Meanwhile, in Laguna Honda, Trees Down, Toxic Herbicides Up

Posted on April 23, 2024 by SF Forest Alliance On both sides of Clarendon Avenue, the trees that shaded the sidewalks and provided habitat have been chopped down. There’s a scene of stumps and logs instead. And of course, they’re spraying toxic herbicides. Roundup (glyphosate); Milestone (aminopyralid); Polaris (imazapyr). They’re nasty, and we’ve… Continue reading

Meet the District 9 candidates: ‘Who do you endorse for mayor?’

by OSCAR PALMA APRIL 22, 2024 ( In our “Meet the Candidates” series, we are asking every supervisorial hopeful in the November 2024 election one question each week. Candidates are asked to answer questions on policy, ideology and more in 100 words or less. Answers are being published individually each week,… Continue reading

Rising groundwater, higher seas may threaten downtown San Francisco

Rising groundwater, higher seas may threaten downtown San Francisco

Long before rising seas wash over San Francisco’s shores and flood its streets, rising groundwater mixed with salt water from the bay could touch and degrade underground structures like sewage lines and building foundations. SAN FRANCISCO vs. CLIMATE CHANGE In a year featuring a contentious presidential re-match, a heated mayoral… Continue reading

Who Was Pavlo Petrychenko, the Prominent Activist Recently Killed in Combat?

Daria Shulzhenko/The Kyiv Independent Pavlo Petrychenko was a well-known activist and junior sergeant of the 59th Brigade. He was killed in combat on April 15, 2024, just a day before his 32nd birthday. (photo: Prytula Foundation/Viktor Zalevskiy) 21 april 24 ( In his battle for Ukraine, Pavlo Petrychenko used not… Continue reading