San Franciscans launch letter in support of District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s vision to improve public safety and justice system reform

Chelsea Boilard 

March 31, 2021

Public letter from over 100+ SF residents, as support continues to grow

San Francisco—On Wednesday March 31st, over 100 San Franciscans are releasing a letter in support of District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s vision to improve public safety and reform the justice system. 

View the letter at this link.

The letter is being organized by a newly formed group, SF Safe for All, and comes as a campaign has been started by conservative and Republican leaders who are organizing big dollars to recall DA Boudin and override the democratic will of the San Francisco voters who elected him in 2019. These San Franciscans aim to fight the fear-mongering and big money campaign with grassroots support for DA Boudin’s reform-minded policies. From the start, DA Boudin has faced incredibly vicious attacks–led by the reactionary and conservative SF Police Officers Association and Republican forces—who are threatened by the change that he represents. 

“As we can see with the recall efforts led by Republicans against Gov. Newsom, these types of attacks are not new. However they are very destructive because they spread misinformation, waste taxpayers’ money, and attempt to override a democratic election where the majority of voters elected Chesa Boudin as District Attorney. That’s why I’ve signed onto this letter and I intend to oppose the recall efforts,” says Laura Goldin, a homeowner who has lived for 36 years in the Richmond District. 

The letter indicates facts to combat myths that have been circulating and highlight positive changes that happened since Boudin took office. These include:

  • Overall crime in San Francisco is down by 23 percent. Rape, robberies, thefts, auto burglaries and assaults are all down by record numbers. 
  • District Attorney Boudin has instituted reforms that prioritize public safety including expanded victim services such as securing housing during the pandemic for domestic violence victims, helping obtain financial support for small businesses who have experienced break-ins, and launching a Community Liaisons program to connect prosecutors to the communities they serve.
  • Boudin is maintaining his commitment to the people by holding police who use excessive force accountable, and filing homicide charges against an on-duty officer for the first time in San Francisco’s history.

To learn more about the letter, visit link.  

The letter was organized and written by SF Safe for All, a group of San Franciscans who believe we can reform the justice system, provide safety for all our communities, ensure victims’ rights, implement restorative justice and an end to cash bail and more. Signers believe that public safety must include more than just police and jails, and that public safety is about services, support and second chances. The letter signers want an end to racial injustice and a dehumanizing criminal justice system that cycles people in and out. 

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One Response to San Franciscans launch letter in support of District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s vision to improve public safety and justice system reform

  1. As a former police officer and current criminal defense attorney, I have seen four DA administrations prior to Chelsea Boudin. Most of the prior administrations paid lipservice to progressive ideals and policies, but really fell short on implementation.

    Chelsea Boudin‘s administration is the first to actually implement true progressive reforms within district attorneys office. Law-enforcement stalwarts really can’t stand the idea of change. It’s hard, but I support Chelsea Boudin’s efforts and I have seen firsthand the positive effects of his policies.

    San Francisco should support its first true progressive district attorney, especially during these times of heightened awareness of racial injustice, as well as the necessity of implementing law enforcement reforms.

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