Republican’s top ally says Jews aren’t welcome in conservative movement: ‘This is an explicitly Christian country’

Brad Reed

July 27, 2022 (

Republican's top ally says Jews aren't welcome in conservative movement: 'This is an explicitly Christian country'

Doug Mastriano. (US Army photo)

A top ally for the Republican Party’s nominee for Pennsylvania’s governor has now explicitly said that Jews should not be welcome into the American conservative movement unless they convert to Christianity.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Andrew Torba, the founder of the far-right Gab social media website that Mastriano has used to promote his campaign for governor, said recently that he believes American conservatism should be for Christians only, and that conservatives should reject right-wing Jewish figures such as Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin.

“We don’t want people who are Jewish,” he said. “We don’t want people who are, you know, nonbelievers, agnostic, whatever. This is an explicitly Christian movement because this is an explicitly Christian country. We’re not saying we’re going to deport all these people or whatever. You’re free to stay here. You’re not going to be forced to convert or anything like this because that’s not biblical whatsoever. But you’re going to enjoy the fruits of living in a Christian society under Christian laws and under a Christian culture and you can thank us later.”

Torba also explained why he believed that it was so important for Mastriano to win, as he believed it would pave the way for a full-blown theocracy.

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“This is the most important election of the 2022 midterms because Doug is an outspoken Christian,” he said. “He’s going to turn this state around for the glory of God. That is the mission here folks.”

Mastriano has been slammed even by some Republicans for his extremist ideology, as he has openly embraced the Christian nationalist movement and attended a QAnon-promoting conference earlier this year.

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