Four Blockchain Bills Introduced in New York State Assembly

A New York lawmaker has introduced four bills covering blockchain, making it one of several states to consider the issue in 2017.

BY  DECEMBER 15, 2017 (

“In 2016, Kings County lost 120,000 voter records,” Vanel said. “I felt we needed to secure and safeguard our election system. I wondered if blockchain (technology) was the solution.”

According to blog post written by Vanel, blockchain technology is “a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. Each block of information contains a pointer to the previous block of information that represents a transaction of data. By design, these blockchains are resistant to the modification of the data. Additionally, this information can be used on a distributed ledger that is managed by a peer-to-peer network that makes it virtually impossible to hack.”

Because the uses of blockchain technology are largely untested in government records keeping, Vanel introduced three bills to study the technology and the effects it would have on securing voting records, election results and government record storageAnother bill would create a digital currency taskforce to analyze the impact of cryptocurrencies on New York financial markets.

fourth bill would amend the state’s technology law to include a definition of blockchain technology, smart contracts and provide a legal understanding for digital signatures stored on a blockchain.

“We can’t be too quick to regulate (blockchain), we need to understand it first,” and how it might enhance “record keeping in government,” he said.

Vanel convinced a bi-partisan group of legislators to co-sponsor the bill, including, Rep. Ed Ra, R-Nassau County; and Rep. Luis Sepulveda, D-Bronx; and Rep. Ron Kim, D-Whitestone.

Rep. Kim was positively adamant about the potential of the technology to push the state into the future. “Blockchain excites me,” he said. “This is a game changer … Imagine five years from now we might be able to pick up a cellphone and register to vote or send health records instantaneously. New York must be in the forefront of this.”


Four other states have made similar moves this year by introducing legislation to study blockchain. Illinois, Hawaii, Maine and North Dakota have all passed laws that direct state government to find out how blockchain technology can enhance record keeping.

“What are the opportunities and the risks of using this technology,” said Irakli Mirzashvili, a tax analyst with the tax policy division of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, adding that his views on blockchain do not reflect the views of the Texas Comptroller.

Other states will look on with interest to see what these diverse states find worthy of adoption, he said. Their exploration of blockchain uses in government will answer difficult questions for legislators throughout the country.

survey conducted last winter found that those government leaders and business executives who understand blockchain have big plans for its implementation in the not-too-distant future.

Mirzashvili said there should also be interest in the results of a New York inquiry into cryptocurrencies and how that will affect the state’s financial markets.

“New York has a real stake in understanding the effect on an industry,” he said. The state’s financial markets employ 1.5 million people and it comprises 35 percent of Manhattan’s economy. “No other state has a mandate like this,” but, he said, “other states will be interested to see what the task force finds out and consider how it might affect them.”

Mirzashvili points out that New York is not a latecomer to the bitcoin arena. “It has been on the forefront of bitcoin regulation.” In 2015 the state passed a bill to authorize regulation of companies who are actively engaged in bitcoin. Called a BitLicense, the state charges companies a fee to operate in cryptocurrencies.

In a similar move, he said, Delaware lawmakers recently passed a law in August that lets corporations maintain shareholder lists, along with other corporate records, using the technology.

“The legislation is part of the state’s effort to promote the use of blockchain via the Delaware Blockchain Initiative, a joint venture between the state and a blockchain provider,” he said. Delaware is regarded as the incorporation capital of the United States with over 1 million business entities created in the state.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more activity along these lines (throughout the United States).”

Elizabeth Zima

Elizabeth Zima Staff Writer

Elizabeth Zima has written in depth on topics including health care, clinical science, physician relations and hospital communications.

“California’s campaign for universal health care has a long history” by RoseAnn DeMoro

Hiram Johnson



San Francisco Chronicle on December 8, 2017

With House Speaker Paul Ryan pledging to push major Medicare cuts to reduce the added $1 trillion in federal debt created by the huge tax gifts for corporations and the super-rich proposed in versions of the House and Senate tax bill that Republicans are working to reconcile — the urgency mounts for state action to protect the health security of Californians.

The Medicare cuts are just one sign of the health care threats posed by the expected final bill. Among other provisions that could be in the final bill are:

Elimination of the mandate to buy insurance, which analysis suggests would prompt insurers to levy new double-digit premium hikes; and,

An end to tax deductions for people whose medical expenses exceed 10 percent of their income, which would punish millions of people with severe health problems such as cancer and certain chronic illnesses.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative for California, a state bill that would guarantee health coverage to all, SB562, and will be eligible for legislative action again early next year. It builds on an illustrious history in our state, dating back more than a century to legendary California reformer Hiram Johnson.

In 1912, then-Gov. Johnson was the running mate for former President Teddy Roosevelt’s insurgent, though unsuccessful, campaign to return to the White House on a Progressive Party platform that prominently included a universal system of social insurance to protect all Americans from the “hazards of sickness.”

It was an early version of what became more than a century of national efforts to assure health care for all as a public responsibility and moral imperative.

Johnson continued that push by appointing a Social Insurance Commission in 1915 to study state solutions.

It proposed a state constitutional amendment that went before voters in 1918 to develop a system for universal coverage for California. The private insurance industry, joined by a large group of doctors, led the opposition, a pattern that would recur again and again.

It would be the first of repeated efforts over the past century by some of California’s most legendary political figures, joined by nurses and other reformers to guarantee health care for all Californians. They were not deterred by critics, like those today, who insist California must wait for a federal solution, rather than act here to protect our own people.

The honor roll over the years included such notables as Johnson; governor, soon to be Supreme Court chief justice, Earl Warren; martyred San Francisco Mayor George Moscone; and Democratic Party icon John Burton.

Bill after bill laid out frameworks that show a striking parallel to what the California Nurses Association and activists have proposed in SB562.

These include a single-payer-type structure with a new state agency to administer the funding from existing revenue and new state revenue to be paid to private providers for care delivery.

Nearly all featured universal, guaranteed coverage, without forcing Californians to be bankrupted by huge medical bills or skip the care they need due to the high cost, and comprehensive benefits, from hospitalization to physician services, dental, mental health, prescription drug coverage, and long-term care.

All those elements are the basic framework of SB562 as well.

Here’s Gov. Culbert Olson in 1939: “It is no longer seriously debated that a fundamental change is needed in the method of meeting the costs of medical care and the risks and loss of sickness, especially for wage earners and others of small or moderate income.”

Warren initiated at least four legislative efforts, starting in 1945 with an effort to provide universal coverage for all Californians modeled after similar European systems.

In his 1947 gubernatorial inaugural address, Warren noted it is “not sufficient to have medical services, hospitals, clinics and laboratories … unless the people have economic access to them.”

Burton, who retired in May as chair of the California Democratic Party, pushed his own plan as an Assembly member in 1961 for a prepaid health service system.

Three years before his election as San Francisco mayor, state Sen. George Moscone sponsored the Consumer Health Protection Act of 1972 to provide single-payer, universal coverage with no co-pays or deductible payments — a reminder that SB562’s plan to eliminate co-pays and deductibles also has a long precedent.

Virulent opposition, led by those who profit from sickness and suffering, and their allies in elected office, has blocked proposals, but not slowed efforts for a social insurance system to safeguard Californians.

In 1994, a single-payer initiative, Proposition 186, united CNA with major senior, small-business, consumer, women’s and progressive doctors’ groups. The initiative lost only after being outspent by insurance companies by about 10-1.

California came even closer to achieving this goal in 2006 and 2008 with single-payer bills by former state Sen. Sheila Kuehl, also sponsored by CNA, that twice reached the governor’s desk, only to be vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Those bills, like SB562, featured public administration, the use of existing federal, state and local health care spending with new revenue, comprehensive benefits and universal coverage.

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, a proud legacy of California leaders and activists has lighted the way.

RoseAnn DeMoro is executive director of the California Nurses Association. (With thanks to a 2007 research paper, “Ninety Years of Health Insurance Reform Efforts in California,” by Michael Dimmitt.)

Occupy Oakland-inspired video game lets you play cop or rioter

By Matier & Ross (

December 10, 2017


An image from “Riot: Civil Unrest.”

An image from “Riot: Civil Unrest.”

Just in time for Christmas, the Occupy Oakland riots of 2011 have been immortalized in a new video game simulator called, “Riot: Civil Unrest.”

Players can be police, and choose “whether to use smoke grenades, rubber and plastic bullets, tasers or even live ammunition,” among other tactical options. 

For what it’s worth, hurling a reporter at a police line almost never works.

According to the Merge Games promo, “rather than attempting to popularize violence to a desensitized video game generation, the developers set out to create a game in which force and violence work short term but patience and passive actions yield far more positive outcomes.”

Merge Games say it sold 10,000 copies in the first 24 hours — at $11.69 apiece, with the introductory discount.

San Francisco Chronicle columnists Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross appear Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. Matier can be seen on the KPIX TV morning and evening news. He can also be heard on KCBS radio Monday through Friday at 7:50 a.m. and 5:50 p.m. Got a tip? Call (415) 777-8815, or email Twitter: @matierandross

“WAGING PEACE: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist” by David Hartsough

As many of you know, I have written a book, WAGING PEACE: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist. I share stories of my peacemaking adventures and the power of active nonviolence around the world.. My hope in the book is to help give people hope that we can make a difference in a very troubled world and help create a just, peaceful and sustainable world we would all like to live in.  The book includes Resources for further study and Action, what you can do, and ten lessons learned from my life of activism. The book is an excellent gift for your friends, children or grandchildren  (or yourself).
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I’d love to hear your feedback after you read the book and how you are and what you are  up to.

Many thanks,
Warm Greetings and Peace,
David Hartsough

Trump Just Accidentally Told Millions of Working Class Families the Truth About GOP Tax Plan

Trump slipped up and (correctly) called the GOP plan the “biggest tax increase” in American history.

President Donald Trump speaks to members of the White House Press Corps prior to his Marine One departure from the South Lawn of the White House December 15, 2017 in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)President Donald Trump speaks to members of the White House Press Corps prior to his Marine One departure from the South Lawn of the White House December 15, 2017 in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump lies a lotespecially about the Republican tax plan—but during a Friday morning scrum with reporters on the White House lawn, Trump accidentally told the truth.

Asked about the GOP tax bill, which is expected to hit the floor of the House and Senate for a final vote early next week, Trump said: “I think we’re doing very well, it’s something that’s going to be monumental. It will be the biggest tax increase—or tax cut—in the history of our country.”


Even if it was just a slip of the tongue, Trump’s characterization of the GOP tax bill as the “biggest tax increase” in American history is accurate, according to some analysts.

As The Intercept‘s Ryan Grim noted in an analysis earlier this month, the GOP tax bill is “routinely referred to as a $1.5 trillion tax cut. And, in some ways, that’s true: On net, it would reduce the amount of taxes collected by the Treasury by about $1.5 trillion over 10 years.”

However, “that figure masks the eye-popping scale and audacity of the GOP’s rushed restructuring of the economy,” Grim adds. “[The bill,] properly described, is two things: the largest tax cut—and also the biggest tax increase—in American history.”

This tax increase, as research by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) has found, would primarily be shouldered by low-income and middle class Americans. Additionally, while the GOP bill would give corporations permanent tax cuts, many of the cuts for middle class and low-income Americans would expire after a decade.

As Common Dreams reported on Wednesday, House and Senate Republicans reached a backroom “deal” that tilts the benefits of their bill even further toward the wealthiest Americans by reducing the top marginal tax rate from from 39.6 percent to 37 percent.

“Overall, in 2027—when only the corporate tax cuts, slower inflation measure, and individual mandate repeal would remain in place—the Senate bill would, on average, raise taxes or reduce federal expenditures for households with incomes below $75,000 by about $60 billion—while still giving large tax reductions (through its corporate tax cuts) to those at the top,” noted CBPP’s Chuck Marr.

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To Save Internet They Helped Create, Web Pioneers Demand FCC Cancel Net Neutrality Vote

More than 20 internet founders and industry leaders wrote an open letter warning Ajit Pai’s plan to kill net neutrality poses “imminent threat” to the web

Vinton Cerf, vice president and chief internet evangelist for Google and member of the National Science Board, testifies during a hearing before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee July 17, 2014 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Joining the revolt taking place in the streets and online against FCC chair Ajit Pai’s plan to kill net neutrality, more than 20 pioneers of the internet—including world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Vint Cert, one of the “fathers of the internet”—published an open letter on Monday slamming Pai’s proposals as “flawed and factually inaccurate” and demanding that his agency cancel its planned Thursday vote.

“The FCC’s rushed and technically incorrect proposed order to abolish net neutrality protections without any replacement is an imminent threat to the internet we worked so hard to create,” the letter reads. “It should be stopped.”

The letter went on to lambast the FCC for ignoring both expert analyses (pdf) calling attention to the GOP-controlled agency’s “misunderstandings” of the web and the millions of public comments demonstrating that the American people are “clearly passionate about protecting the internet.”

Given the speed with which Pai is bringing his plan to a vote, the “FCC could not possibly have considered these [comments] adequately,” the internet pioneers argue. “Indeed, breaking with established practice, the FCC has not held a single open public meeting to hear from citizens and experts about the proposed order.”

With their scathing open letter, internet founders and industry experts added to the massive flood of outrage sparked by Pai’s plan to gut net neutrality protections, which was released last month.

In addition to protests on the ground in all 50 states last week and the upcoming “Break the Internet” demonstrations beginning on Tuesday, the FCC’s two Democratic commissioners have also spoken out against their Republican colleagues’ proposals.

Echoing arguments of the internet’s creators in a Wired op-ed on Saturday, FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel ripped the “lack of integrity” in the FCC’s public comment process and called on the agency “to do something simple: It should get out from behind its computers and desks and hold public hearings on the changes it has proposed.”

“Failure to do so here is tantamount to accepting fraud in this process and using it to justify the rollback of net neutrality rules,” Rosenworcel concluded. “For the American people a rush vote like this, on a questionable record, will look and feel illegitimate. They should demand a better process and a better result.”

Judging by their open letter, the internet’s founders and industry experts agree. Their full letter follows:

Senator Wicker:
Senator Schatz:
Representative Blackburn:
Representative Doyle:

We are the pioneers and technologists who created and now operate the Internet, and some of the innovators and business people who, like many others, depend on it for our livelihood. We are writing to respectfully urge you to call on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to cancel the December 14 vote on the FCC’s proposed Restoring Internet Freedom Order (WC Docket No. 17-108 ).

This proposed Order would repeal key network neutrality protections that prevent Internet access providers from blocking content, websites and applications, slowing or speeding up services or classes of service, and charging online services for access or fast lanes to Internet access providers’ customers. The proposed Order would also repeal oversight over other unreasonable discrimination and unreasonable practices, and over interconnection with last-mile Internet access providers. The proposed Order removes long-standing FCC oversight over Internet access providers without an adequate replacement to protect consumers, free markets and online innovation.

It is important to understand that the FCC’s proposed Order is based on a flawed and factually inaccurate understanding of Internet technology. These flaws and inaccuracies were documented in detail in a 43-page-long joint comment signed by over 200 of the most prominent Internet pioneers and engineers and submitted to the FCC on July 17, 2017.

Despite this comment, the FCC did not correct its misunderstandings, but instead premised the proposed Order on the very technical flaws the comment explained. The technically-incorrect proposed Order dismantles 15 years of targeted oversight from both Republican and Democratic FCC chairs, who understood the threats that Internet access providers could pose to open markets on the Internet.

The experts’ comment was not the only one the FCC ignored. Over 23 million comments have been submitted by a public that is clearly passionate about protecting the Internet. The FCC could not possibly have considered these adequately.

Indeed, breaking with established practice, the FCC has not held a single open public meeting to hear from citizens and experts about the proposed Order.

Furthermore, the FCC’s online comment system has been plagued by major problems that the FCC has not had time to investigate. These include bot-generated comments that impersonated Americans, including dead people, and an unexplained outage of the FCC’s on-line comment system that occurred at the very moment TV host John Oliver was encouraging Americans to submit comments to the system.

Compounding our concern, the FCC has failed to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests about these incidents and failed to provide information to a New York State Attorney General’s investigation of them.

We therefore call on you to urge FCC Chairman Pai to cancel the FCC’s vote. The FCC’s rushed and technically incorrect proposed Order to abolish net neutrality protections without any replacement is an imminent threat to the Internet we worked so hard to create. It should be stopped.


Frederick J. Baker, IETF Chair 1996-2001, ISOC Board Chair 2002-2006

Mitchell Baker, Executive Chairwoman, Mozilla Foundation

Steven M. Bellovin, Internet pioneer, FTC Chief Technologist, 2012-2013

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web & professor, MIT

John Borthwick, CEO, Betaworks

Scott O. Bradner, Internet pioneer

Vinton G. Cerf, Internet pioneer

Stephen D. Crocker, Internet pioneer

Whitfield Diffie, inventor of public-key cryptography

David J. Farber, Internet pioneer, FCC Chief Technologist 1999-2000

Dewayne Hendricks, CEO Tetherless Access

Martin E. Hellman, Internet security pioneer

Brewster Kahle, Internet pioneer, founder, Internet Archive

Susan Landau, cybersecurity expert & professor, Tufts University

Theodor Holm Nelson, hypertext pioneer

David P. Reed, Internet pioneer

Jennifer Rexford, Chair of Computer Science, Princeton University

Ronald L. Rivest, co-inventor of RSA public-key encryption algorithm

Paul Vixie, Internet pioneer

Stephen Wolff, Internet pioneer

Steve Wozniak, co-founder, Apple Computer


Members of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet

Members of the House Energy Subcommittee on Communications and Technology

Federal Communications Commissioners

Farmed Norwegian Salmon World’s Most Toxic Food (from Bob of Occupy)

Marcus Guiliano
Published on Mar 25, 2017

Farmed Norwegian Salmon World’s Most Toxic Food

Chef Marcus Guiliano is an award-winning chef, green restaurateur, author, real food activist, professional speaker, restaurant consultant & ultra-marathoner. In addition to successfully owning and operating the first Green Certified restaurant in the Hudson Valley, Aroma Thyme Bistro, Chef Marcus has begun to devote his time consulting and trouble shooting for other restaurants.

UPDATES ~ ANNOUNCEMENTS Friday, 12/15 – Monday, 12/18 (from Adrienne Fong)

ACCESSIBILITY: Please include Accessibility Information on Events! This is a JUSTICE issue

Check Indybay for other events:·



Two Years After the Declaration of a State of Emergency in the Flint Water Crisis Activist Say Many Have Escaped Accountability (December 14, 2017)


~ San Francisco ~ 

Occupy San Francisco Bulletin Board


Friday, December 15 – Monday, December 18

Friday, December 15

1.  Friday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm, Protest Electoral Fraud in Honduras – Rally

24th & Mission St.

There will be an rally to raise awareness about and solidarity with the fight to defend the victory of Salvador Nasralla, candidate of the Alianza Against the Dictatorship of Honduras.
We call on the whole community to join us in solidarity!

Info call: (415) 794-6025. (415) 994-3711

Host: Los Hondureños Unidos Contra la Dictadura del Área de la Bahía (Bay Area Hondurans United Against the Dictatorship).


2.  Friday, 5:30pm – 7:00pm, Defend Twitter from Twitter 

Market St. & Tenth

Twitter is an important gathering space for our communities and movements. We use Twitter to support each other, to build connections, and to organize. Twitter has been vital in the creation of #MeToo#BlackLivesMatter, Occupy, and the Arab Spring.

Twitter, Inc. is allowing our gathering space to be ruined by neo-Nazis, hate mobs, and kleptocratic demagogues. They consistently fail to enforce their rules for use of the service fairly, letting open fascists and other racists run wild, and sometimes suspending users who talk back to abusers.

Twitter, Inc. has announced that on Dec. 18 they will begin some kind of crackdown on “hateful images or symbols” and users that “use or promote violence against civilians”. Some are concerned that they will use their new policies to silence anti-racist accounts. 

Special bonus level: come 1/2 block away to Square’s HQ — Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is also Square’s CEO, and Square needs to be reminded that they’re answerable for Twitter’s abuse as long as they’re working with Jack.

Host: Bay Resistance


3.  Friday, 5:30pm – 8:30pm, SF Stands Against the GOP Tax Scam

Harvey Milk Plaza
2401 Market St.

ALL DAY: Call, email, visit your republican legislators. Melt their communication channels.
EVENING: Assemble at Harvey Milk Plaza at 5:30pm. Bring candles, dress warmly, and wear comfortable shoes

Trump and the GOP’s tax bill is the latest and most brutal attack on working people and the middle class. The plan will cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%, while simultaneously raising the rate on the lowest marginal income-tax bracket from 10% to 12%. In effect, the wealthiest in our society are being given a handout out of the pockets of tens of millions of working people. 

Republicans claim that this tax cut will free up businesses to invest in creating new jobs. This is the same old trickle-down economics that has been pushed since the Reagan era. But corporate profits are at record highs, and big business pays some of the lowest effective tax rates in the world

Contrary to the reasoning of Trump and his billionaire friends, the capitalists are sitting on their money and keeping wages stagnant. People can’t afford to pay for basic things they need like housing and health care, child care, or education. The bill shamelessly attacks women’s reproductive rights, attempting to define personhood at conception

We Demand:
Stop the Tax Scam– Tax the Rich!

Fully Fund:
Housing: Build High-Quality Public Housing for Low-Income Residents
Education: Cancel Student Debt and Provide Free College Education for All
Healthcare: Single-Payer Healthcare
Childcare: Free High-Quality Childcare-Centers in Every Neighborhood
Green Jobs Program: Public Funding for Green-Energy Infrastructure and Job Training
Women’s Health: Free Comprehensive Women’s Reproductive Services

Hosts: SF Berniecrats, Democrat Socialists of America-SF, Socialist Alternative Bay Area, The SF Queer Resistance, SF Rising Alliance, Bay Reisistance, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, International Socialist Org. of America


4.  Friday, 6:30pm – 8:30pm, Take Back BART: Bystander Intervention Training 

2501 International Blvd

With White Nationalist/Alt-Right activity and racist harassment on the rise in our public transportation system, Community Ready Corps (CRC) is calling for a campaign to make BART safe for all.

In just the last month, there were several sightings of BART passengers openly displaying Neo-Nazi symbols (as tattoos, pins, or patches on outer clothing), and one incident of racist harassment that went viral after being caught on tape.

In this video (linked here:, a white BART passenger repeatedly called an Asian passenger a “Chinese n*****” and even physically assaulted him. It took far too long for any bystanders to intervene – and one cowardly white man actually got up and got out of the way, leaving the target of harassment even more vulnerable to the attack. 

As a community, we need to prepare ourselves to intervene safely in these situations. Public transportation needs to be safe for all of us.  We need to organize collectively to create a climate of safety on BART and send the strong message that the Bay Area is united against hate – that our community won’t tolerate racist intimidation and harassment on BART!

The first half of this workshop will be a training for safe and effective bystander intervention and self defense by Field Marshall Tur-Ha Ak and Deputy Field Marshall Che Bowe. This training is appropriate for anybody of any skill level, and will equip community members with skills they can use to intervene, de-escalate, and defend themselves against racist harassment and violence. We strongly encourage anti-racist white people to come to this training and get skilled up.

In the second half, we’ll break into working groups to begin growing this campaign to #TakeBackBART


5.  Friday, 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Palestine: The People Resist! 

Party for Socialism and Liberation
2969 Mission St.

Wheelchair accessible

Donation: $3 – $10 – no one turned away

On Dec. 6, Trump announced that the United States was becoming the first country to recognize Jerusalem as the ‘capital’ of Israel. This is an outrageous attack on the rights of the Palestinian people and a gift to the apartheid government of Israel.

Trump and the Republican Party are pulling out all the stops to pass a “tax reform” bill that will mean a massive transfer of wealth from working people to the already super-rich, and huge cuts in social programs if it passes. Join us for presentations and discussion. 


Saturday, December 16

6.  Saturday, 9:30am – 12:30pm, Free Citizen Workshop in SF

1355 Market St.

The SF Pathways to Citizenship Initiative is hosting a FREE Citizenship/Naturalization Workshop

During the workshop, attendees will receive FREE assistance with:
• Step-by-step review of the naturalization process
• Assessment of eligibility to naturalize
• Application preparations and documentation packaging
• Application review with an immigration attorney
• Access to community resources & more!


7.  Saturday, 11:00am – 4:00pm, Signature Gathering Mobilization to Stop Unfair Evictions – pick up petitions 

Democratic Socialist of America Office
350 Alabama St.

join the movement and pick up your petition!

Tenants and activists have already gathered over 2,500 signatures in 9 days to put No Eviction without Representation on the San Francisco ballot for June 5, 2018! Needed are 17 thousand signatures.

This historic measure would make SF the first city in California, and the second in the nation, to provide a right to counsel to tenants facing eviction.

Please come at 11 for the festivities, to learn to gather signatures, and turn in petitions, but note that a staff person will be there until 4.

Hosts: SF Right to Counsel Committee, Democratic Socialists of America – SF, SF Tenants Union


8.  Saturday, 12Noon – 3:30pm, MARCH for SANCTUARY CITIES!

Meet at:

Union Square
333 Post St.

The far-right is having a “March Against Sanctuary Cities” in San Francisco on the afternoon of December 16th. We are organizing a counter-protest with a march.
We will organize to resist, stand up, and fight the system of racism that is currently happening since Trump became the president.

Racism has been around this world for hundreds of years and since Trump came into office, the white supremacy, KKK, and the far-rights think that they can come out and just show all this hatred and racism in the Bay Area, but we are not going to let that happen anymore as we are prepared to fight back this system by any means necessary until they fix this broken system.

If you would like to endorse the action, help organize, or volunteer your time, please consider filling out this short Google form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Link here: 


12PM- Gather at Union Square in San Francisco
12:15 PM- Host Press Conference
12:30 PM- Speakers from each event endorsement speak
1PM- Start the March: (Route might change)
– Union Square SF
– Castro District
– Mission District
– Civic Center Plaza
3PM- Get to Civic Center Plaza
3:10- Speakers/ Closing of the event

For any questions, comments, concerns, endorsements, or volunteer opportunities please contact.



9.  Saturday, 3:00pm – 5:00pm, CISPES End of Year Celebration 

2940 16th Street (btw. Mission & S. Van Ness)

The Bay Area Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador would like to invite you to our End of the Year Celebration. We will have food and an orientation on the upcoming work of CISPES and next year’s delegations to El Salvador.

With the March legislative elections in El Salvador and Trump’s attack on Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans in the United States, it is critical that we continue our solidarity work to assure that the U.S stop interfering in the political process and undermining the left government in El Salvador.


10.  Saturday, 3:00pm – 6:00pm, Remembering ICKY 

903 Gilman Ave.

Potluck, BBQ, and Candlelight Prayer Walk



Hosts: The Squirrel Show, Soul of a Women-Women’s Support Group


Sunday, December 17

11.  Sunday, 10:00am – 1:00pm,  Campaign for Medicare for All

Meet at:

Corner of 9th Avenue & Irving Sts.

Help collect postcards for HR 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, and California’s SB 562, The Healthy California Act.   We expect to be on the northwest corner unless a different group has set up on that corner.

After collecting the cards, we send the cards to the signer’s legislator.

We then put the names and addresses on our Action Alert list to keep the person informed on future campaign.

Please let Don know if you can be present – so enough supplies can be available

Info: Don, 415-695-7891

12.  Sunday, 10:30am – 12:30pm, Communist China, Cultural Revolution, and China Today 

Nieby-Proctor Marxist Library
6501 Telegraph Ave.

Speakers: Carlos Ximenez 

The Maoist revolution in China was part of the second great wave of sustained revolution. We will take a look at the communist revolution in China in retrospect from its rise to its fall. What were China’s communists achievements? What were the failures?

What was the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution? Did Mao really kill millions? What about the famine? What about art and literature? What about Tibet? Who was Mao? Is China still communist today? Plus more, Including a Questions and Answers segment.


13.  Sunday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Workplace Organizing 102: Committee Building

Democratic Socialists of America – SF Office
350 Alabama St.

DSA SF’s Labor Organizing Committee is dedicated to training DSA members and militants of the working class to organize their workplace. As part of our Workplace Organizing Training series, the 102 training will focus on why and how to build a strong committee of workers to carry out an organizing campaign, using the examples of recent organizing campaigns of the South to demonstrate what makes campaigns succeed, and what makes them fail.

Please read this article in advance of the event, which will guide our discussion:


14.  unday, 1:00pm – 4:00pm, 2017: A Year of Outrage 

New Valencia Hall
747 Polk St. (nr. Ellis)

12:15pm – homecooked lunch  $8 – $10 donation

Celebrate the victories & gear up for a revolutionary new year!

From the Women’s March and demonstrations against white supremacists, to immigrant rights marches and protest of racist police abuse, this year has seen workers, women, people of color, immigrants and queers on the front lines of revolt.

Add your views on the challenges and prospects for building a movement to advance all our struggles in this time of reaction.

Host: Freedom Socialist Party Bay Area


15.  Sunday, 1:00pm – 7:00pm, Donation Drive for Puerto Rico 

La  Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave

$20 donation

After category 4 hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20th, the island of Puerto Rico was completely devastated. As a group of Puerto Rican students at UC Berkeley we came together to form “Boricuas in Berkeley” last September and with your help we were able to raise more than $7,000 to help farmers restore their crops and to provide aid in humanitarian relief efforts.

More than two months after the hurricane’s landfall, the communication, power, and water services are still out for almost half of Puerto Rico’s 3.5 million inhabitants. In an effort to get the Latin Community together and collect material goods for basic humanitarian needs in the island, La Peña Cultural Center has partnered up with us Boricuas in Berkeley to celebrate their Puerto Rican Holiday Party and host a Hurricane Maria Donation Drive. 

Boricuas in Berkeley will be collecting the following items to bring to different communities in Puerto Rico over the Holiday season:
· Sawyer water filters
· Water purification drops/tablets
· Solar powered lights
· Car chargers/inverters
· Mosquito repellant/nets
· Hand sanitizer
· Diapers (all sizes)
· Feminine hygiene products
· First aid kits
· Over the counter meds


16.  Sunday, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, Bay Area International Day to End Violence against Women 

Center for Sex & Culture
1349 Mission St. (Btw. 9th & 10th Street)

Film show, discussion & potluck

Les Prostitutées de Lyon Parlent – The Prostitutes of Lyon Speak

by Carole Roussopoulos

On June 3, 1975, 150 prostitute women occupied one of the main churches in the center of Lyon, France. A banner was hung over the church façade ‘Our children don’t want their mothers in prison.’ The occupation was sparked by the brutal torture and murder of sex workers, and a police crackdown. Instead of going after the murderer/s, the police were handing out fines and threatening women with prison. Within weeks churches had been occupied all over France including in Paris. The church occupations sparked the modern day sex workers rights movement. 45 min.

Tales of the Grim Sleeper by Nick Broomfield (excerpts)
Clips from Tales of the Grim Sleeper – a devastating expose of the lack of value police placed on the lives of Black women, many of whom were sex workers working the street in Los Angeles. It documents the case of the serial murders of Black women in LA, & law enforcement and officials’ criminal neglect, also campaigning by the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders for police accountability and justice for the victims and their families.

Host: US PROStitutes Collective

Info:  (415) 626-4114

17.  Sunday, 4:00pm – 6:30pm, Trumpland Blues-Change the Tune-Defeat Capitalism/White Supremacy 

Workers World Party Bay Area
1305 Franklin, Ste., 411

Wheelchair accessible

Hear Larry Holmes, First Secretary, Workers World Party talk about “Trumpland Blues: Changing the Tune To Defeat Capitalism and White Supremacy in 2018”.
Stick around for an informal discussion and break some bread with us. Refreshments will be provided


18.  Sunday, 6:30pm – 9:00pm, Liberated Lens film night: “Sir No Sir” 

Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Ave

Doors open at 6:00pm; Film at 6:30pm

“Sir No Sir” is an award-winning documentary that tells the long suppressed story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam.

In the 1960’s, an anti-war movement emerged that altered the course of history. This movement didn’t take place on college campuses, but in barracks and on aircraft carriers. It flourished in army stockades, navy brigs, and in the dingy towns that surround military bases. It penetrated elite military colleges like West Point. And it spread throughout the battlefields of Vietnam. It was a movement no one expected, least of all those in it. Hundreds went to prison and thousands into exile. And by 1971 it had, in the words of one colonel, infested the entire armed services. Yet today few people know about the GI movement against the war in Vietnam.

Veterans of the Vietnam War will be in attendance for Q&A about the topics presented in the film.


19.  Sunday, 7:00pm – 10:00pm, What About Islam: A Talk by Ahmed Salah 

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists’ Hall
1924 Cedar (@Bonita)

Wheelchair accessible


In this time of anti-Muslim propaganda, what about hearing from real Muslims who live among us? Come hear activist Ahmed Salah speak about how Islam has deeply influenced his philosophy, which is to create social change while preserving life on both sides. Ahmed Salah was one of the primary organizers of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 where hundreds of thousands of protesters filled Tahrir Square, leading to the resignation of an oppressive president. Mr. Salah is the recipient of the Center for Justice and Accountability’s 2013 Champion of Justice Award.

Will also be book signing.

Monday, December 18 

20.  Monday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Living Graveyard

Oakland Federal Building
1301 Clay St. (nr. 12th Street BART)

Covered with sheets to represent the dead of the war of occupation on Iraq, people lie down on the city sidewalk in front of the Federal Building, This is legal, non-violent witness.  

Participants lie on the city sidewalk at least three feet apart and do not block entry to the building.The names of some of the Californians who have died in Iraq and the names of some of the Iraqi dead will be read.  Also read are some of the names of Black Lives Matter and some Palestinians killed in Gaza 

Bring a white sheet to cover yourself with.  A pad to lie on is recommended.

Iraqi Deaths 3,037,477

U.S. Deaths 4,528   Coalition 4,850

Syrian Deaths, unknown  • Afghan Deaths 30,000 + 

Pakistani Deaths over 1,000 from drone attacks

U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan  2,403

Coalition Deaths in Afghanistan  3,541

Info: Ecumenical Peace Institute, 900-0374 

21.  Monday, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, Defend Aunti Frances Emergency – Response Volunteer Meeting 

Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library
6501 Telegraph

Space is ADA accessible

FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS & ALLIES of AUNTI FRANCES: Now is your chance to plug-in to the Defend Aunti Frances eviction defense campaign! We will be discussing our vision for the campaign and forming committees/teams to continue building the efforts against Aunti Frances’ unjust eviction.

There will be ways to plug-in for ongoing roles as well as one-time activities this evening that will be a huge help for the campaign. Things are moving fast.

Invite people, bring food! We’ll also provide snacks.

Hosts: Self-Help Hunger Program


~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

~ SAVE the DATE ~



Saturday, December 23, 2017

4:00pm – 7:00pm

San Francisco Civic Center

U.N. Plaza

San Francisco


40 million people are enslaved WORLDWIDE—cultivating billions of dollars for the human traffickers engaging in this abhorrent practice. However, we must remember that the monsters behind this fatal practice live within our own borders.

As recent imagery showed proof of a massive slave trade within the north-African country of Libya surfaced in our media, the world responded in shock and horror. AMERICANS responded in shock and horror. But should we be surprised? Should we look to other countries to blame when it was the American government that murdered the Libyan President, Muammar Gaddafi? When Gaddafi, the leader of this nation for four decades, was murdered—the Libyan government spiraled and receded into a state of crisis; paving the way for a power struggle to uprise and liberties to be lost in the midst of the great disturbance to their leadership. 

Our “leaders” are responsible. And every nation owning the privilege to watch, rather than endure this atrocity within their own homes, is responsible to attack this human rights crisis immediately. 

Saturday, December 23rd, the Bay Area will either choose to step up in the name of justice for the Libyan people and the refugees caught in the destructive practices plaguing this nation, or we will fail and repeat America’s dark history of disregarding Black lives.

The space I hope to create with this event will be centered around BLACK LIBERATION. ALL Black Lives Matter in this movement, and this event will be solely dedicated to demanding justice and liberation for black lives everywhere. However, it is important to remember that slavery didn’t reappear once the images in Libya resurfaced in our media. IT NEVER LEFT. Sometimes it looks like chains and auctions, and sometimes it looks like prison industrial complexes. We have to address and combat slavery in every one of its forms of existence—and we cannot compromise when it comes to the liberation of ANY marginalized group.
Countries, major cities, international leaders, and more have all stepped up to the international stage and demanded liberty for the people of Libya and every human being that make up that 40 million. It’s time that the Bay Area joins them.

Here’s what we need:

Please email me with the subject line: VOLUNTEER if you’d like to help out and get involved. Your responsibilities will include making sure accessibility is maintained to all, administering food + water if necessary, and helping with any specific, last-minute needs on the day of the event.


Please email me with the subject line: FOOD/WATER if you are able to help provide either of the above. This will be a collective space so provide what you can. Small, bottled water, tangerines, granola bars, etc. have been some simple & common offerings that have worked out great in the past.

If you are interested in speaking at this event (Please remember that this will be centered around Black Liberation and attacking slavery and its causes) please reach out to me and send me a digital copy of your speech! This event is not sponsored by nor is it endorsing ANY political leader or party, so please refrain from mentioning either. This space is also anti-police, ICE, and any other organization that terrorizes marginalized groups.

Other Information:

– Police and ICE are NOT WELCOME in this space.
– The event will begin with a rally and end with a march. The length of the march will be released soon.
– Masks are welcome.
– This will be a radical and inclusive space fighting for ALL black lives.
– There will be a space in the front of the rally sanctioned off for disabled folks.

Host: Lucy

Contact Info:
– Friend & Message me directly, on Facebook:
– Email: