Pop-Up Protest at Chevron’s SF Offices

September 27, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Chevron SF Energy Solutions Office
345 California Street
SF 94104
Pop-Up Protest at Chevron’s SF Offices*
tomorrow if you can’t get to San Ramon
WHAT: Climate Chaos Pop-up protest in front of Chevron’s SF Energy Solutions Offices
WHEN:  Friday, Sept 27 around 1 pm
WHERE: 345 California Street, SF 94104 (please call or text me before you come) nr Sansome/Battery
WHO: OccupySF Ruthie (415 515-1259)
WHY? Climate criminals to be outed

I’m gonna do a Climate Chaos Pop-up protest in front of Chevron’s SF Headquarters at 345 California Street, Tomorrow ( Friday, Sept 27) with some home-made signs. Most people who are protesting go to Chevron in San Ramon to the HQ , but 345 is an unknown address of Chevron in SF: When I was in OccupySF, we blocked the front of it with a giant fracking wall-banner that stretched the whole block (unfortunately the banner has disappeared into anti-fracking activism wilderness and is hopefully still being used! It listed all the chemicals used in fracking starting with the “A”s.). I found this SF address by tracking one of their ship’s numbers with GPS and found it registered to this address, which Chevron likes to keep on the downlow– HAH!) We did this for people who couldn’t make it to the San Ramon protest: same thing this time.

I’d love to know if anyone wants to join me out there Friday Sept 27 mid-day. Since so far I’m alone doing this I haven’t decided on a time, but most likely around 1:00 pm… You can sent out my email and/or text me at 415 515 1259 if you want to decide on a time of day together.


Solidarity, Ruthie

PS the signs I’m making have to do with the meme CHEVRON KNEW, because the Oil Industry did internal studies in the ’70s that predicted Climate Catastrophe, but deliberately did not tell the public because it could’ve interfered with their profits.  So outing them is BIG.

Some signs: CHEVRON KNEW!
The Oil companies that knew about the study were: Exxon, Amoco, Phillips, Texaco, Shell, Sunoco, Sohio, Standard Oil of California and Gulf Oil, the predecessors to Chevron.
* I am going down there now to make sure the offices are there and haven’t moved, so text me before you join this action.
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