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A. Workers in Myanmar are risking their lives to fignt against the military coup – May 3, 2021

Workers in Myanmar are risking their lives to fight against the military coup (

B. Detaining “Unaccompanied” Migrant Children in Detention Centers in California?? – May 3, 2021

KPFA Women’s Magazine: Detaining “Unaccompanied” Migrant Children in Detention Centers in California?? (

C. Supes challenge planners over construction on toxic sites – May 2, 2021

Supes challenge planners over construction on toxic sites | 48 hills

D. An Underground Tank Is Leaking Massive Amounts of Radioactive Waste – April 30, 2021

An Underground Tank Is Leaking Massive Amounts of Radioactive Waste (

E. Space weaponization “cannot be walked back” – April 30, 2021

Space weaponization “cannot be walked back” – NationofChange

F. Enlightening documentary examines injustices surrounding misdemeanors – April 30, 2021

Enlightening documentary examines injustices surrounding misdemeanors – The San Francisco Examiner (


1. Tell AG Garland: Extraditing Julian Assange to the US will have Dire Consequences on Global Press Freedom. Drop the Charges!

  SIGN: Tell AG Merrick Garland: Protect Press Freedom & Drop Extradition Proceedings Against Julian Assange (

2. Demand Immigrant Justice Now

  SIGN: Demand Immigrant Justice NOW (

3. Stop Bukele’s Power Grab: Cut U.S. Security Funds to El Salvador


4. Eliminate tax breaks and legal loopholes for big oil and gas!

  SIGN: petition: Eliminate tax breaks and legal loopholes for big oil and gas! (

5. California: Speak Up Against Dangerous Neighborhood Oil Drilling

  SIGN: CALIFORNIA: Speak Up Against Dangerous Neighborhood Oil Drilling! | NRDC


Tuesday, May 4 – Friday, May 7

Tuesday, May 4

1. Tuesday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Moral Emergency Speak-out Against Fatal Police Shooting of Andrew Brown Jr. w/ PPC & NAACP

Livestream here:

Moral Emergency livestream in response to the fatal shooting of Andrew Brown Jr. by law enforcement. Livestream speak-out is organized by Poor People’s Campaign, North Carolina NAACP, pastor at Mount Lebanon AME Zion Church, and other esteemed community leaders.

Pastors in the Elizabeth City area, along with the president of the North Carolina conference of the NAACP and the president of Repairers of the Breach, will meet Tuesday afternoon with attorneys for Andrew Brown Jr., the man shot and killed last week by law enforcement, to declare a “moral emergency” in the country.

Info: Moral Emergency Speak-out Against Fatal Police Shooting of Andrew Brown Jr. w/ PPC & NAACP : Indybay

2. Tuesday, 1:00pm, Speak Out: Tell the SFMTA to End Poverty Tows!


Watch the meeting online:…

Public Comment Call-In: 888.808.6929 / Access Code: 9961164

the SFMTA Board of Directors will be discussing tow policy reform.

Living in San Francisco is already expensive enough: for many working families, it’s almost impossible to afford to live here because of astronomically high housing prices and equally expensive childcare and higher education costs. Towing people’s cars only makes it more difficult for families struggling to get by, particularly Black and Brown communities who are overpoliced.

But every year in San Francisco, our City government tows thousands of cars for non-safety reasons, pushing families deeper into debt and poverty. Every one of these tows is a San Franciscan losing their home, belongings, or ability to work. Ending poverty tows will help working families continue to drive to work, pay their rent and bills, and provide for their families. We must end poverty tows for unpaid parking tickets, expired registration, and parking in one place for more than 72 hours.

Hosts: GLIDE, Coalition on Homelessness, Committee for Civil Rights – SF

Info: (1) Speak Out: Tell the SFMTA to End Poverty Tows! | Facebook

3. Tuesday, 4:00pm, Move our health system to invest in Non-Policing Forms of Public Safety! SF Health Commission Public Comment


How to give public comment:

1.     Call in at 4pm on May 4th, 2021 using our public comment guide: Public Comment Guide 5.04.2021 – Google Docs

2.     Sign up to receive a text alert when public comment begins.

3.     Submit a comment via DPH Must Divest – Health Commission 5/4/21 Public Comment Form 4PM ( and we will read it for you during the meeting.

4.     Email public comment to SF Health Commission at

DPH Must Divest is an abolitionist coalition fighting for safety in our healthcare spaces. We know that in order to imagine a healthcare system without police, we need to invest in people and infrastructures that will keep us safe — this year’s budget cycle we are advocating for DPH to pilot and fund a community safety team of unarmed de-escalators, community-based healthcare doulas to help patients navigate the system, and increased staffing for nurses and medical assistants. As abolitionists, we follow Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s vision that “abolition is about presence, not absence.”  


  • Reduction in the SFSD work order

·       Specialized Patient Experience Staff

·       Expansion of Behavioral Health Response Team


·       Plainclothes law enforcement

·       Expansion of Cadets

·       Contracting a Safety Team instead of investing in Public Jobs


·       Piloting a Publicly-Employed Community Safety Team in Primary Care clinics where there is currently no security with the hopes of eventually expanding across the DPH Network

·       Continuing to Expand Patient Support Roles like a Healthcare Doula

·       Staffing and Safe Working Conditions for Nurses, Medical Assistants, and other Frontline Workers

4. Tuesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Root Causes of Forced Migration: Neoliberalism, Imperialism, and Militarization (Part 1)

Webinar: Root Causes of Forced Migration: Neoliberalism, Imperialism, and Militarization (Part 1) | National Lawyers Guild – Bay Area Chapter Powerbase (

This panel of attorneys and community organizers will discuss the root causes of forced migration and the United States’ role in these causes. We also touch upon the dynamics of white supremacy, xenophobia, and militarization that manifest at the border and within the refugee immigrant experience in the USA.

Featured Panelists:


Join the NLG-SFBA as we seek to confront this urgent issue by learning about historical and current root causes of the crises, current organizing efforts, and how we can all take action by bridging our struggles here and internationally!

Endorsers: AROC, Haiti Action Committee, SOA Watch, BAYAN-USA, Project South, Freedom For Immigrants, Center for Political Education, NGG International Committee

Host: National Lawyers Guild Bay Area Chapter

5. Tuesday, 7:45pm – 12:45am, Fight to Protect Rent Control in Alameda

Virtual register:

Alameda Renters Coalition needs help from social and housing justice allies to fight against this plan to change the CIP formula. It will lead to many evictions of renters who have already suffered through the Covid19 Pandemic Shelter-In-Place.

This benefits the largest corporate landlords.

City Council will consider revisions to the current rent control law that allow for a new Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). ARC has been fighting this plan since it was brought to our attention back in the summer of 2020. We have had numerous meeting with city staff, city councilmembers, and even realtor representatives, but the plan persists.

The proposed Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) plan will allow a landlord to pass-through 100% of the cost of a capital improvement (repair or replacement) that cost at least $25,000,or $2,500 for one unit, TO THE TENANT in addition to the annual allowed rent increase. The proposal would cap the pass-through at 5% per year and allow it to be amortized over at least 15 years and maybe more.

Info: Fight to Protect Rent Control in Alameda : Indybay

Wednesday, May 5

6. Wednesday 8:00am – 9:30am, Vigil for Refugee Rights Stop Child Detention Recognize Asylum

UUSF (outside)
1187 Franklin St. @ Geary Blvd.

On the eve of Mother’s Day weekend, and on the day of Cinco de Mayo, we will make public our call for this country to recognize and comply with the right to Asylum.

Thousands of children are being held in overcrowded centers, separated from their parents, in part, because of a Trump era policy called Title 42 which continues in place after Biden’s 100 days, prohibits adults from accompanying their children across the border to apply for asylum.

Seeking asylum is a human right. And the U.S. bears great responsibility for the conditions that make living in some Central American countries so precarious.

We will have music and pictures. Bring signs. We will reach out to the many hundreds of commuters, many of them immigrant workers, who pass by during rush hour to inform them and enlist them in this effort to make good this country’s moral and political responsibility to provide sanctuary to those who urgently need it.

Host: Unitarian Universalist Society of SF

Info: Vigil for Refugee Rights Stop Child Detention Recognize Asylum : Indybay

7. Wednesday 3:00pm, Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour Thru Akkkademia

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology

See site for map of location

Covid precautions – masks etc

Walk with Indigenous, Black, Brown, Houseless and Disabled Peoples to lay down prayers ,share medicine of Radical redistribution, ComeUnity reparations & take back Culture, Land, Ancestors, neighborhoods, and Knowledge Warehoused, Displaced, Incarcerated and/or Stolen by extractive institutions of knowledge production.

This is not a protest, this is about sharing the medicine of redistribution and community reparations because we are all in a crisis of scarcity, land stealing and wealth-hoarding and need to understand there is a different way to live and walk interdependently

The Stolen Land/hoarded Resources Tours were launched on 2016 MamaEarth Day – by indigenous, Houseless, Disabled Black , Brown and Poor Youth, adults and Elders who “Toured” through gated, poLiced, Guarded and protected neighborhoods of extreme wealth from Park Avenue to SillyCon Valley- loosely based on the Bhoodan Movement of India launched by Vinoba Bhave who walked through India asking wealthy “land-owners” to gift their land back to landless peoples

“Many of us houseless UC students have nowhere else to stay, that’s who UC Berkeley is displacing with their removal plans at Peoples Park,” said Marci, one of the hundreds of unhoused students of UC Berkeley staying parttime at Peoples Park.

Co-sponsored by POORmagazine/PrensaPobre,Indians Organizing for Change ,Krio HopNation SFBayview Newspaper All ComeUnities welcome to walk with us /co-sponsor /pray and /or speak

Info: (3) Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour Thru Akkkademia | Facebook

8. Wednesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives

1 Dr. Carleton B. Goodlett Pl.

Covid precautions

Calling all Indigenous Dancers, Drummers & Singers

In loving remembrance of Jessica Alva, Angela McConnell, and all of our stolen relatives

Hosts: American Indian Cultural District of SF, American Indian Cultural Center of SF, Native Sisters Circle, Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice, Restoring Justice for Indigenous Peoples

Info: (1) National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives | Facebook

Thursday, May 6

9. Thursday, 11:00am-12:30pm (PT); 2:00pm-3:30pm(ET) Visit with Mesarvot ~ Israeli Military Refusers ~

Register for delegation: Virtual Delegation to Mesarvot (

 – Remaining dates: May 6, 8, & 11th

 -$25.00  Cost involved

Mesarvot is a network of Israeli activists that supports conscientious objectors in their refusal to become soldiers and take part in the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. Our goal is to promote a platform for political discussions about Israeli society in general and the military occupation in particular, while providing young refusers with legal, media and personal support. Join us to hear about our activities and our struggle for a just society for everyone between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

On our tour you will get to know some of the strong young leaders in the movement and hear them tell their story. You will hang out with the Shministim, a group of high school students who declare out loud their intention to refuse military service. The tour will also accompany refusers on their enlistment day and join a support protest by the network – standing strong against backlash from Israeli public – and much more!


Yuval Gal Cohen is 25 and refused to join the Israeli military in 2014 but didn’t serve time in Military prison. She has been a part of Mesarvot more or less since the beginning. Yuval is a human rights and climate justice activist in different movements, a singer and an artist.

Host: Eyewitness Palestine

10. Thursday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Mother’s Day Action to End Family Homelessness

Meet at:

Civic Center Plaza – across street for SF City Hall

Let’s decorate City Hall together and tell the City to fund housing for families!

Help the Coalition on Homelessness deliver letters from families experiencing homelessness to the mayor and to the Board of Supervisors.

We are making two demands.

 The first, is that the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing include 512 housing subsidies for families and youth in their budget for next year.

The second demand is that the city implement the funding recommendations made by the Our City Our Home oversight committee, including the requested matching funding for acquisitions.

Host: Coalition on Homelessness

Info: Mother’s Day Action to End Family Homelessness | Facebook

11. Thursday, 12:30pm, Hey MTC! Stop starving our transit! Unlock our transit money NOW!

Meet at Transbay Terminal

Mission & Fremont St. (entrance by the Gondola)

March to:

MTC Headquarters
123 Beale St.

The Salesforce Transit Center is ADA Compliant and can be reached by several transit agencies including AC Transit, MUNI, Golden Gate Transit and more.

Note that transit service has been reduced since the pandemic, and the aim of this action is to get it restored ASAP

Bay Area transit services are passing up thousands of riders each day and yet the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is holding back $1.67 billion in federal stimulus funds which could be used right now to restore service that is vital to our pandemic recovery. They intend to hold back the American Rescue Plan (ARP) instead of using this money for its intended purpose: to fully restore transit service and the economy, and hire more union drivers.

Not only is this a misuse of the stimulus funds, MTC’s actions will deepen our transit crisis as service will not be there as people return to their lives this year, leading to a permanent loss in ridership.

Instead of dealing with today’s crisis, MTC wants to bank that money for a rainy day. It made that decision without talking to transit workers and riders who have been on the frontlines. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE: the agency tasked with saving transit by distributing these funds is instead undermining it. Join us as we demand that MTC release the stimulus funds this year in order to restore transit service NOW!

Speakers will include Liz Ortega of the Alameda Labor Council, Jovanka Beckles of the AC Transit board, and transit rider Regina Islas.

Information about how to livestream this event will be posted in the days leading up to the rally.

Hosts: DSA-San Francisco, Sunflower Alliance + 15 Other groups

Info: Hey MTC! Stop starving our transit! Unlock our transit money NOW! | Facebook

12. Thursday, 4:00pm (PT); 7:00pm (ET), Briefing and Q&A on the ICBM Act to stop the Money Pit Missile

Online register: Meeting Registration – Zoom

Plans for a new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) carrying nuclear warheads are underway. Dubbed the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD), or more properly the Money Pit Missile, this exorbitant boondoggle is meant to replace the Minuteman III missiles housed in silos in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Montana and North Dakota. And it comes with an estimated price tag of $264 billion that’s sure to go up even higher.

Nuclear weapons are not the solution to our real security threats like catastrophic climate change and global health pandemics. In fact, new nuclear weapons make us less secure by destabilizing the world and launching a new arms race.

 join staff from Senator Ed Markey’s (D-MA) and Representative Ro Khanna’s (D-CA) offices for a briefing and strategy discussion on their ICBM Act (Investing in Cures Before Missiles!) to stop the Money Pit Missile and invest in Covid relief instead.

Host: Peace Action

Friday, May 7

13. Friday, 9:00am – 12Noon, #DefundLine3 Protest to Stop the Oil Pipeline

E-Trade Plaza
532 Market St. (Market & Sansome)

a Global Day of Action May 7th – we’ll be mobilizing in San Francisco’s Financial District to send a clear message to the banks and investors that they must #DefundLine3.

Join us at 9am at the corner of Sansome and Market (E-trade Plaza) as we work to
Stop the Money Pipeline. We’ll have plenty of art and signs for people to carry, but feel free to bring any signage that reflects the message of the day– Defund Line 3!

For years, Indigenous communities and allies have been opposing the construction of the Line 3 pipeline, which would transport nearly one million barrels of dirty tar sands oil – every single day. Enbridge Energy, the company building the pipeline, has a terrible environmental track record, and this pipeline would violate several treaties with indigenous communities.

Indigenous-led water protectors and allies in Minnesota are taking action every day to stop the construction of Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline – confronting bulldozers, decision-makers, and the politicians that are putting profit before people. Pipelines take billions of dollars to build – and banks like JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America, TD Ameritrade,
Union Bank – as well as insurers like Liberty Mutual – are bankrolling Line 3.

Host: Stop the Money Pipeline and Partners (see site for organizations)

Info: San Francisco: #DefundLine3 Protest to Stop The Oil Pipeline : Indybay

14. Friday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Shut Down the Police Officers Association

SF Police Officers Association (outside)
800 Bryant St. (@ 6th Street)

Wear mask / social distancing

Last Friday, April 30th the entrance to the POA was boarded up for a second week!

RESIST with Mothers on the March, Black and Brown for Justice, Peace and Equality, Family’s who loved ones have been killed by SFPD, and Community

   – Demand the San Francisco Police Officers Association be Shut Down!

   – The SF Police Officers Association Be Declared a Non Grata Organization

   – Demand the Police Officers Bill of Rights be Abolished.

   – Jail Killer Cops – we want killer cops to be charged with murder.

   – Abolish the Police

After the trial of Chauvin in MN it is clear that ABOLISHION of the police with community control is the solution!

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