SF Mime Troupe: “A Red Carol”

December 11, 2020 all-day America/Los Angeles Timezone

“People always think this story is about you,” Bob Crachit tells Scrooge.

“But it ain’t about you, it’s about us – and how we let ourselves get infected with your ideas, your greed, your lies, its you stepin’ over the hungry and homeless and us following your lead, it’s us lettin’ you turn our government into a casino, listenin’ while you say day after day that profit is the new god, and us not standin’ up and shouting “NO!”‘

“It ain’t about you,” Cratchit says. “It’s about us.”


Based on the novel “A Christmas Carol” By Charles Dickens

A Red Carol is leavened with labor songs, and features a 10 person cast that includes present and veteran SF Mime Troupers!

A Red Carol will be available right here from December 11th to January 17th!

Link:  https://www.sfmt.org/a-red-carol

But it will also air on local radio stations across the country, click here for station information!

As with all Mime Troupe projects we are supported directly by you! If you can, please make a donation to us by Clicking Here! (suggested $20 donation)

We are also hosting two public events in December!

You will have a chance to meet with cast members and other Troupers!

Opening Night Party on December 11th @ 8 pm to 10pm! (PST)

We’ll listen to A Red Carol together then gather with the artists & crew to talk about the holidays, art, and revolution.

Join Andre, Wilma, Velina, Amos, Lisa, Mike, Keiko, Michael, David, Kari, Karen, Taylor, Ellen, Marie, and Marissa to get your festive cheer and make your holidays merry and revolutionary!

Screening at 8 pm PST then conversation with the artists and company at 9 pm PST

Register in advance HERE to join the celebration, suggested $20 donation.

Get your festive cheer and make your holidays merry and revolutionary. We hope to see you there!

© 2020 San Francisco Mime Troupe – a 501c3 nonprofit organization # 94-1602975.

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