction to protests against police brutality, especially targeting the liberal/left-leaning Bay Area as they have done in the past.

Unionists and community activists are mobilizing to say NO to the Proud Boys, NO to racism, and NO to fascism.

The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women are organizing a contingent to counter-protest the neo-fascists as a united front.

To join the contingent, please email or call 415-864-1278.

Host: Freedom Socialist Party


2. Saturday, 12Noon, Defend the City

Meet at:

UN Plaza
Civic Center BART

Bay Area Call Out to come stand with us against hate group Proud Boys and other far right antagonizers!

No place for white supremacy


3. Saturday 12Noon, Kick the Proud Boys Out of SF

Civic Center BART
(San Francisco, CA)

On Saturday Oct 17, a band of far-right nationalists, racists, and grifters plan to gather in UN Plaza in SF. They claim it’s against “big tech censorship” because some of them have been deplatformed after spreading conspiracies and engaging in online harassment.

(This was previously planned to be at Dolores Park. It has been relocated to UN Plaza.)


4. Saturday, 12:30pm – 2:00pm, Show up for Black lives and against white supremacy  (UPDATED)

2 types of actions

Gather at corner of
Fulton & Hyde St.

 We will gather at the corner of Fulton and Hyde – near the Simon Bolivar statue. We might shift locations the day of, so please follow for updates.

White supremacists are planning a rally. Let’s show up and remind the world that Black Lives Matter. Details below.

Follow for real-time updates on Saturday; check there before you head out for the latest info.

We’ll show up in two ways:

1. Socially distanced human billboard: Bring a sign or use one of ours (we’ll have extras). Ride a bike if you can to be green and to stay mobile. It will be hot – bring water (and sunscreen!). Wear a mask.

2. Car caravan: Put at least one sign in the rear window so everyone knows whom to get behind. Obey traffic laws.

We may requests for additional jobs the day of in theTenderloin in the afternoon (~3:30 pm). Stay tuned.

Remember to stay safe. Useful resources:……/1YXKRfxs3xsO…/edit…



5. Saturday, 1:00pm, No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA  (UPDATED)

UN Plaza

Proud Boys’ trade in Political Violence;

No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA

San Francisco provides sanctuary from the hateful agenda of Christian fascism. As a “savior” from the Democratic Party fails to materialize, it’s up to us to reject Trump’s self-proclaimed “armies” of hate.

Host: Refuse Fascism


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