Update: BLOCK THE BOAT- 4:00pm, Friday, Picket at Port of Oakland ~ End Israeli Apaartheid’ (from Adrienne Fong)

Update info from AROC: (1) AROC: Arab Resource & Organizing Center | Facebook



Friday, June 4th

4:00pm Picket

Port of Oakland

We’ve declared victory for the morning shift! The terminal has been shut down and workers honored our picket! The Israeli operated ship was not unloaded! Six gates were blocked this morning.

We need ppl at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland at 4pm for the next shift. Details at bit.ly/btbaccess

FOR UPDATES TEXT(812) 562-5946 

Shuttles: Will start at 3:00pm from West Oakland BART! to Port of Oakland gates.

Other Photos by Brooke Anderson Photograpy: Facebook

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