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A. We Are Fighting for a World Where Ma’Khia Bryant Would Have Lived – April 22, 2021

We Are Fighting for a World Where Ma’Khia Bryant Would Have Lived (


   Ma’khia Bryant 

        16 y/o

  Also see article H & Action # 7

B. How to Kill the Oil Hydra—and Other Lessons From the Fight Against Keystone XL – April 22, 2021

How to Kill the Oil Hydra—and Other Lessons From the Fight Against Keystone XL | The Nation

C. Biden’s Drone Wars – April 22, 2021

Biden’s Drone Wars –

D. The Rising Threat of Nuclear War is The Most Urgent Matter In The World – April 21, 2021  

The Rising Threat Of Nuclear War Is The Most Urgent Matter In The World – Caitlin Johnstone

E. In Nation’s Incarceration Capital, a New D.A. Is Freeing People From Prison – April 21, 2021

In Nation’s Incarceration Capital, a New D.A. Is Freeing People From Prison – The Appeal

F. Mass Protests Led to Chauvin’s Conviction, Now They’re Being Criminalized – April 21, 2021

Mass Protests Led to Chauvin’s Conviction. Now They’re Being Criminalized. (

G. Man’s Family Demands Answers From Alameda Police After He Dies In Custody – April 21, 2021


 Mario Gonzalez 

H. Columbus Police Release Body-Camera Footage of Fatal Shooting of Black Teen – April 20, 2021

Columbus Police Release Body Camera Footage of Fatal Shooting of Black Teen Ma’Khia Bryant (

I. From joy to sadness, Bay Area families whose relatives were killed by police react to Derek Chauvin verdict

From joy to sadness, Bay Area families whose relatives were killed by police react to Derek Chauvin verdict – East Bay Times

J. The Chauvin Trial is Dangerously Deceptive – April 20, 2021

The Chauvin Trial is Dangerously Deceptive –


1. Demand Justice for Adam Toledo and his family!

  SIGN: | Demand Justice for Adam Toledo and his family!

2. Tell your Governor that trans rights are human rights

  SIGN: | Tell your Governor that trans rights are human rights.

3. Tell Congress: Support H.R. 2590 The Palestinian Children & Families Act Today!


4. Letter Supporting the Syrian People

  SIGN: Letter Supporting the Syrian People – Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad! (

5. Judge O’Grady: No Prison Time for Daniel Hale


6. Tell Congress to Protect Your Privacy & Pass the Fourth Amendment…

  SIGN: Tell Congress to Protect Your Privacy and Pass the Fourth Amendment Is Not for Sale Act | Free Press

7. Ways to demand police accountability for Ma’khia Bryant

Call interim police chief Michael Woods
120 Marconi Blvd.
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Office: (614) 645-4720

Fax: (614) 645-4551

Hours: M-F 8AM-4PM

Call Columbus city council

Contact info:

90 West Broad St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215

(614) 645-7380

Call Mayor Andrew Ginther demanding police accountability for Ma’khia Bryant

City Hall 2nd floor
90 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Office: (614) 645-7671



Friday, April 23 – Tuesday, April 27

Friday, April 23

1. Friday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Shut Down the Police Officers Association

In person

SF Police Officers Association (outside)
800 Bryant St. (@ 6th Street corner)

Wear masks; social distancing

RESIST with Mothers on the March, Black and Brown for Justice, Peace and Equality, Family’s who loved ones have been killed by SFPD, and Community

   – Demand the San Francisco Police Officers Association be Shut Down!

   – The SF Police Officers Association Be Declared a Non Grata Organization

   – Demand the Police Officers Bill of Rights be Abolished.

   – Jail Killer Cops – we want killer cops to be charged with murder.

   – Abolish the Police

After the trial of Chauvin in MN it is clear that ABOLISHION of the police with community control is the solution!

2. Friday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm, Protest in Solidarity With Hunger Strikers for Yemen

6342 Shattuck Ave.

The current War on Yemen is starving millions of Yemenis as the country faces bombings, blockades, and partition. Foreign powers seek to divide the country in order get their slice of the pie. While some members of the U.S. establishment give lip service to ending the war, it is clear that they have no interest in doing so and do not care about the Yemeni people! We say no to this hypocrisy! We say no to the War on Yemen!

We will be gathering to discuss the hunger strike and the situation in Yemen while also fasting in solidarity with Yemeni-American protestors Iman Saleh and her younger sister, Muna, who are weeks into their hunger strike in Washington, DC. We are also fasting in solidarity with hunger strikers in New York, Boston, and others across the country.

If you want to join or connect with others who are participating in the solidarity fast, visit

OR fill out this Google form:

Host: Solidarity with Yemen

Info: Protest in Solidarity With Hunger Strikers for Yemen : Indybay

Saturday, April 24

3. Saturday, 12Noon – 3:00pm, On Mumia’s Birthday: The Only Treatment is Freedom!

Gather at

 Oscar Grant Plaza
14th St. & Broadway

March to DA Nancy O’Malley’s Office, 1225 Fallon Street, for a rally for Mumia’s freedom and against police terror.

Mumia, who is an internationally known Black journalist and author will turn 67 on April 24 and demonstrations are being organized across the US to demand his freedom. He has been unjustly and inhumanely incarcerated for over 40 years. Join us on April 24 in Oakland to demand his freedom!

Hosts: Support Alabama Amazon Workers, Bay Area No Justice Under Capitalism, Prisoner Solidarity Committee of Workers World Party & Western Movement Assembly

Info: (4) On Mumia’s Birthday: The Only Treatment is Freedom! | Facebook  or  Free Mumia! The Only Treatment is Freedom : Indybay

4. Saturday, 12Noon – 3:00pm, ‘Stop the Hate’ March Against  Violence and Oppression

Meet at:

Mission High School

March to SF City Hall

Check site for updates

#stopasianhate #policebrutality #islamaphobia #concentrationcamps #kidsincages #nojusticenopeace !! youth lives matter

Info: @janiamarsean on Instagram: “next saturday we live! repost repost #stopasianhate #policebrutality #islamaphobia #concentrationcamps #kidsincages #nojusticenopeace !!…”

5. 12Noon – 1:30pm, Save 1921 Walnut St. / Save People’s Park

1921 Walnut St.

End the UC’s displacement, gentrification, and violence!

Protect community, protect history, protect People’s Park and 1921 Walnut Street!

The University of California, Gov. Newsom and their billionaire cronies is trying to evict tenants of 1921 Walnut Street, a rent-controlled building, and destroy affordable housing in Berkeley, California to create student dorms. The UC is also trying to destroy People’s Park, an open space, center for arts and culture, mutual aid, and poor people in the East Bay.

Hosts: TANC, 1921 Walnut & People’s Park Committee

Info: Save 1921 Walnut, Save People’s Park! : Indybay

6. Saturday, 1:00pm – 3:00pm, Street Panel: “Anti-Asian, Anti-Black and Anti-Poor Violence”

Meet at

3rd and Palou
San Francisco Bay View district

Masks / social distancing

Outdoor event

Speak Out, Heal Up – Move thru the Hate
A Street Panel on Anti-Asian, anti-Black, Anti- Poor Violence on Stolen Land and Youth-Led Press Conference

Come thru for this healing Intergenerational, Multi-Racial “street Panel” in ComeUnity on the Violence we all dealing with and where it comes from and where we go now. We will heal with prayer, poetry, truth and consciousness across the races- across the generations.

Co-Sponsored By POOR Magazine, The Bay View Newspaper, Krip Hop Nation and more to come-

Info: (1) Street Panel on Anti-Asian, anti-Black, Anti- Poor Violence on Stolen Land | Facebook

7. Saturday, 3:00pm, Build A Revolutionary Movement (Meeting)

Compañeros Del Barrio Pre-school
474 Valencia St. (nr. 16th St.)

Masks / social distancing

Meeting is held outdoors / will be held indoors if it rains.

Our next meeting is on April 24th. Please come prepared to plan for our very 1st Peoples Assembly on May 1st! We are really excited to bring the people together and be a work in progress towards justice.


8. Saturday, 3:00pm – 4:30pm, Celebrating the Achievements of UNIFA in Haiti

Webinar registration: Webinar Registration – Zoom

A webinar and award ceremony hosted by the Mountain View High School district recognizing the work of the Universite de la Fondation Dr. Aristide [UNIFA)

Featuring Former First Lady Mildred Aristide


Mildred Aristide, member of the Board of Administration of UNIFA

 Dr. Nellie Meyer, Superintendent of MVLA High School District

Kiyoshi Taylor, co-founder of Justice Vanguard, Los Altan of the Year 2020

Initiated by: Students for Haiti Solidarity

Info: Facebook

9. Saturday, 3 p.m., Holy Ground Ceremony for Mumia.

Gather at

Center and Huey Newton Street. Procession to Mandela Parkway,

Mumia Abu-Jamal, incarcerated for over 40 years for a crime he did not commit, is facing serious medical complications and possible death. He has recently recovered from COVID and been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Disease. He is suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and a painful skin ailment. Mumia’s doctor has plainly stated that the only treatment for this courageous political prisoner is his freedom.

Join us for 3 events coinciding with Mumia’s 67th birthday and demanding his immediate release from prison.

Mumia continues to inspire all of us and through his words, writings, and actions fights for all oppressed people who are struggle for freedom and liberation.

Join us at all of these events to demand freedom for Mumia, freedom for all political prisoners and for the abolition of the criminal legal system.

Partial list of endorsers:
Campaign to Bring Mumia Home; California United for Mumia; Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia; People’s Strike – Bay Area; Prisoners’ Solidarity Committee of Workers World Party; SF Bay View National Black Newspaper; Party for Socialism and Liberation; Oscar Grant Committee; No Justice Under Capitalism


Info: FREE MUMIA! THE ONLY TREATMENT IS FREEDOM! Mobilize from April 20 – 24 in the Bay Area | Facebook

10. Saturday, 4:00pm, Frisco 500 – 5th Anniversary

Meet at:

Valencia & 17th St.

Nr. 16th Street BART & MUNI # 22, 49 & 14 lines

Rally & March

Revolutionary Speakers, Music, Poetry, Danzantes

Defund, Decolonize, & Abolish

This was the day that the Frisco 5 Hunger Strikers were hospitalized after fasting at the Mission Police Station. We shut down SF City Hall that day/evening.

People stood up to SF sheriffs, batons, violence and threat of mace.

Ira A. shared this last year:

 “And Ilyich Sato and mama Cristina were in the hospital and we had been inspired by them and the rest of the Frisco 5, Ike Ali Pinkerton, Edwin Lindo and Selassi to become the Frisco 500 and then the Frisco 5000”

“…we are so powerful when we come together. Chief Suhr was forced to resign. The people did that.”

“And none of it brought back #MarioWoods or #LuisGongoraPat or #AlexNieto but I know that they are with the ancestors and know that we did not forget about them.”

Info: (1) Facebook (to see flyer)

All are invited – All 5 Hunger Strikers will also be present!

Sunday, April 25

11. Sunday, 11:30am – 2:00pm, San Francisco Caravan: Say NO to the U.S. Blockade of Cuba!

Meet at:

1875 Marin St.

On Sunday, we are planning an “End the U.S. Blockade of Cuba Caravan”, in many cities across the U.S. The ANSWER Coalition and the Cuba-Venezuela Solidarity Committee are two of the many sponsors and endorsers.

The Trump administration signed more than 240 measures against Cuba, tightening the blockade, including banning remittances from Cuban-Americans to their families in Cuba ($1.5 billion in 2019), placing Cuba on the “sponsor of state terrorism” list, forcing other countries to also deny Cuba trade. This is false and an outrage. It is Cuba that has suffered from U.S.-backed terrorist attacks that have killed 3,478 Cuban citizens and injured 2,099.

The 60-year blockade is a violation of International law. It is a criminal and inhumane policy to punish the Cuban people for their independence and sovereignty.

Cuba has resisted 60 years of cruel blockade. It is time that we people in the United States stand with Cuba to say No More!

 We will have plenty of signs to share. You are welcome to bring your own as well.

A route is not finalized

Info: (1) San Francisco Caravan: Say NO to the U.S. Blockade of Cuba! | Facebook

12. Sunday, 12Noon, East Bay version of a Puentes de Amor

In person:

Lake Merritt
At the Amphitheater – near the court house

in the past couple of months, there has been a growing movement in the U.S. to advocate for changes regarding the blockade, OFAC restrictions to travel and positive engagement for collaborations for covid-relief, and more.

The idea is to demonstrate our shared sense of support for Cuba as friends and family by celebrating our unity.  We will have informational material to distribute to others who want to know more about our nation’s current policies.

Across the country, support groups, inspired by the Puentes de Amor organizers in Miami, have dedicated the last Sunday of each month to participate in car caravans or other acts of solidarity that will declare our support and counter the negative messaging that has been constantly used since the Revolution by the U.S. government to attempt a “transition to democracy”.

This event is in the spirit of collaboration with the San Francisco-based car Caravana por Cuba

Host: International Committee for Peace Justice and Dignity

Info: Oakland Gathering to call for the End of the Blockade of Cuba (

13. Sunday, 1:00pm – 3:00pm, Earth Day Celebration & Mural Unveiling In Clarion Alley

In person

Clarion Alley
Between Mission & Valencia Streets & 17th & 18th Streets

Come celebrate Earth Day and the unveiling of Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Area’s new mural, “The world is on fire,” with music performances, art activities, storytelling and some surprises!

David Solnit will perform a “Cantastoria”: a short spoken-word, giant-picture-story “Line 3; Keep It In the Ground”, illustrated with papercuts by Jan Burger of Paperhand Puppet Intervention. ​

​We’ll have a musical performance from Sandra ​and ​Kiki ​of ​​the Sea Stars. ​

​​​The ​Poster Syndicate ​will have a screen printing ​station set up to make posters on-site for you to take home. ​There will be a ​coloring station​​ for children and adults alike, and food from ​Mora Taco Truck​​.

This event is outdoors and COVID-safe, so please follow community health guidelines, wear a mask, and bring hand sanitizer.

Contact for more info about Extinction Rebellion SF Bay Area’s Art Working Group.

Info: (1) Earth Day Celebration & Mural Unveiling In Clarion Alley | Facebook

Tuesday, April 27

14. Tuesday, 11:00am (PT); 2:00pm (ET), Indigenous Women Land Defenders, Protection of Nature & Human Rights, and the Escazú Agreement

Online registration: Meeting Registration – Zoom

This WECAN and and Reacción Climática event is being held during the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII). Spanish, Portuguese and English translation will be provided during the event.

Women are essential leaders across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), mobilizing for the protection and defense of forests and biodiversity, oftentimes leading resistance efforts to defend local territories, holding invaluable knowledge of local ecosystems, and advocating at the international level for further protection of human and Indigenous rights, forests, water, and our global climate.

 Please join the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) and Reacción Climática for “Indigenous Women Land Defenders, Protection of Nature, and the Escazu Agreement’”, an event to learn more about the Escazú Agreement—a critical new environmental policy in the LAC region. We will discuss how this vital piece of legislation can protect diverse ecosystems , the global climate, and Women Environmental and Human Rights Defenders (WEHRD) in their work to defend their rights and lands.

Speakers to date include:

–Patricia Gualinga (Kichwa), Indigenous leader from Sarayaku, Spokeswoman for Mujeres Amazónicas Defensoras de la Selva (Ecuador)

–María Luisa Rafael, Quechua leader, Human Rights and Environmental activist (Bolivia)

— Carol Gonzales, Organizacion de Pueblos Indigenas de la Amazonia Colombiana OPIAC (Colombia)

— Carmen Capriles, Founder of Reacción Climática, WECAN Coordinator for Latin America (Bolivia)

— Osprey Orielle Lake, WECAN Executive Director

During the event, women land defenders and policy advocates will highlight the challenges women face in securing human and Indigenous rights and participating in environmental and climate policy, while also sharing how the Escazú Agreement can be a powerful tool for the protection of human rights, women land defenders, local territories and communities

Info: (1) Indigenous Women Land Defenders, Protection of Nature & Human Rights, and the Escazú Agreement | Facebook

15. Tuesday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Save CCSF’s Registered Nursing Program AFT 2121 Virtual Press Conference

Register: Students, Community, & Faculty Speak Out: Save CCSF’s Registered Nursing Program AFT 2121 Virtual Press Conference Tues 4/27 12-1pm (

Students, Community, & Faculty Speak Out to Save CCSF’s RN program (City College of San Francisco)

CCSF is facing devastating cuts right now of over 50%, and this at exactly the time when our City is going to need accessible higher education most. CCSF is the single largest job/skills trainer in the City. It’s majority student of color, and it’s been a safe harbor for generations. CCSF is how San Francisco can recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

CCSF’s Nursing Program has been a cornerstone of San Francisco’s public health for generations. It’s one of the largest local sources of nurses and the most accessible for students.

City College is threatening to cut Nursing’s enrollment in half, that means half the number of students every year entering the nursing profession. City College is also refusing to address the existing staffing crisis in nursing

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