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By Adrienne Fong


A. Chesa Boudin Won’t Run For DA Again In November…August 4, 2022

B. Today, Ukraine bombed a Donetsk hotel full of journalists – here’s what it felt like to be there – August 4, 2022

   By: Eva K. Bartlett

C Officials Decide to Pause Housing Construction at People’s Park – August 3, 2022

Officials Decide to Pause Housing Construction at People’s Park – NBC Bay Area

Check for updates:People’s Park – People’s Park, Berkeley, California – Community, History, Trees, Green Space, Free Speech, Social Justice, Civil Rights, Gardens, Music, Art, Style, Freebox, Recreation, Ecology, Education, Sports (

EMERGENCY ALERT: TEXT “SAVETHEPARK” TO 74121  to get on the list

D. ‘Ugly American’: Nancy Pelosi Taiwan visit sparks pro-China protests – August 2, 2022

E. Explore: Almost 14,000 eviction notices served in SF public housing over 5 years  – August 2, 2022

Explore: Almost 14,000 eviction notices served in SF public housing over 5 years – Mission Local

F. Failure to Disclose Evidence in Murder Case Led to Full Review of DA Brooke Jenkins’ Work Under Chesa Boudin

Failure in Murder Case Led to Review of DA Jenkins’ Work Under Boudin (

  See event # 2

G. Nancy Pelosi’s Planned Trip to Taiwan Enrages SF Anti-War Activists – August 1, 2022

Nancy Pelosi’s Planned Trip to Taiwan Enrages SF Anti-War Activists – The San Francisco Standard (

H. ‘I’m 61, and I’m going to be homeless for the first time in my life’: S.F. co-op residents face eviction on odd technicality  – July 30, 2022

   See event # 1


1. Stop Black displacement in the Fillmore!

  SIGN: Stop Unfair Evictions of Black Residents in the Fillmore – Action Network

2. Tell EPA to Fully Restore State, Tribal, and Community Rights Under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act

  SIGN: Waterkeeper Alliance | Tell EPA to Fully Restore State, Tribal, and Community Rights Under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act (

3. End U.S. Military & Security Aid to El Salvador & Central America


4. Amazon Could Be Giving Away Your Private Doorbell Footage to Police Without Your Consent.

  SIGN: petition: Amazon Could Be Giving Away Your Private Doorbell Footage to Police Without Your Consent. (

Scheduled Executions for August ~ Click on names to sign the petitions

August 17, 2022: Kosoul Chanthakoummane in Texas 

   Kosoul Chanthakoummane has asserted that he is actually innocent since he was arrested for the murder of Sarah Walker in 2006.

First, know that Joseph Walker, the father of Sarah Walker, opposed the death penalty in this case and had reason to question whether prosecutors and police had the right suspect. Mr. Walker was not permitted to testify in the victim impact portion of the sentencing phase of Mr. Chanthakoummane’s trial.

August 25, 2022: James Coddington in Oklahoma


Friday, August 5 – Sunday, August 7

Friday, August 5

1. Friday, 10:00am, Stop Evictions at  King-Garvey Apartments

In Person

King-Garvey Apts. Courtyard
Eddy & Pierce St.

For more information contact


 At least five long-term African-American residents there are facing eviction by property manager Kalco Properties. Some have lived at King-Garvey for decades, including Richard Henegan, who has lived in his home at King-Garvey for 54 years . Richard is facing eviction on August 10. 

We are demanding that Kalco take displacement off the table and agree to meet with my office and resident representatives to resolve the underlying issues.

Join Supervisors Dean Preston & Shamann Walton, King-Garvey co-op residents and community

leaders to stop unfair evictions.


2. Friday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm – Mothers On The March – Will be in front of DA Jenkins Office

In person

350 Rhode Island (North Building)

SF MUNI # 22 Fillmore line

Stand up to say:







in our






Since appointed district attorney by Mayor Breed, DA Jenkins has made 3-4 visits to SF Chinatown for ‘Stop Asian Hate’. She is pitting the Asian, Black, & Brown communities against one another which promotes more hate.

 Many of the people she visited also worked in the recall campaign, as she did, of DA Boudin and some have supported the hate messages to Supervisor Mar.

Below are a few facts (If U want the complete list let me know)

Expose the truth about the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office

LIE: “Chesa Boudin prosecuted only 14% of domestic violence cases.”

FACT: It’s a cherry-picked stat from a single quarter in 2020 (during the height of a COVID surge). The actual overall prosecution rate for domestic violence cases is 30.72%. In 2021, the rate was 36.71%; in 2022, it’s been 47.02%. By comparison, from 2011 – to 2019, the filing rate was 32.49%. (Source: DA Data Dashboard)

LIE: “A small business was forced to close because Chesa Boudin wouldn’t prosecute drug dealers.”

FACT: That small business closed in September 2019 – before Boudin was elected, let alone sworn in. In response to a reporter’s inquiry, “Neither Safer SF nor Young disputed that Mr. Smith’s closed before Boudin took office, nor did they directly respond to characterizations that the ad is misleading.”

LIE: “He hasn’t prosecuted a single drug dealer, despite drug overdoses causing two times as many deaths as COVID-19.”

FACT: Under Boudin, the SF District Attorney’s Office has prosecuted over 1,100 narcotics cases, and has secured hundreds of convictions. (Source: SFDA Narcotics Fact Sheet)

 LIE: “Almost half of San Francisco’s prosecutors have resigned”

 FACT: Turnover in the office was the same in 2020 and 2021 under Boudin as in 2018 and 2019 under Gascon. Boudin has also recruited and hired talented attorneys from across the state including experts in their field and former prosecutors from San Francisco and other counties. (Source: SF HR Department)

Here’s the bottom line: The recall effort was about Chesa’s record, and they lied about San Francisco. Worse yet, they spent MILLIONS of dollars spreading these lies. Chesa Boudin is proud of his record dramatically expanding the number of Chinese and Asian staff in his office, increasing language access with a first-in-the-state policy, to require court-certified interpreters be requested for any victim who wants to watch their case move through the court system, and he’s proud of his record prosecuting and holding people accountable who victimize Asian elders.

All are welcomed

Host: Mothers On The March

Saturday, August 6

Anniversary of Hiroshima

3. Saturday, 9:00am, Virtual Rally & Action For Nuclear Disarmament

View online or archived at: August Rally – August Rally – Enlightened Films

Speakers and musicians include:

Pentagon planner and whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg

Nagasaki survivor Nobu Hanaoka

Russian peace and democracy activist Natalia Mironova

Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab watchdog Marylia Kelley

And more

Info: August Rally – Enlightened Films

4. Saturday, 9:30am – 1:30pm, End Climate Chaos: 10th Anniversary of Richmond Explosion 

In person

9:30am @Richmond BART to Gate 14 @ Chevron

11:00am Keller Beach – site of February 2021 Chevron Oil Spill to meet kayakers coming on shore

Judge George Carroll PARK
12:00pm to converge with rest of community marching to Chevron’s main gate

GATE 14 @ Chevron
12:45pm Full group unites for mural and fencelines art

 Saturday, August 6, hundreds of Richmond residents are coming together to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the 2012 Chevron Refinery Fire. We will be marching to Chevron to send a message that we REFUSE another 120 years of violence on our bodies, our communities, our air.

On August 6, 2012, a massive fire tore through the Chevron Richmond refinery, sending a huge plume of black smoke over West Contra Costa County. The fire blanketed neighborhoods in black smoke and the sky turned dark as the smoke blocked out the sun. 15,000 residents sought medical treatment, and many report developing long-term respiratory issues as a result.

In the aftermath of the fire, thousands of people mobilized to City Hall, demanding that our politicians and air regulators take real action to hold Chevron accountable and protect the health and safety of workers and communities. Investigators with Cal/OSHA and the U.S. Chemical Safety Board found that Chevron had ignored a decade of warnings about severe corrosion in the pipe that caused the refinery fire.

Host: Richmond Our Power Coalition

Info: End Climate Chaos: 10th Anniversary of Richmond Explosion : Indybay

5. Saturday, 10:00am – 12Noon, CCSF (City College of SF) Enrollment Kickoff with AFT 2121

In person

Meet by the Hidalgo Statue near the Church & 19th St entrance to Dolores Park


RSVP: Talk to your Community about Leveling Up at City College—AFT 2121 Enrollment Campaign RSVP #CCSFintheCity (

Pick up a poster for your home, and then join CCSF staff, faculty, students, and others in distributing posters to the people of San Francisco.  

The faculty union of City College, AFT 2121 is launching #CCSFintheCity, an art project enrollment campaign designed to remind San Franciscans of everything City College has to offer. From Biotech, Auto Repair, & Nursing to Firefighting, ESL, and Dance, City College is the largest and most accessible for new job skills, passions, & degrees in this city. And, best of all, it’s free.


Sunday, August 7

6. Sunday, 12N00n – 2:00pm, Honoring Pan African Women’s Day and The Haitian Revolution in Black August

In person

Liberation Park
7101 Foothill Blvd.,
Oakland, CA 94605

Join the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) and its women’s wing, the All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (A-AWRU) for its Pan-African Women’s Day celebration 2022 in collaboration with the Haiti Action Committe and the Black Cultural Zone

For More Information: 510.388.4022

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