California Medicare for All Bill

February 25, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone

CalCare - California Guaranteed Health Care for All

We’re excited to announce that the state single payer bill sponsored by the California Nurses Association, the California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act, was introduced in the State Assembly today.1

To catch you up: California can create its own version of a Medicare for All system to guarantee high quality health care to every resident. This new bill in California, A.B. 1400, does just that.

Nurses feel the urgency of this demand now more than ever, as the pandemic only worsened our deeply broken health care system. The nurses of CNA have fought for decades for guaranteed health care for all both in California and at the federal level, and that fight continues today.

Our mission is to pass this bill – and, in order to do it, we need your help Mike. Will you RSVP for our emergency strategy call on Thursday, February 25, at 5:00pm PT to lay out the game plan to pass this bill?

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There are 80 members of the State Assembly and 40 members of the State Senate. We need to make sure that every single member hears from their constituents and knows that Californians demand health care justice and are ready to lead the way for the rest of the country.

This pandemic has made it abundantly clear that our current health care system is broken, and half-measure reforms are not enough. California can be the leader, but we’re up against some very powerful interests that will fight us tooth and nail to keep the status quo.

But if supporters like you step up across all 58 counties in California, we know we can win. 

Please sign up now to join the call on February 25 to learn more about the bill and our plan to win.

The fight for single-payer health care in California is not new – in 2017, a single-payer bill passed the State Senate but was stalled in the Assembly. Now with Democrats in control of both the federal and state governments, the urgency of an unprecedented health care crisis, and the determination of activists and organizers all across the state, we have a real pathway to victory.

Through this bill, we can put into place a health care system that guarantees health care to everyone in California regardless of health, immigration status, income, or anything else.

No copays, deductibles, or premiums. No more in-network or out-of-network. Comprehensive medical services. The freedom to choose whatever doctor you want.

Together we can win.

Phillip Kim
CalCare Campaign

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