Update on #BLOCKTHEBOAT Seattle ~ Article + Emergency Update re arrest (from Adrienne Fong)

Article with photos:

‘Stop taking anything from Israel’: Block the Boat movement aims to halt cargo ship at Seattle Port – June 17, 2021


EMERGENCY UPDATE From June 17th – 11:30pm

 Our community protest tonight was violently broken up by the police. At least 8 of us are currently in jail. We picketed against an apartheid-profiteering ship that had already been officially asked to leave the port, arm in arm with several city council members, and with the solidarity of dock workers, truckers, and thousands of community members.

These brutal tactics show the true face of ZIM; and the complicit relationship between Zionist attacks in Palestine and police brutality here in Seattle. Don’t let them get away with it!

 Please call the King County Sheriff’s office and King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office as soon as you can and demand the release of the peaceful protesters whose only crime was to stand up to Israeli apartheid.

King County Sheriff – (206) 296-3311  Sheriffs Dept. say the Seattle police dept. made the arrest Tel.# (206) 625-5011 

King County Prosecuting Attorney – (206) 296-9000

#BlockTheBoat #BDS #ShutDownApartheid

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