Milk Club PAC recommendations

The Milk PAC’s recommendations are:  

Local Races & Measures

  • Board of Supervisors
    • District 2:  PAC has no recommendation  
    • District 4:  PAC recommends Gordon Mar
    • District 6:  PAC recommendsHoney Mahogany 
    • District 8:  PAC recommends Rafael Mandelman
    • District 10:  PAC recommends Shamann Walton
  • District Attorney:  PAC has no recommendation 
  • Public Defender:  PAC recommends Mano Raju 
  • School Board:  PAC recommends Alida Fisher & Karen Fleshman
  • City College Board:  PAC recommends Vickie Van Chung, Anita Martinez, Susan Solomon
  • Assessor-Recorder:  PAC recommends Joaquin Torres
  • Ballot Measures
    • PAC has no position on: 
      • City Approval of Affordable Housing
      • Homelessness OversightCommission 
    • PAC recommends yes on: 
      • Affordable Housing Production Act
      • Library Preservation Fund
      • Public Works Department and Commission, Sanitation and Streets Department Commission
      • City Elections in Even-Numbered Years
      • Retiree Supplemental Cost of Living Adjustment; Retirement Board Contract with Executive Director
      • Student Success Fund 
      • Tax on Keeping Residential Units Vacant
      • Gross Receipts Taxes for Guaranteed Income Programs & Small Business Assistance 
      • Additional Parcel Tax for City College 
      • Ordinance: Golden Gate Park Underground Parking Facility; Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority
      • Ordinance: Golden Gate Park Access and Safety Program 
      • Sales Tax for Transportation Authority
    • PAC recommends no on: 
      • Uses of the Great Highway and JFK Drive

State Races & Measures 

  • Assembly District 17:  PAC recommends Matt Haney 
  • Board of Equalization Member, District 2:  PAC recommends Sally J. Leiber
  • BART Director, District 8:  PAC recommends Janice Li
  • Lieutenant Governor:  PAC recommends Eleni Kounalakis
  • Treasurer:  PAC has no recommendation 
  • Ballot Measures: 
    • PAC recommends yes on:
      • Proposition 1, which would codify reproductive freedom under the California Constitution 
      • Proposition 26, which would allow federally recognized Native American tribes to operate roulette, dice games, wagering on tribal lands
      • Proposition 28, which would provide additional arts and music education funding to public schools
      • Proposition 29, which would require kidney dialysis centers to have licensed medical professionals on-site and other regulations
      • Proposition 30, which would increase tax on personal income above $2 million to fund programs to reduce green gas emissions
    • PAC recommends no on:
      • Proposition 27, which would legalize online and mobile sports betting over the internet and mobile devices 
      • Proposition 31, which is a referendum challenging a 2020 law prohibiting the retail sale of certain flavored tobacco 

East Bay Races 

  • Alameda County Board of Supervisors, District 3:  PAC recommends Rebecca Kaplan
  • AC Transit Board of Directors At-Large:  PAC recommends Alfred Twu

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