Democracy is not on the ballot, despite Biden’s claims

A letter to liberals concerned about Trump SHAHID BUTTAR JAN 7∙ PREVIEW ( On Friday, President Biden delivered a speech widely hailed as a defense of democracy from an existential threat in the form of his likely general election opponent, Donald Trump. Many—including me—share the president’s view of his predecessor as a threat to… Continue reading

Neither McConnell freezing, nor Biden rambling, is the problem

SEP 4 • 10M America’s institutions—not only the octogenarian careerists who have co-opted them—chain our futures to the failures of the past. 21 hrs ago ( Appears in this episode Shahid Buttar This Sunday, The Guardian’s David Smith published an editorial about gerontocracy in Washington. It explores whether our nation’s ruing class… Continue reading

The 2024 Farce Grows More Empty with Every Passing Day

The 2024 Farce Grows More Empty with Every Passing Day

This week’s crises expose the inadequacy of our choices By Shahid Buttar August 17, 2023 Beyond a humanitarian and ecological disaster Last weekend, the worst wildfire in Hawaii’s history claimed at least (and likely many more than) 100 lives and destroyed the traditional indigenous capital of Lahaina, yet the President of the… Continue reading

Challenging bipartisan militarism and nuclear escalation

Shahid Buttar for Congress On February 19, 2023, hundreds of San Franciscans gathered to challenge the bipartisan militarism in Washington that idiotically invites a global nuclear conflict. After speeches & performances in Embarcadero Plaza, we marched to the San Francisco office of Lockheed Martin, where organizers staged a creative street… Continue reading