JK digest: UNSC Resolution 2735, Israeli “Rescue” Operation, U.S. Court of Appeals hearing against Biden, Miko Peled on Gantz resignation, items on Russia/NATO/etc., and more

By Janet Kobren


The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question – Security Council, 9650th meeting [Length: The 70-minute meeting content starts @26:05 where this link begins]

June 10, 2024

Vote on Draft Resolution S/2024/448 submitted by the U.S. [JK: This is another “ceasefire” resolution]

Republic of [South] Korea presides and invites Israel to participate [the Observer State of Palestine is not invited]

Vote tally on draft resolution: 14 YES, 0 NO, 1 ABSTENTION (Russia) is approved as Resolution 2735 (2024) or S/RES/2735(2024)

Russia @01:28:23 [JK: Only adult in the room]

Israel @01:34:08 [JK: Ugh!]

[Note from JK: I was unable to find the text of this resolution at this point (the devil is in the details), but see this for more information. It doesn’t appear to me that this resolution will make any difference when it comes to Israel, and all this in light of the Israeli-U.S. “rescue” operation massacre in Gaza that embarked from the so-called floating U.S. aid pier that killed 274 Palestinians, injured 700 Palestinians and that rescued 4 Israeli hostages and killed 3 Israeli hostages and 1 American hostage (see the Richard Medhurst Item#3 below).]


Hamas, Palestinian Authority Welcome UN Security Council Resolution for Gaza Ceasefire

Source: Reuters

June 10, 2024

[Note from JK: I can’t imagine Hamas agreeing to this. To me it is like another Oslo accords fake.]


Resistance Retaliates to Israeli “Rescue” Operation & More: Richard Medhurst LIVE [Length: The 2-hour podcast content starts @22:35 which is where this link begins.]

Host: Richard Medhurst

June 10, 2024


Oral arguments in “Defense for Children International – Palestine v. Biden” [Length: 40-minutes at the beginning of the 3-hour court session]

Oral arguments were presented on June 10 at 9:00 a.m. PT before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Courtroom 1, 3rd Floor, James Browning Courthouse, San Francisco, CA 94103 in the 

Center for Constitutional Rights’ (CCR) historic lawsuit, Defense for Children International – Palestine v. Biden. Senior Staff Attorney Katherine Gallagher argued on behalf of the CCR clients.

From CCR: “The case was filed in November against President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Austin and challenges their failure to prevent and complicity in Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza. The case asks the court to order the Biden administration to cease military support for Israel’s assault on Gaza and comply with its legal obligations.

“After a January hearing, the district court court found a plausible case of genocide and urged the Biden administration to reexamine its “unflagging support” for Israel’s siege of Gaza, but dismissed the lawsuit on jurisdictional grounds. Watch a video about the January hearing on our Youtube channel.”

[Note from JK: There was a spirited group of about 100 supporters outside the courtroom from 10:00-noon with speakers, including a report out from the CCR lawyers and plaintiffs, and street art activism.]


Europe Decides – MOATS with George Galloway Ep 350 [Length: I set this 2-hour-long podcast to start with Miko Peled’s appearance)]

Host: George Galloway MP

Guests: Jackson Hinkley and Miko Peled

June 9, 2024


05:45 Menu #Sunak #Resignation #DavidCameron #Scholz #AFD #EU #Gantz 

08:10 Monologue #Biden #DDay #Mordaunt #Reform #Farage #Netanyahu #Gantz #USPier #AidTruck #WarCrimes 

31:54 Jackson Hinkle on #SPIEF #Russia #Israel #Scholz 

1:08:24 Miko Peled on #Gantz #Biden #USSenate #Israel #Ukraine 

1:52:12 Gayatri Galloway on Social Media 

[Note from JK: Miko Peled says Gantz resigning is not a big deal, something common within the Israeli leadership and just a power play. He said Netanyahu will likely not be unseated.]


Israel’s “Risk-U” Operation: The Resistance Reveals How Many Israeli & US Prisoners Dead [Length: 1:32]

Host: Mahmood OD | محمود عودة

June 9, 2024


“Their targets”

X post by Emelia @Bernadotte22

June 9, 2024

[Note from JK: See embedded short video.]


Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on Scott Ritter and Russia’s GLOVES ARE OFF as NATO Makes Huge Mistake [Length: 20:09] 

Host: Danny Haiphong

June 9, 2024


Muslims in an Age of Crisis with Ahmed Paul Keeler and Imam Tom Facchine [Length: I set this hour-long podcast to start with Imam Tom Facchine’s presentation who speaks in the last 20 minutes.]

Source: The Thinking Muslim

June 7, 2024 (originally aired on April 19, 2024)


Ignore Genocide To Make A Living?

Or Block Weapons Before They’re Used To Kill Palestinians?

By Lisa Savage, Lisa’s Substack

June 7, 2024


Inside Russia – With Dmitri Zolotarev – Episode 2 [Length: 1:08:39]

Host: Garland Nixon

June 10, 2024


Saving Gaza Is About More Than Saving Gaza. It’s Also About Saving Ourselves.

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley): Saving Gaza is about more than saving Gaza. It’s also about saving ourselves. Saving ourselves as individuals. Saving ourselves as a society. Saving ourselves as a species. Saving ourselves from what we’ll become if we just watch this happening right in front of our…

By Caitlin Johnstone

June 11, 2024

~ Janet

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