Patricia Gray


Facts we must face:

  • We no longer live in a democracy. Our government does not heed the word of the people. Our government is corrupt and serves the wealthy people who give our ‘Representatives’ big bribes.
  • Under the two party system we have only the chance to choose between a candidate of the Republican party or one put forward by the Democrats. Their goals are exactly the same — to help the rich get richer by any means they can think of, there is no morality in these two political parties. No morality and no concern for the common good of the people of the nation.
  • Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have already won next year’s election for President and Representative for San Francisco.
  • Demonstrating in the street is not a way to change our government. We must get politically active by informing the people of the voting records of these two people claiming to be concerned with the working people.

Actions to consider:

1. Create leaflets to inform the people of the new laws and regulations passed in Congress in the last 25 years that are not approved by the people of San Francisco. We can print these up and each one of us agree to stand out on any street corner in San Francisco for one hour a week handing our the voter information leaflet.

2. Actively seek candidates to run against these two wealthy women who do not express any concern for the working people of our city or nation.

3. Encourage the ‘minor party’ and independent candidates to attend town hall meetings to put forward their candidates. .

4. As soon as the mail in ballots are sent out to voters, we plan events to urge people to break the two party system and get some real democracy in our nation. “Clean out the corrupt!! Vote independent!” can be our theme.


From the citizens of San Francisco

Whereas, the congress has repeatedly supported or opposed legislation and diverted the taxpayers dollars to favor the crassest of corporate interests to the serious detriment to the American People, their necessities, and their public facilities– such as access to safer consumer products, health care, and other basic social safety services. Itr has opposed raising he minimum wage and fair taxing allowing endemic waste, fraud and abuse by contractors, and authorized massive corporate welfare subsidies and giveaways:

Whereas, the Congress has imposed trade treaty despotism over our democratic institutions — the courts, legislatures, and executive departments and agencies – subordination our domestic branches of government’s abilities to preserve and enhance labor, consumer departments and agencies to the domination of global commerce’s “bottom line’ and endorsed the usurpation of our judicial process by tribunals under the WTO, and other similar invasions of U.S. sovereignty,

Whereas, the access to members of Congress has increased for corporate lobbyists and decreased for ordinary citizens:

Therefore, the citizens of the city of San Francisco hereby Summon you both to a town meeting during the August recess. Your constituents will establish an agenda of how to shift long overdue poser form teh few to the many, but in substantive policy and through the strengthening of government and institutions;

We deem this Summons to be taken with the utmost seriousness as we gain grassroots support throughout your Congressional districts. The People’Town Meeting reflect the preamble of our Constitution that starts with “We the People” and the supremacy of the sovereignty of the people over the elected representatives and corporate entities;

Be advised that this Summons calls for you attendance at a Town Heeting run by,of, and for the people.


signed by as many people as we can get to agree to this demand for some real democracy in our Congress.

Patrica Gray of Action Council
Native San Franciscan and painter:

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