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Minutes of the Action Council meeting of 11/22/2015

The meeting was taken up with a long discussion of the inability of the people to influence our government.  There are issues after issues that the people are concerned about but not our elected officials—especially at the Federal level.

We discuss the endless wars, the austerity programs, and the lack of concern for the working (or used to be working) people in our nation. homelessness, gentrification, the treatment of our veterans and whistle
blowers.  We  send emails, we have meetings and events but we can not seem to have any effect on our elected ‘Representatives’.
Peter Tscherneff came to the Action Council with an idea of how to make changes in the policies of our government.  He thinks that voting is not an effective means to influence the powers that be because those in office just want to keep their jobs .  They are dependent on the ‘donations’ of their major donors and vote as directed by these big money interests and not as
 their constituents demand.    Also most people think our only choice during an election is to decide which of the two corporately funded parties is the lesser of two evils.
Peter came to ask for the support of the Action Council for a demonstration of Nov. 22 on the eve of t he full moon at the Port of Oakland.  He says the occupation of the port would be planned for four hours—but we may stay longer.  He says the Longshoreman’s union will refuse to work if there is any demonstrators and police at the port.  In that way we can peacefully shut the port and make our demands for making major changes in our government.
The Action Council did not vote to be a sponsor of this event,  but only to inform you of the proposal.
You may contact Peter by sending him an email at:
The Action Council has been attempting to come up with some ideas on how to change our government’s priorities.  You are invited to attend and share your ideas on how we can get some real democracy in our nation.
–Notes taken by Pat Gray


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