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Listing of other Bay Area Protests & Rallies


A. Feinstein Hugs Graham, Activists Pounce – October 15, 2020

  See action # 1

B. Amy Coney Barrett Is the Supreme Court Justice Big Oil Needs  – October 13, 2020

C. Why Police Body Cameras Haven’t Stopped Police Brutality – October 13, 2020

D. Native Americans Protesting Trump Border Wall Tear Gassed, Arrested by US Agents on Indigenous Peoples’ Day  – October 13, 2020

E. Abolition for the People

  The Movement for a Future Without Policing & Prisons

F. Trump border wall funding plan illegal and construction must stop, court rules – October 10, 2020

G. Oakland: Moms 4 Housing home sells for $587,500, will become homeless housing  – October 9, 2020

H. Trump administration imposes crushing new sanctions on Iran  – October 8, 2020

I. Allegedly planned “free speech” rally featuring QAnon figures in Dolores Park has not sought permit  – October 8, 2020

  See events # 6, 7, 8 & 9

J. New body-worn camera measures pass — after 2.5 years of negotiation with SF police union – October 8, 2020


K. Gabbard gains GOP supporters for her push for U.S. to drop charges against Assange, Snowden  – October 3, 2020


1. Dianne Feinstein should resign.


2. Shut down the Senate and stop Trump and McConnell from confirming Amy Coney Barrett


3. Liberty Mutual: Drop the Keystone XL and Trans Mountain pipelines


4. Tell Congress: Address the COVID-19 nursing home crisis now


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