Book: “Hacktivism: The Network and its scope to revolutionize power”

Hacktivismo: La Red y su alcance para revolucionar el poder

Hacktivism: The Network and its scope to revolutionize power

by Santiago Siri 

Years ago, the great revolutionaries were forced to carry a firearm around their waist to promote their changes. Today the new world can be built without taking a single shot thanks to a powerful weapon of transformation: the web. During the last two decades, we have witnessed the impact of the internet on culture, commerce, communication, and many other fronts. The revolution that the printing press generated more than five hundred years ago today is taking place at a much faster rate thanks to the Internet. And it is not a force that is going to stop soon: nothing in history offers so much potential to democratize power. Is it possible to hack the political system? Santiago Siri, a technology pioneer, uses his vast experience to tell us what the virtues of the internet are and how we can use this extraordinary instrument of change to move from turmoil to construction.

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