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By Adrienne Fong

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Missouri Prepares to Execute Leonard “Raheem” Taylor (

  See Petition # 1

  Leonard “Raheem” Taylor is scheduled for execution on Tuesday, but the state’s case against him doesn’t add up.

B. Caitlin Johnstone: War Machine vs. Balloons February 4, 2023

C. Palestinians File Objection to US Embassy in Jerusalem  – February 3, 2023

D. Filipino movements protest Marcos Jr’s decision to further open up to US military  – February 3, 2023

E. Sixth Memphis police officer fired after death of Tyre Nichols – February 3, 2023



Memphis Police Chief Trained With Israel Security Forces (

G. Here are the names and faces of 35 Palestinians killed in January – February 1, 2023

Here are the names and faces of 35 Palestinians killed in January | Middle East Eye

H. Attorneys for Kevin Cooper Respond to Special Counsel Report – January 30, 2023

Attorneys for Kevin Cooper Respond to Special Counsel Report | Death Penalty Information Center


1. Stop the Execution of Leonard “Raheem” Taylor in Missouri

   SIGN: Stop the Execution of Leonard “Raheem” Taylor in Missouri – Action Network

2. Tell the Atlanta Police Foundation: Stop Cop City and Resign!

  SIGN: Tell the Atlanta Police Foundation: Stop Cop City and Resign! – Action Network

3. Push back against state attempts to ban Black history


4. Just Say NO to a national sales tax

  SIGN: : Sign and send the petition: JUST SAY NO to a national sales tax (

5. ExxonMobil: stop sales of jet fuel to Myanmar military

  SIGN: ExxonMobil: stop sales of jet fuel to Myanmar military – Action Network


Monday, February 6 – Thursday, February9

Monday, February 6

1. Monday, 8:30am, Court Support for Sergio Sosa and the Right for Workers to Organize and Anti-SLAP Motion

San Francisco Superior Court
400 McAllister (@ Polk St.), 5th Floor – Rm. 514

We will meet outside at 8:30am – if you are late take the elevator up to the 5th Fl.

Peoples presence in court has an impact.

Brief history

 – Last year Sergio Sosa was an emplolyee at the non-profit, La Raza Community Resource Center, and manager of their food distribution  (in the Mission District). He  along with several employees organized a picket in front of the center when their concerns about serious issues from the mis-management of programs, finances and treatment of staff by the Executive Director Gabriel Medina were not heard. The employees took their concerns to the board of directors of Centro Del Pueblo. Their concerns were once again not heard.

They formed a picket once a week outside of 474 Valencia St. during their lunch hour.

Sergio Sosa and an attorney with the organization were initially fired. Since then other employees have also been fired.

Sergio’s reputation has been falsely tarnished by Gabriel Medina

Some community members continued the picket Medina has harassed some of the people picketing.

As a last resort to call attention to the situation a hunger strike by Maria Cristina Guiterriez was started and continued for 15 days.

Gabriel Medina continues to mis-manage La Raza Community Resource Center. Many of the workers are immigrants whose livilhoods depend on their jobs at the center.

Please come out to support the Right of Workers to Organize!


La Raza employees call for executive director’s ouster – March 1, 2022

La Raza loses $8M in grants following internal controversies – March 24, 2022

2. Monday, 10:00am, Tell SF BoS Rules Committee To Keep Remote Public Comment at City Meetings

In person or online

In person:

SF City Hall – Rm 250
1 Dr. Carleton B. Goodlett Pl

REMOTE ACCESS WATCH SF Cable Channel 26, 28, 78 or 99 (depending on provider) WATCH

Phone in public comment at 415-655-0001, then 2498 811 4462, then #,#. Press *3 when this item is announced, begin speaking when you hear “Your line has been unmuted.

Agenda: Meeting Agenda (

Supervisors on Rules Committee:

Matt Dorsey


  Tel: (415) 554-7970 

Shamann Walton


  Tel: (415) 554-7670

Ahsha Safai


 Tel. (415) 554-6975 –

The option of calling in, rather than having to come down to City Hall, makes it possible for so many people to share their input and perspectives, including disabled people, parents, working people, seniors, people who live far from City Hall, and others who are usually less likely to be heard.

221008 [Limiting Teleconferencing and Remote Public Comment at Meetings of the Board of Supervisors and its Committees] Sponsor: Mandelman

 Motion discontinuing remote participation by members of the Board of Supervisors (“Board”) at meetings of the Board and its committees for reasons related to COVID-19; and discontinuing remote public comment by members of the public at meetings of the Board and its committees, except as legally required to enable people with disabilities to participate in such meetings.

Info: Gray Panthers and Senior Disability Action

3. Monday, 11:00am, Demand a meeting with Consulate General Neil Ferrer!

In person

San Francisco Philippine Consulate
447 Sutter St.


On Wednesday, February 1, 2023, Philippine human rights advocates and members of the Justice for Brandon Lee Campaign accompanied Brandon to demand a meeting with Consul General Neil Ferrer of the San Francisco Philippine Consulate. Brandon and the delegation wanted to meet with Con Gen Ferrer regarding the new Commission on Human Rights Report on Brandon’s case, as well as share concerns around the Anti-Terror Law, red-tagging, and surveillance in our community.

The delegation was once again denied a meeting with Con Gen Ferrer, and instead a consulate staff noted the concerns of the delegation and said that these concerns will be relayed to the Consul General. This marks the fourth time Brandon was denied a face-to-face meeting with Con Gen Ferrer and only the second sit-down meeting inside the Philippine Consulate. 

It has been over a year and half since Deputy Consul General Raquel Solano met with Brandon and said that the San Francisco Philippine Consulate would follow up on his case, but there have been no communications with Brandon since then.

After meeting with the consulate staff, Brandon shared, “I was able to assert more of my story. I looked at her and hoped she felt my humanity as I shared my experience.” While each member of the delegation was able to share their points and concerns with the consulate staff, we continue to push for an in-person meeting with Con Gen Ferrer himself to hear Brandon’s story and own the responsibility to help push Brandon’s case forward. We also aim to hold Con Gen Ferrer accountable for hosting members of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) on their speaking tour in the United States. The NTF-ELCAC regularly red-tags human rights defenders in the Philippines, just like Brandon.

The NTF-ELCAC in Northern Luzon targeted the province of Ifugao for neutralization resulting in the assassination attempt on Brandon’s life in his work in the Ifugao Peasant Movement and the Cordillera Peoples Alliance-Ifugao chapter. Prior to the attempted assassination, Brandon was red-tagged and faced ongoing harassment. The NTF-ELCAC is now operating in the United States openly targeting dissenters and critics of the U.S.-Duterte and now Marcos Regime.

Please join Brandon Lee on February 6, 2023 in demanding a meeting with Consulate General Neil Ferrer to investigate the attempted assassination, to expose the role of the Consul General in ushering in state surveillance on our people’s organizations here in the U.S., to improve services for Filipinos in the United States, to address the 2022 Philippine electoral fraud, to Free Jen Awingan, and to drop all charges against the 7 Northern Luzon activists.

4. Monday, 11:15am, Youth Organized Block Party – Vigil in Memory of Tyle Nichols

In person

Oakland Tech
45th & Broadway

Wear all black. Free food, music, and art will be available. Come out to celebrate and mourn Tyre’s life ❤️

Host: OTHS Students in collaboration with APTP

Info: Facebook 

5. Monday, 5:00pm, San Francisco Rally to Demand the Immediate Release of Leonard Peltier

In person

SF Federal Building
7th Street & Mission

February 6 will mark the 48th anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of Leonard Peltier, who remains in U.S. federal prison in Florida, despite national and worldwide demands for his freedom. 

Host: ANSWER Coalition

Tuesday, February 7

6. Tuesday, 4:00pm, Laguna Honda – Health Commission Meeting

In person

101 Grove St., Rm 300


Members of the public may attend the meeting in person at 101 Grove Street, room 300, or view the meeting via the links below. Anyone attending the meeting in person is required to wear a mask throughout the meeting. NOTE: Depending on your broadband/WIFI connection, there may be a delay when viewing the meeting live.

 PUBLIC COMMENT CALL-IN: 415-655-0003/ Access Code: 2459 027 3114 After entering the access code, press # twice to listen to the meeting (There is no delay when listening to the meeting using this number.

Agenda: Edward A (

Wednesday, February 8

7. Wednesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, SF Living Wage Coalition Meeting

Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting and the agenda. We will resend the
information on the day of the meeting.
The Living Wage Coalition is building a grassroots movement of low-wage
workers and their allies to win economic justice.  Anyone who works full
time should be able to survive on what they earn and support themselves
and their children.  We are engaged in a transformative rethinking of
the economy that makes the goals of public policy living wage jobs for
all. Come to be a part of discussing next steps in pursuing an economic
justice agenda.
Thursday, February 9
8. Thursday, 5:00pm – 8:00pm, Community Meeting RE: 24th & Mission St.
In person  
Mission Cultural Center For Latino Arts
2868 Mission Street
Join us to complete our community process to
create and implement a community-led plan for
24th and Mission Street
Come prepared to actively participate in one of the working groups
Bring constructive ideas 
Info: Bing
9. Thursday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Vigil in Memory of Willie McCoy
In person & on/off facebook
974 Admiral Callaghan Lane
We will be gathering to hold space to honor the life of Willie McCoy. Willie was murdered by Vallejo PD’s badge bending gang when they found him asleep in the Taco Bell drive through. They fired 55 shots into Willie’s car, as he started to wake up.  
Info: Vigil in Memory of Willie McCoy | Facebook  
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