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By Adrienne Fong

Am not back posting on a regular basis

Please hold the following people in your thoughts:

Victor Picazo, dealing with health complications

Francis Collins, who remains hospitalized

Susan Witka, as she recovers from surgery

Jackie Barshak, battling stage 4 metastatic lung cancer, as she continues chemo therapy.

Melvin Starks recently released from the hospital!

   – Still needs housing!

Rodger Scott as he gains strength. Open site to see telephone number Meal Train for Rodger Scott

   He welcomes noon time visits

 Good visiting time is early afternoon around 1pm to 2pm, please see calendar to choose a day. Also, Rodger has a meal service and bringing meals is not necessary.

Hold the people:

– in Pakistan, Mississippi and Kentucky in your thoughts as they are experience extreme flooding

-in Africa in your thoughts as they are experiencing drought and famine..

In Puerto Rico and the Dominican  Republic affected by Hurricanes

in Yemen

Please include Accessibility and ASL info in your events! And if your action is ‘child friendly’ This is a JUSTICE issue!!

*** ASL interpretation – Let me know if your event needs this service .***

Please post your actions on Indybay:

 See Indybay  for  other listings of events


A. Defensive West Smears Samarkand Summit – September 21, 2022

B. Dawn of new surveillance era in San Francisco: camera monitoring policy passes Board of Supervisors – September 21, 2022

Dawn of new surveillance era in San Francisco: camera monitoring policy passes Board of Supervisors | News |

  – Only 4 SF Supervisors voted against this!

C. NY Times claim that Russia drove attacks on Linda Sarsour is nonsense – September 21, 2022

NY Times claim that Russia drove attacks on Linda Sarsour is nonsense | The Electronic Intifada

D. Pentagon Opens Review Of Its Clandestine Psychological Operations – September 19, 2022

E. ‘The Door’s Been Shut’: Aunt of Man Killed by SFPD Says First Meeting With DA Jenkins Hints at Lighter Touch to Prosecuting Police – September 19, 2022

‘The Door’s Been Shut’: Aunt of Man Killed by SFPD Says First Meeting With DA Jenkins Hints at Lighter Touch to Prosecuting Police | KQED


1. Cuba is our Friend Not our Enemy

  SIGN: Cuba is our Friend Not our Enemy (

Take Cuba off the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

Lift the 243 Sanctions Imposed by Donald Trump. 

End the Embargo!

Cuba has lived for 60 years under the  US Embargo and its harsh sanctions on economic, financial, commercial and travel.  In today’s dollars it has cost the Cuban people almost 2 billion dollars.   

Scheduled Execution (Petitions) for October

 – Click on the name to sign the petition

2. October 5, 2022 at 6:00 pm CDT:
John Ramirez in Texas


Thursday, September 22 –Monday, September 26

Thursday, September 22, 2022

1. Thursday, 12Noon – 1:00pm,  SF Chronicle: End Your Silence On The Jailing and Extradition of Julian Assange!

In person

SF Chronicle Building
5th Street & Mission

Press Conference/Speak Out at SF Chronicle on September 22, 2022 12:00 Noon.

The continued incarceration and possible extradition of Australian journalist and publisher Julian Assange is a threat not only to all journalists in the world but publishers such as the SF Chronicle.

Using the Espionage Act, even though he is not a US citizen, the US government is prosecuting the supposed crime of releasing documents that expose war crimes and atrocities committed by the US war machine in Iraq.

Of course the perpetrators of the US crimes in Iraq have never been proscuted but the whistleblower Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, is being prosecuted.

We must raise our voices to defend whistleblowers and independent journalists being censored and persecuted for revealing the truth and reporting on issues that people need to know.

Assange is a member of the Australian journnalist’s union MEAA member since 2007. The Pacific Media Workers Guild, which represents journalists at the San Francisco Chronicle, and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) have also calld for his freedom. Nearly all journalist unions throughout the world are demanding his freedom.

We urge the San Francisco Chronicle and all news publishers both print and online to join the call for his freedom.

Host: Bay Area Committee to Free Julian Assange

Info: Press Conference: SF Chronicle-End Your Silence On The Jailing And Extradition Of Julian Assange : Indybay

2. Thursday, 7:00pm, Political Discussion – With Hunger Striker Mama Cristina for Workers Rights to Organize

In person

Black & Brown Social Club
474 Valencia St.

Tonight at 7pm. While Mama Cristina is on day 3 of her hunger strike for workers rights. Come out & build on next steps with the community. 

All are welcomed to support the Hunger Strike for Non-Profit Workers Rights to Organize

Host: Mothers On The March

Info: (2) Facebook

Friday, September 23

3. Friday, 10:00am, No to Coal – Yes to Life Climate Strike

In person

Oscar Grant Plaza

No details provided

Host: Youth Vs. Apocalpse

Info: (2) No to Coal – Yes to Life Climate Strike | Facebook

4. Friday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, JUSTICE NOT interim SF DA Brooke Jenkins

In person

SF interim DA Brooke Jenkins Office
350 Rhode Island

Stand up for REAL JUSTICE NOT Brooke Jenkins! with Mothers On The March and the Community at interim Brooke Jenkins office.

At Manny’s a couple weeks ago Jenkins claims that nobody has demonstrated against her and that she has no idea why people at Manny’s were demonstrating. (another lie of hers)

We need to resist and expose her agenda:

  – For not holding police accountable for abusing and killing people in our communities, she fired lawyers who were in various phases of the trial process of holding sfpd accountable for murdering people in our communities.

  -For her deceit of San Franciscans, from the time the Guido trial didn’t go her way and she quit the DA’s office till the lies she continues to build in her campaign.

  -For contributing more to AAPI Hate by dividing the Black, Brown and Asian communities.

Saturday, September 24

5. Saturday, 1:00pm – 3:00pm, Standing Tall Demanding Justice Celebrating The “Comfort Women” Memorials Anniversary

In person

St. Mary’s Square
California & Quincy

SF 5th anniversary and the 3rd anniversary of our sister statue in Seoul

Hear from our keynote speaker, Chief Justice Abby Abinanti, as well as others

Celebrate the determination and resistance of the “comfort women” survivors who continue to demand justice and full accountability from Japan.

Together we recommit ourselves to fight for an end to racial and gender violence

Host: Comfort Women Justice Coalition

Info: Comfort Women Justice Coalition | Facebook  or  5th Anniversary Celebration of the SF Bay Area “Comfort Women” Memorial. : Indybay

6. Saturday, 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Abort the “Walk for Life” organizing meeting

In person

17th Street & Folsom (inside the park)

Meeting is outside – wear mask

Every January since 2005, San Francisco has been invaded by fascistic fetus worshippers for what they call the “Walk for Life.” In 2008, over 10,000 fetus fascists were bussed in from all over California and beyond. In 2011, 40,000 people showed up. They do this because they are dedicated to controlling our bodies and upholding imperialist traditions of Christo faschism. 

They are returning on January 21, 2023, this time emboldened by the Supreme KKKourt. 

These fetus fetishists do not act alone, and the spread of their harmful and homicidal ideas are aided by the State, city officials, and all forms of police. For them “life is precious”, unless that life is a woman, Black, brown, Indigenous, poor, unhoused, mad, queer, trans, and/or locked up. The last thing these fascistic monsters want us to do is bridge the connections between gender self-determination and all forms of body autonomy.

The recent abortion ruling is connected to the rise of anti-gay and anti-trans bills . These laws expand the State’s ability to terrorize trans people (especially young people) by further restricting and criminalizing already insufficient gender affirming care. Make no mistake, it’s going to be the police coming for people—trans or not—for having abortions and/or receiving gender affirming care. The same police that kill Black and brown trans people, sweep the lives of our unhoused neighbors, lock us up for using drugs, being mad and poor, all while they steal billions while being backed by tech and celebrated by politicians.

Trans liberation, pro-abortion politics, and prison abolition are connected to all these histories and futures that we care about.

These “pro-lifers”, Christo fascists, and politicians think they’ve already made all these decisions for us, but we are here to tell them how fucking wrong they are. For us, for our safety, and the safety of our communities.

If we want to organize against these fetus worshippers, we need strength in numbers—a coalition to confront the fascists in January 2023. If you are in the Bay Area, come to our first coalition meeting. We will have an agenda, so email us what you think should be on it! 


Host: Gay Shame

Info: Abort the “Walk for Life” organizing meeting : Indybay

Sunday, September 25

7. Sunday, 1:00pm, Turning ideas into action: Taking To the Streets with FSP


via Zoom, Register in advance:

It’s been a busy summer fighting the fascists, building a movement for reproductive justice, picketing with striking workers, linking up with other leftists, and meeting new activists. Find out about the Freedom Socialist Party’s recent revolutionary feminist campaigns and actions and learn how you can get involved!

For more event information:

Info: Turning ideas into action: Taking to the streets with the FSP : Indybay

8. Sunday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Surge of Book Banning: Ominous Move toward Fascist America – Panel Discussion

In person

Revolution Books
2444 Durant Ave.

A Surge of Book Banning: An Ominous Move toward a Fascist America. Needed: Resistance – and Revolution! with teacher/resister Summer Boismier, author Julia Scheeres, librarian Sheila Dickinson, & the staff of Revolution Books

We will read from some of the targeted books and discuss the epidemic of book banning, where it comes from, where it leads, and the resistance to it that is happening.

For more event information:

Info: Surge of Book Banning: Ominous Move toward Fascist America Panel Discussion : Indybay

Monday, September 26

9. Monday, 12Noon – 1:30pm, No Honors & State Funeral For War Monger & Denialist Former Japanese Prive Minister Shinzo

In person

SF Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St. (nr. California)

The assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister has exposed the relationship of him and the Liberal Democratic Party to the Moonies. His assassination by a family member of the Moonies who had been fleeced by this rightwing religious cult based in Korea has also exposed the pro-war agenda of Abe and LDP government which is also the ideology of the Moonies.

Abe and the LDP have supported the militarization of Japan and US military bases in Okinawa and continue to push for US military presence in Japan and Okinawa including with nuclear weapons. The Abe government in its drive for war has also spent $500 million to stop memorials for the Comfort Women in San Francisco and around the world. The Comfort Women were women in Asian who were enslaved by the Japanese Imperial Army for sexual exploitation during the war.

This denialism is also connected to the efforts of Abe and the LDP to cover-up the Fukushima nuclear disaster and claim that it has been “decontaminated” which is a lie. The LDP also plans to release 1.3 million tons of radioactive water with tritium into the Pacific Ocean

Initial Endorser: No Nukes Action ( Eclipse Rising, Comfort Women Justice Coalition
United Front Committee for Labor Party

Info: No Honors & State Funeral For War Monger & Denialist Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo : Indybay

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