Scotland united in curiosity as councils trial universal basic income

Four local authorities tasked with turning utopian fantasy into reality with backing of first minister and multi-party support   Grassmarket and Victoria Street in Edinburgh, where universal basic income will be trialled next year Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo Libby Brooks Scotland correspondent Mon 25 Dec ‘17 (  Universal basic income is,… Continue reading

Thousands rally in support of Russian opposition leader Navalny

© Dmitry Serebryakov, AFP | Supporters of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny (C) carry boxes with signatures to nominate him as opposition candidate for the forthcoming presidential election in Moscow on December 24, 2017. Alexei Navalny, seen as the only Russian opposition leader who stands a fighting chance of challenging… Continue reading


December 28 2017 ( He was charged with “inciting subversion” and sentenced to six years in jail for making a film about Tibetans living under China’s rule. Dhondup Wangchen. Source: filmingfortibet/Twitter Tibetan filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen fled China to the United States after being released from jail. He was earlier arrested… Continue reading

“Requiem for the American Dream: The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth & Power”

by Noam Chomsky, Peter Hutchinson (Editor), Kelly Nyks (Editor), Jared P. Scott (Editor)   In his first major book on the subject of income inequality, Noam Chomsky skewers the fundamental tenets of neoliberalism and casts a clear, cold, patient eye on the economic facts of life. What are the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power… Continue reading

Trump claims he’s boosting U.S. influence, but many foreign leaders see America in retreat

December 26, 2017 ( China has now assumed the mantle of fighting climate change, a global crusade that the United States once led. Russia has taken over Syrian peace talks, also once the purview of the American administration, whose officials Moscow recently deigned to invite to negotiations only as observers…. Continue reading