The Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club March 2024 Endorsements

Federal Office
U.S. Senate – Barbara Lee

U.S. House of Representatives (CA-15) – Kevin Mullin

State Office
California State Assembly (AD-17) – Matt Haney

California State Assembly (AD-19) – Catherine Stefani

Local Office
San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Seat 1 – Albert “Chip” Zecher 

San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Seat 13 – Jean Myungjin Roland

State Ballot Measures
Prop 1: Change the funding structure and name of the Mental Health Services Act and issue bonds for veteran housing and homeless projects – YES

San Francisco Local Ballot Measures

Prop A: General Obligation Affordable Housing Bond – YES

Prop B: Minimum Police Department Staffing and Five-Year Annual Funding Requirement – NO

Prop C: Transfer Tax Exemption Conversion to Residential Use; Office Development Allocations – YES

Prop D: Gift Prohibitions and Reporting, Bribery, Ethics, Training, Incompatible Activities, and Amendment Process –  No endorsement

Prop E: Police Department Policies and Procedures and Use of Technology – YES

Prop F: Substance Abuse Screening, Evaluation, and Treatment Requirements for CAAP Assistance – NO

Prop G: Eighth Grade Algebra and SFUSD Math Curriculum Development – No position

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC)

Cedric Gerard Akbar
Carrie Elise Barnes
Matt Dorsey
Bilal Mahmood
Trevor Chandler
Emma Heiken
Lily Ho
Michael Lai
Peter Lee
Joe Sangirardi*
Nancy Tung
Lyn Werbach
Luis Zamora*

Michela Alioto-Pier
Sara Barz
Daniel Calamuci
Mike Chen*
Lanier Coles
Parag Gupta
Marjan Philhour
Brian Quan
Catherine Stefani
Jade Tu

Vote on March 5, 2024! 

Current Alice Board members identified by asterisk *

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