Tuesday Capitol Calling Party to end sanctions on Venezuela

March 9, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone

What: Tuesday Capitol Calling Party to end sanctions on Venezuela
When: Tues., March 9, 5 pm PT/8 pm ET

Join CODEPINK CONGRESS, our new campaign to mobilize co-sponsors and votes for peace legislation! On March 9, we focus on the urgent need to lift illegal US sanctions against Venezuela. RSVP now!

We will be joined by three guests: Carlos Ron, former Minister Counsel of Political Affairs at the Venezuelan embassy in the United States; Lorena Gimenez of Género Con Clase, a feminist human rights organization; and Leonardo Flores, a coordinator of CODEPINK’s Latin America campaign.

Michelle Ellner, also a coordinator of our Latin America campaign, will co-host the evening along with Medea Benjamin, Marcy Winograd, and Hanieh Jodat Barnes.

As a result of sanctions, human rights groups, humanitarian organizations, and private companies in Venezuela have seen their bank accounts shuttered and legitimate transactions denied or frozen. Prior to the pandemic, Venezuela was already struggling under U.S. sanctions, but now the situation is dire as Venezuelans face shortages of food, electricity, water, and COVID vaccines.

According to a recent UN report, the sanctions immobilized Venezuela’s state-owned oil company and Central Bank, “transferring ownership of Venezuelan assets and properties in the United States to a façade government headed by opposition politician Juan Guaidó, whom the United States named as president.”

Following our guests’ presentations and Q & A, we will ask the Biden administration and Congress to lift the sanctions impeding COVID relief for Venezuela and to end illegal sanctions on multiple countries. Join us this Tuesday for this urgent action. 

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