BREAKING: Debate scheduled between myself, Dean Phillips, and Marianne Williamson

by Cenk Uygur (

Dan Abrams to Host Democratic Candidate Forum With Cenk Uygur, Dean Phillips, and Marianne Williamson

Hi, it’s Cenk Uygur, writing to you with a HUGE update about our campaign:

NewsNation Anchor Dan Abrams is set to host a forum on Friday, January 12th at 9pm Eastern time (6pm Pacific) with all the 2024 Democratic presidential candidates ahead of the Iowa Caucuses — except one.

The forum will feature myself, Congressman Dean Phillips, and Marianne Williams — ready for some fireworks?

By the way, do you know who might be missing from this RSVP list?

OH, right! It’s our dear president, Joe Biden — a man who is losing BADLY to Donald Trump in poll after poll.

Of course, Biden is welcome to join us, but I won’t hold my breath.
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3 Responses to BREAKING: Debate scheduled between myself, Dean Phillips, and Marianne Williamson

  1. Nolan K Mckibbin says:

    Glad to see they’re finally having a good debate night hope it breaks the glass ceiling so that the other major news networks start allowing them time on air when I was watching Cenk and Anna he got his backup on a subject was very rude to Anna apologize to her but then said he would support that individual even if they were guilty and I assume he only said that cuz he was mad and the only reason they were after that person was politically based but that sounds exactly like a Trump supporter defending Trump saying he didn’t care if he is guilty it’s only political I’m going vote for them anyway please don’t do that again cuz it makes you look really bad and I really have great hopes for you but if you don’t get out in front of that one it will come back to bite you in the future cuz they will look it up and see it and it will come at you best of luck in all your endeavors I’m rooting for you

  2. admin says:

    That info has not been made available yet. At least as far as I can tell.

    I’ll post whatever info I get.


  3. Karl Hester says:

    How can I attend the debate? I would love to be there to suport the alternative to this joke of a system we are all living in

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