To His Coy Fellow Democrats

(With apologies to Andrew Marvell)


JULY 8, 2024 (

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Had we but world enough and time

This coyness, Dems, would be no crime.

We could just sit and wish and wait

Till none remember that debate,

And how it showed the toll that age

Brings to those on history’s stage.

But such a time, I truly fear,

Won’t come until some distant year

When voters will no more remember—

Decades after this November.

And at my back I now can hear

Trump’s vengeful ego hurrying near,

Powered by the Court’s new orders,

Caging babies at the borders

Turning long-won rights to ash, it’s

Now the time of neofascists.

Unless you opt to dump Good Joe,

A stellar prez, as we all know.

But if you choose to let him run,

Democracy’s a setting sun.

The time for politesse is done.

And should your duties you neglect, a

Result will be a Trump trifecta.

So, get off your respective duffs,

Your brains are not enchained in cuffs.

Come Hakeem, Nancy and Chuck Schumer:

Tell Good Joe it’s no false rumor

That autocrats will win this race

Should Joe still occupy the place

Atop the Democratic ticket.

Though in his stead, a gnarly thicket

Awaits the Dems as they must pick it:

A candidate who’ll win the Blue Wall

States Joe Won, or build a New Wall.

But times a’wastin’. Dark Ages loom

Unless you act to squelch this doom.

It’s time for some strategic smarts,

Employ your minds, enlist your hearts,

It’s time for democratic deeds.


Harold Meyerson is editor at large of The American Prospect.

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