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Listing of other Bay Area Protests & Rallies


A. DA Boudin charges fired SFPD officer with manslaughter over fatal shooting – November 23, 2020

B. Silence About JULIAN ASSANGE Exposes Journalists HYPOCRISY.  – November 22, 2020

C. UN panel votes 163-5 in support of Palestinian statehood, end of occupation

D. 3 New Federal Execution Set in Lame Duck Presidency – November 20, 2020

  See action # 2

E. Supes to push measure keeping homeless hotels open  – November 18, 2020 

F. DA Boudin ‘committed’ to refiling charges against Alameda deputies in Mission beating – November 18, 2020

G. San Francisco Public Defender Launches “CopWatch SF” Database to Ensure Public Access to Available Police – November 18, 2020’s%20Office%20launches%20website%20for…&text=The%20San%20Francisco%20Public%20Defender’s,suits%20and%20certain%20officer%20complaints


1. Tell the Biden-Harris administration to uproot Trump’s Social Security underminers!

  SIGN: Take Action! (

2. President-Elect Biden: Call Out Trumps Lame Duck Executions!

  SIGN: President-Elect Biden: Call Out Trumps Lame Duck Executions! – Action Network

3. Tell CAF To Get Off Israel’s Apartheid Train!

  SIGN: Tell CAF to get off Israel’s apartheid train! | BDS Movement

4. Tell the State Department: Dismantle antisemitism and protect human rights


5. Biden Can Stop the Attacks on Cuba’s Medical Internationalism


6. The Government Wants to See Your Cryptocurrency Transactions


7. Urgent Demand 4 Mumia’s Release

Mumia Abu-Jamal #AM 8335

There is a serious outbreak of COVID 19 in Mahanoy Correctional Facility, where Mumia and 2,400 other men live.  As of now 20 guards have tested positive 4 COVID 19, and the prison is frantically testing those housed in the prison.  Obviously, this a a huge cause for concern.  Despite the prison being on lockdown, meaning no one leaves there cell except for showers and emergencies.  Food is brought to the cells. 

Needless, to say, Mumia quite worried as he should be.  He is 66, years old, has liver damage and prison personnel are the ones bringing in the virus. 

Please call Governor Tom Wolf to demand Mumia and other aging elders with underlying vulnerable health concerns be considered for compassionate release.  Clearly, there is no such thing as social distancing in prison.  The only way to stop this virus from spreading and killing those in its’ path is to send our elders home

who pose no threat to our community. 

Governor Tom Wolf -1(717) 787-2500  Fax 1 (717) 772-8284

Office of the Governor

508 Main Capitol Building

Harrisburg, PA  17120    

After calling the governor, send an online communication about our concerns.


Tuesday, November 24 – Sunday, November 29

Tuesday, November 24

1. Tuesday, 1:00pm (PT); 4:00pm (ET), COVID-19 in the Amazon: Stories from the Frontlines of Indigenous & Traditional Communities


This event will include a 30 minute program followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. This on-the-ground reporting will highlight how our fundraising efforts have provided critical support to Indigenous peoples combating COVID-19, and how together we can (and must) continue this work.

Speakers include:
–Gregorio Mirabal, General Coordinator, COICA
–Atossa Soltani, Founder, Amazon Watch
–Leila Salazar-Lopez, Executive Director, Amazon Watch –Suzanne Pelletier, Executive Director, Rainforest Foundation US
–Tabea Casique, COICA.

Amazonian communities face multiple threats as the pandemic spreads across the forest, including increased violence, high levels of morbidity and mortality, a lack of access to healthcare and protective equipment, food scarcity, lack of income and environmental catastrophes including increased deforestation, oil spills, fires and floods.

For over 500 years, indigenous peoples of the Amazon and across the Americas have faced invasions and loss of their ancestral territories, ethnic and socioeconomic discrimination, and the constant threat of physical and cultural extermination resulting in displacement, disease and genocide.

Host: Amazon Emergency Fund & Artists for Amazonia

Info: COVID-19 in the Amazon: Stories from the Fronlines of Indigenous & Traditional Communities : Indybay

2. Tuesday, 3:00pm – 5:00pm, SFPD’s Virtual Town Hall Meeting RE: Nov. 17th officer involved shooting

The town hall will be streamed live on SFGovTV’s YouTube page ( 

 It will also be streamed on SFPD’s Facebook page ( 

Following a presentation by SFPD command staff, a call-in number will be provided to viewers wishing to offer public comment.  

As part of the San Francisco Police Department’s commitment towards accountability and transparency with our community, a virtual town hall meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, from 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM to provide the community with an update on the investigation of the officer-involved shooting that occurred on the 800 block of Market Street on November 17, 2020.

Info: (1) San Francisco Police Department | Facebook

3. Tuesday, 3:00pm, Anti-Black Racism in the Arab Region

RSVP Below:

The recent uprisings against the violence of policing and the killings of our Black siblings in the US has sparked important conversations across the world about how anti-Blackness has manifested itself in many communities including communities of color and countries in the global south. These conversations include looking at identities and how they are formed, the ways in which popular culture perpetuates biases, and in some instances how anti-Black racism has structured our societies and relationships. They also include discussions on the long history of solidarity between Black liberation and Arab liberation movements. This panel hopes to shed light onto the history of anti-Black racism in the Arab region to help us understand these trajectories and how they have interacted with economic interests, colonization practices, sociological theorizing, and political power. It also sheds light on the current struggles against racism in the region and the ways people have been resisting and narrating their stories.

The current political moment demonstrates the rise of white nationalism as it draws on the structures of white supremacy. These structures do not only frame the world of the US, but also its imperial and colonial practices and strategies. Our communities need to come together not from a place of shared victimhood and fear, but from a place of full understanding of the ways we have contributed and may currently contribute to these systems and an investment in working through to create an alternative more just society.

Hosts: Arab American Cultural Center at UIC, AROC, Arab American Action Network

Info: (1) Anti-Black Racism in the Arab Region | Facebook

4. Tuesday, 5:00pm (PT), What Just Happened: Trump, America and the Danger of Fascism

Join Andy Zee, Coco Das, Indi Samarajiva and Jeff Sharlet this Tuesday night on facebook, twitter, and youtube

Trump lost but won’t concede. Don’t miss this essential forum asking these urgent questions:

What was this that we just experienced/are experiencing?
Was the reign of a corrupt regime led by a narcissistic con man; a fascist resolution to deep problems in the system; something else or both?

Host: Refuse Fascism

Info: What Just Happened: Trump, America and the Danger of Fascism | Facebook

5. Tuesday, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, Tenants Together Collective Support & Tenant Clinic/ Clínica de Apoyo Colectivo y Derechos de Inquilinas/os

Register Here:

Join if are a tenant and/or a tenant advocate with questions about your rights and to learn about what is happening regarding our #CancelRent campaign!

EVERY other TUESDAY from 5:30pm – 7:30pm

What to expect:
* Share updates on local, regional, state and national policies
* We will answer questions and concerns
* It will be space for sharing stories and popular education
* Collectively strategize to #CancelRent

Host: Tenants Together

Info: Tenants Together Collective Support & Tenant Clinic/ Clínica de Apoyo Colectivo y Derechos de Inquilinas/os | Facebook

Wednesday, November 25

6. Wednesday, 5:00pm (PT); 8:00pm (ET), “The War on Cuba” Film Screening & Discussion w/ Cuban Journalist Liz Oliva

Please RSVP for the event here to receive the Zoom link.

The Cuban journalist Liz Oliva will join the Solidarity Collective to discuss the Belly of the Beast documentary series that focuses on the impact of U.S. policies on the Cuban people. Oliva interviews doctors (including her mother), farmers, students, and talks with people as they wait in long lines, giving a unique insight into the lived experiences of Cubans.

EPISODE #1 Takes an inside look at the impact of increased sanctions on the Cuban people and on US elections during the pandemic.
EPISODE #2 Examines the US-imposed oil blockade against the island nation of Cuba.
EPISODE #3 Delves into the Cuban healthcare system and the international brigades, exposing the dangerous lies behind the Trump administration’s attack on Cuban doctors and their life-saving medical solidarity programs.

Email your questions to

Host: Cuba Solidarity Colletive

Friday, November 27

No Presence at the SF Police Officers Association today.

Will resume Friday, December 4th from 1pm – 2pm

Sunday, November 29

7. Sunday, 9:00am – 11:00am (PT); 12Noon – 2:00pm (ET), Online Rally: International Solidarity with Palestinians


11am (US Central Time) / 5pm (UK Time) / 7pm (Palestine Time) 

Sunday 29th November is the UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. At a time when physical gatherings are difficult, we are organising an online international rally to show our solidarity. This is being coordinated jointly by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the BDS National Committee.

Join us as we bring together a range of Palestinian voices, poets, musicians, and social justice campaigners to rally for Palestine.

– Noura Erakat (human rights attorney)
– Maxine Peake (actress)
– Omar Barghouti (BDS Movement)
– Aja Monet (poet)
– Stefanie Fox (Jewish Voice for Peace Director)
– Kevin Courtney (Trades Union Congress)
– Ben Jamal (Palestine Solidarity Campaign Director)
– William Shoki (student activist South Africa)
– Rabbi Alissa Wise (JVP)
– And more to be announced!

Host: Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK, Boycott Divestment & Sanctions Movement

Info: Online Rally: International Solidarity with Palestinians | Facebook

8. Sunday, 10:00am – 1:00pm, (PT), From Colonization to Solidarity: Narratives of Defeat and Sumoud

Online register:

November 29th, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Why did the UN General Assembly partition Palestine in 1947 and what has changed 30 years later to make it possible for the same international body to declare November 29th as the international day of solidarity with the people of Palestine? From Gaza to Jerusalem, Naqab to Beirut, and Haifa to LA and San Francisco, Palestinian public intellectuals will draw lessons for today, critique colonial narratives of submission, subjugation and defeat, and narrate histories of resistance, resilience and steadfastness.


Omar Barghouti: Co-founder of the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights.

Haidar Eid: Associate Professor of Postcolonial and Postmodern Literature at Gaza’s al-Aqsa University in Palestine.

Mahmoud El Ali: Coordinator of the Center for Refugee Rights- (Aidoun).

Sahar Francis: General Director of Ramallah-based Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association.

Samia Khoury: Retired community volunteer who had served as National president of the YWCA, president of Rawdat El-Zuhur and is a founding member of Birzeit University Board of Trustees and Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre.

Myssana Morany: Coordinator of the Land and Planning Rights Unit at Adalah.

In Conversation With:

Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi: Founding Director/Senior scholar of Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies Program at SFSU.

Saliem Shehadeh: PhD candidate in Anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles

Omar Zahzah: Education and Advocacy Coordinator for Eyewitness Palestine.

Hosts: AMED Studies SFSU, Eyewitness Palestine

Info: (1) From Colonization to Solidarity: Narratives of Defeat and Sumoud | Facebook


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