California Progressive Alliance 3rd Annual Convention

March 6, 2021 all-day America/Los Angeles Timezone

California Progressive Alliance 3rd Annual Convention

March 6, 2021 all-day

California Progressive Alliance 3rd Annual Convention

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Save the Date, March 6th, and RSVP now for California Progressive Alliances 3rd Annual Convention: Acknowledge, Analyze and Act; Paving the Way for Progressive Change!

Join California Progressive Alliance members and organizers from around the state, country and world as we pave the way for real progressive change in 2021! Gather, build community and organize together!

We’ve got some incredible breakout sessions planned-

  • Solidarity Economy- Putting People and the Planet over Profit! Transforming our Economy to work for the People.
  • Single Payer: Everybody In. Nobody Out! Build on the Feb 6th CalCare actions and learn about next steps to winning a just healthcare system for all.
  • Environmental Justice- Protecting the Commons from Industry Exploitation
  • Electoral Reform- How do we get corporate influence out of our political system and build a truly democratic system that is Of the People, By the People and For the People.
  • Mutual Aid- How people are stepping up and communities are coming together in the face of a failed response to the Covid crisis.
  • Housing Justice- Take a deep dive into the broken housing system and see what can be done to fix it.
  • Repeal NAFTA 2.0 – Ending Exploitation of Workers. End Forced Migration and Deportations.
  • Criminal Justice- Transforming the District Attorney’s office.

Speakers and details to come! RSVP today!

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The link to join will be emailed to you March 5th!

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